Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Book Nook project (Part 5)

 Hello dear readers,

Suddenly it is December again.  I feel as if I skipped November doing very little.  For example, the book nook isn't finished yet. Anyhow, before it will be finished I want to show you how the opposite wall looks because after assembly it will be difficult to take photos.

My friend Sarit is ordering the mirrors and when they are ready, she'll come over, and together we'll fix the lights (with what I have in my stash because the ones ordered online have not arrived). We'll also assemble the book nook and install the mirror.

The empty spaces are for the mirror.  I add stairs for the entrance to the book shop.

When my husband, may he rest in peace, and I resided in Bogota, Colombia,  we enjoyed very much the months of December, especially the time before Christmas when the stores and shopping centers were decorated with hundreds of pots of poinsettias and other Christmas decorations.  Just for nostalgia I decided to make these flowers and did my best with what supplies I had at hand. 

I made all the pots, the large one from egg-carton, the smaller pots from fired clay.

I used this punch to make the plants.

This is a smaller version of the plant.

I used this star punch for making it.


Please do not forget to follow the new 2020 Advent Calendar organized by Matxalen. 24 tutorials, a new tutorial each day!

I wish you safety and good health with blessings.


  1. dear Drora
    this is so wonderful and all in details!
    Best from me

  2. Te está quedando preciosa, muy colorista, veo que esta planta te trae muy buenos recuerdos; este año será especial, Besos

  3. Lovely Book nook and the plants are a beautiful memory of the trip with your husband

  4. The poinsettias look very festive! Great idea using a star.

  5. Drora,ese book nook va a ser maravilloso, me gusta tanto la fachada de la librería!! Y esa macetas de poinsettias se ven preciosas!

  6. Your facade of the Book Nook looks so wonderful already, Drora, and your poinsettias look happy and colorful!!
    Great idea for using that star shaped paper punch.
    Stay safe, take care, dearest Drora.
    Warm hugs, Ilona

  7. I love the story of your poinsettias, especially discovering that you lived in my country, you brought memories of how was it there during Christmas, so thank you! I can´t wait to see your book nook finished, It will be awesome! xxx

  8. Me encantan las flores de Pascua y las tuyas están fenomenal. Y que decir de esa preciosa fachada!!! Estoy desando verlo terminado

  9. I can't wait to see the finished book nook! It looks wonderful right now. I especially enjoy the carving of the balcony railings. And the poinsettias are lovely!

  10. Drora the book nook exterior is absolutely enchanting! It will have to be pulled out often just to be appreciated the way it deserves to be!
    And the poinsettias are beautiful! Being stuck at home really can take the feeling of being enveloped in the season away, so it's wonderful to see the photos.
    Thank you for your ever present and cheerful blog posts!

  11. La fachada está preciosa, me encanta la piedra, y las poinsetias te han quedado genial.
    Estoy deseando verlo terminado.

  12. Te está quedando un book nook encantador, Drora... me resulta súper apetecible hacerme diminuta y recorrer esa calle, sentarme en ese banco, entrar en la librería... te felicito! Y tus flores de Pascua también me han hecho añorar otras Navidades... este año las cosas ven a ser muy diferentes pero sabes? creo que eso también hará que la esperanza nos consuele. De un modo u otro, te deseo de corazón una feliz Navidad

  13. , y las flores de pascua muy logradas !
    la fachada es encantadora

  14. More great work and I like the flowers very much.

  15. Did I ever tell you before how much I enjoy following your progress with the book nook? *smmile* What a fabulous project - and I love your newest additions, for example the little entrance steps are a lovely idea.

    Your poinsettias turned out awesome, thanks for sharing, they look fantastic. Here in German they are called "Christmas star" and are very popular during the season. Fingers crossed for the mirrors to arrive soon and enjoy the days of Hanukkah!


  16. ,Hello Drora

    .I am in awe of your project

    .The house looks amazing from both sides
    .The balcony has such beautiful details
    .The curtains and plants are very delicate and pretty

    .Lovely poinsettias too
    ??How did you make the small ones so tiny

    .Have a good weekend

    ,Kind regards

  17. La fachada se ve maravillosa y las plantas esta preciosas..
    A pesar de la dureza que nos invade en estos tiempos no podemos dejar que la situación nos supere así que a seguir planteando las fechas con ilusión.
    Un saludo

  18. Me encanta esa casita de piedra...y las flores son preciosas.