Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Friday, February 12, 2021

Latest Xmas gifts and little wooden houses

Hello dear readers

Entirely unexpected, with no previous hint, a  surprise parcel for Christmas, sent from Spain to Israel over two months ago ARRIVED!  Dear Pilar sent me the most precious miniatures crafted with her magical fingers. This was a lovely and very generous gesture that moved me to tears. 

All the books are readable in spite of their tiny size. Pilar's work is totally amazing. I already have plans for the books. They will be in my future book-nooks and remain in my family where I can see them displayed all the time.

THANK YOU, DEAR PILAR, from the bottom of my heart, for your stunning gifts, and especially and more importantly for your friendship.💓

I don't have enough words to express my emotions to let all of you how lucky I am to have blog friends.  Every comment on my posts gives me all the encouragement needed to keep going on.  I don't feel lonely, and my days are full.  I know I have friends who care about me. 

At present, I am working on a new book-nook, preparing windows, doors, and other elements. I have not yet taken photos.  Later on, when the walls will be cut, I'll post pictures.

I'm also working on some small gifts.  They have to be ready for Pessah and Easter. I started with the laser-cut wood slices from Aliexpress.  There were 18 pieces from which I already used a few.  From the rest, I want to make little dollhouses for the dollhouse.  All I use for wood cutting is a hand saw.  I'm getting older and I find cutting wood much more difficult than before.  I'll just have to buy an electrical table saw.

What a messy work table and I have to clear all these several times a day as it's also my kitchen table. 

I wish you a lovely, relaxing weekend with blessings.  Stay safe!

While there is very little progress with my second book nook project and It's intended to be a surprise birthday gift in July not much will be posted about it until after it gets to its receiver.  Still, in between, I'm working with craft wood and my faithful saw and miter box.

Pinocchio's father Jeppetto's table was probably much tidier than mine. In the end, there'll be no escape, I'll have to buy an electrical table saw.  I'm getting older and my carpeting skills clumsier. 

I'm working on the house-shaped laser-cut wood slices which I bought from Aliexpress. Some I already finished and posted about previously/  My intention is to finish all the 18.


  1. Hi Drora!
    I can not saw with electric saw. I am very I am afraid to hurt my hands. I am using a Japanese saw with very small tooths at the blade Hugs Britt

  2. Oh I feel your pain! My work table is my dining room table. And it needs to be cleared off yet again!

    But your projects look wonderful and those books are so sweet! Happy Belated Christmas!

  3. Oh Drora, how very sweet of Pilar, for sending your this lovely and so beautifully made gift for (a belated) Christmas. Yes, Pilar has magical hands, enjoy it all, dear friend!
    I love seeing that you enjoy yourself with making again these lovely tiny houses, Drora. I truly can imagine that your hands won't work so well, I have the same issue now I am getting older.
    But that messy work table is also quite common among us, miniature lovers, so that's no problem for me hahaha ;O)!!
    Blessings, and have a lovely weekend too, dear Drora.
    Warm hugs, Ilona
    PS I now see that you have problems too with Blogger, as in repeating text and large gaps in the text? Also a picture somewhere between in the space? Do you still have problems with uploading pictures? I don't know why Blogger is acting so odd, but it's not nice to work with this....I still hope it will get better.

  4. Unos preciosos regalos de Pilar, ¡Dos meses! pero al final llegó, disfrútalos. Tu nuevo proyecto promete. Que pases buen fin de semana, besos

  5. What beautiful little surprise Christmas gifts I'm sure you'll enjoy using them in futureprojects. Your tiny houses are so sweet, I love them.

  6. el problema de las manos veo que es muy comun y solo queda aguantar lo mejor posible.
    deseando ver los avances de ese nuevo proyecto que promete ser interesante

  7. Beautiful gifts!!! I love your little houses.

  8. What a lovely gift you got from Pilar. The little houses become lovely. Hug Xandra

  9. Beautiful gifts from Pilar.
    Your little houses are wonderful. I'm curious to see your new book nook project.

  10. Un regalo precioso el que Pilar te he enviado. Más tesoros para tus escenas.
    .El nuevo proyecto estoy deseando ver como va emppezando.
    Un saludo

  11. Precioso el regalo de Pilar!!!
    Tienes un montón de proyectos entre manos- Me encantan las pequeñas casas.

  12. Me alegra tanto que por fín llegara mi regalo Drora! No quise decirte nada, primero para que fuera sorpresa y segundo, porque sabía que se iba a demorar,nunca pensé que tanto! pero así, evité que sufrieras por el retraso, estuve haciendo el seguimiento y puse una reclamación, pero me dijeron que llegaría y así ha sido!!
    Tus pequeñas casas cada vez son más bonitas! Si puedes hacerte con una sierra eléctrica, desde luego será una de las mejores inversiones!!

  13. precioso el regalo de Pilar y prometedor tu nuevo trabajao ...

  14. Those little houses are adorable, Drora. And yes, you need an electric saw. I have a tiny Proxxon table saw. It is just about good enough for cutting craft sticks. I like it because it's not intimidating and it makes straight cuts so much quicker and easier.

  15. Pilar is such a darling, how kind of her to spoil you this much with her wonderful work. What a beautiful collection of her stunning work! And I'm happy to see you so busy and according to me making gifts is a very nice occupation. But I'm sad to hear about your fading sawing ability, I understand you very well... for me it has always been a challenge to cut wood by hand and sadly on top I'm also clumsy so I fear the electrical helpers. I hope that you will get yourself a lovely small table saw and that you two will make a wonderful couple reaching new heights in creating miniatures with wood. ;O)

    Birgit (who would be happy if her workspace was ever so tidy and neat as yours)

  16. I agree with you, Pilar´s work is amazing, her books are absolutely wonderful, I am so happy for you. I am also very happy to see you working on your wonderful projects, I need to learn from you as I have been very lazy lately. Keep the good work and take care of yourself. xxx

  17. Oh the tiny perfection in Pilar's hands and in yours! I am so excited to see the new book nook and can't believe the progress you have made on so many wonderful projects!


  18. Pilar's work is truly amazing, as is yours. I have always been taken by the amount of detail in your work. Thank you so much for visiting and your kind words.
    Penny Dear Drora,

  19. ,Hello Drora

    .Congratulations on the wonderful gifts from Pilar
    .They are truly gorgeous minis
    .Enjoy these precious items

    .Your project is already looking great
    .I will like to see the finished state of it
    .The tiny little houses already look so detailed and beautiful

    Best wishes

  20. Enjoy these beautiful gifts Drora, Your next project looks great, I love tiny dollhouses. Hugs

  21. Absolutely lovely gifts from Pilar!

  22. Preciosos los regalos de Pilar, y tus casitas mini mini pequeñas, me encantan !!!
    El agua la he hecho con silicona líquida.