Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Saturday, April 3, 2021

Nina's surprise Easter gifts

Hello dear readers,

I received a wonderful surprise from Nina in Germany, a large parcel containing easter gifts. Nina is a lovely person who collects and writes stories in her blog, all about a community of Sylvanian families residing in Riverside. Nina's blog will be celebrating its 10th Anniversary.  There is a giveaway for this occasion, the link is on the sidebar of my blog.

Very delicate little Easter eggs and birds with a beautiful Easter card.

Mozart chocolates, no traces left. (except in this photo.)  

Three Lindt chocolate sheep-shaped chocolates that will make the kids very happy indeed, as well as a lovely egg-shaped candle.

A notebook., very useful for absent-minded me. Now I can note down all my important resolutions and ideas for future works.

A Riverside 2021 Calendar with beautiful photos 


I'm very excited about working at the day center for the elderly.  I've been researching and collecting materials for workshops and found something that may be very suitable for them to make.  Actually, I got the inspiration from Tiina who posted about skeins of wool.  I saw many of the ladies doing beautiful knitting items in real size.  I'll try finding instructions for mini knittings somewhere in my stash.  Maybe we can make one like the one in the photo below. (I created it seven years ago for an exhibition that displayed the works of several Israeli miniaturists.)

Again, I wish you all a very happy Easter holiday with blessings!


  1. I wish you all a happy Easter and a warm spring! You know, I wanted my blog to be dedicated to the thumbnail. And when I started to weave and moved away from the mini for 5 years, I just showed the baskets (without text), so that the blog would not die. I didn't think my mini-readers would be very interested in baskets)

  2. What lovely surprise gifts. Our miniature community is simply filled with wonderful and generous people. May you have w great Easter with as many family/friends as are allowed during these terrible times. God bless. - Marilyn D.

  3. Beautiful gifts from Nina.
    The inspiration stand is fantastic.
    Happy Easter!

  4. What lovely Easter gifts of Nina, indeed thse eggs are so delicate. I
    The knitting will be a good idea for the day care center for elderly.
    I wish you a great Easter with your family, blessings.
    Warm hugs, Ilona

  5. What a wonderful gifts you have received. You will make a beautiful workshop. Happy Easter.

  6. Genial Drora compartir con talleres , el modelo que has elegido es muy bonito .Disfruta el día de Pascua y los regalos de Nina, Besos

  7. Unos regalos deliciosos, y muy buena inspiración para esos futuros talleres.

  8. El puesto de lanas es un bonito detalle para trabajar en grupo y si son aficionadas a tejer seguro que les gustará.
    Bonitos regalos te ha enviado Nina.
    Un saludo

  9. Enjoy your gifts and happy Easter dear Drora!!xxx

  10. So pretty! I hope you enjoy them. Happy (belated) Easter.

  11. Dear, I would be grateful if after your post with my Dexter-recursion your readers paid attention to my blog))) I miss the blogging field so much, but my subscribers and mini-acquaintances stopped blogging a long time ago. your email is not displayed in your profile, so I communicate with you through your comments)

  12. Nina is such a darling - and you may remember that I know very well that I really am allowed to judge this. *smile* Enjoy all your lovely Easter gifts... the ones that are still left. It made me grin that the "Mozartkugeln" did not survive for long after the picture taking. Ah, they're sooooo tasty and very common around here... as lovely as a Mozart sonata. ;O)

    Your plans for your group of people waiting eagerly to try new ideas coming from you sounds great. I bet all of you will have plenty of fun.


  13. .So glad you enjoyed my presents, Drora
    .Also happy the Mozartkugeln did not survive long
    ?They really are very tasty aren't they
    Unfortunately I did not have the time to make any minis myself
    .to send to you
    .Maybe next time
    .I love your stall, it is so pretty
    The colour of it and the way you filled it so neatly with all
    .the items
    .The little baby and the doll are gorgeous
    .I like the doll's facial expression and her red hair
    .She seems very happy with her stall
    Kind regards