Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Monday, May 9, 2022

A Home for Solly

Helo dear readers This is my first post of this month. I found out lately that time devided on many different jobs runs out much quicker than it should. I was looking for new materials at the craft corner of Max Stock, one of the largest department stores in my town that sells small accessories for the home. I found among other things, this set of two wooden boxes. The larger box can make a nice home for little solly who has been hinting about having a place of his own. There are some pieces of furniture that will fit in, including a bed.
I also am making tiny clay houses which I need for my walnuts shells and other projects. the photos show them here before and after sanding. Later on they will be sent to be fired in Nilly's kiln.
It is funny how minis keep invading my fridge's door.
First photo - a gift from my daughter Galia. Second photo - gifts from family and a friend.
I wish you beautiful days of sunshine same as we enjoy here now. Blessings to all my readers and friends!


  1. Dear Drora, that must explain why I Never have enough time left at the end of the day for all my projects! There are too many! LoL! I love the tiny houses you are making, and look forward to seeing Solly's House too! The fridge magnets are perfect!!! :)

  2. It's so nice to see a post from you, Drora! Your time is certainly in demand, but I am glad you are carving out a little for your own creative pursuits! The tiny houses are so cute, and amazing how different they look wet and unsanded. It would be interesting to see how much space this batch takes up in Nilly's kiln. Solly is going to love his new home, and I can't wait to see all the creative ideas you have in store to decorate it with! The magnets are so fun, and it is lovely to be on the minds of so many who love you. Come back soon and share!

  3. Seguro que consigues un buen proyecto con esa caja.

  4. Que bien que sigas pensando en nuevos proyectos, esas cajas tienen una pinta estupenda. Has hecho una gran colección de casitas , lo que quiere decir que tienes muchas más cáscaras de nueces para realizar. Preciosos imanes, se ve que piensan mucho en ti y que seguro te hará muy feliz.
    También por aquí hace un sol radiante, besos

  5. Me encantan tus mini casitas, además tengo la suerte de tener algunas.
    Esos imanes de nevera son muy bonitos !!!!

  6. The big house are perfect for a dollhouse and your tiny houses are wonderful. Beatiful gifts from family and friends.

  7. I agree with you time seems to be running very quickly. I love your tiny clay houses.

  8. Dar rienda suelta a la imaginación en nuevos proyectos esta genial y si los llevas a buen termino aún es mejor.
    Las minis casitas son maravillosas.
    Un saludo

  9. Okay... second try! ;O) Oh, only reading the headline made my day - a home for Solly, how great is that??? I bet the little guy is over the moon and beaming with joy the whole day. However, looking at your photo made me wonder if you can't use both houses putting them side to side? I have no doubt Solly would be glad to have his own kitchen too... full of shelves for storing all sorts of candies, sweets, honey, cookies and one, two, three, four cakes. He needs to be prepared whenever Baalatova might come along for a visit... ;O)

    And I really hope you will grant Solly some of your beautiful little houses for his new home. I have no doubt he would be over the moon owning these special pieces made by you, his Mom No. 2. And what a lovely collection of magnets you have! What fun - and okay, I can't hide it... I'm German that's why my favorite is the weather house. *tweet* Amazing that this tiny piece even has a thermometer like the real ones.


    1. Hello Birgit, I was thinking of making the smaller box a home for Kitty.. Both boxes don't have enough depth for all the plans. If I'll be lucky to find another pair exactly the same size or some square boxes that can be taken apart, to serve as downstairs rooms that could solve everything. I wish I could make a garden as gorgeous as yours to display Solly. Hugs.