Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Baalatova and friends - Halloween 2020

 Hello dear readers,

Skelly and Skella together with their pet cats come to visit Baalatova. They encounter Baalatova sitting outdoors with Solly and Kitty, enjoying a lovely sunny day.  

Baalatova: Welcome dear friends.  I know that what I'm going to tell you will disappoint you, but this year's Halloween you will not be turned into ghosts.   There's an evil worldwide epidemic spreading fast around us. No festivities, no crowds, no trick or treats. People will just stay at home to be safe. They'll have enough health worries, there's no need to frighten them by adding ghost haunts and boos.

Kitty and Solly: ( with tears in their eyes):   No treats!!

Skella: (Deep sigh)  Our only once-a-year treat is being taken away from us.

Baalatova:  I can make it up to you.  Turning you into ghosts is possible only on Halloween but nothing prevents me from casting a spell, sending the three of us, just as we are, to Brazil, for example.  Every February they hold a carnival and besides the incredible samba festivities, Rio de Janeiro inhabitants love to masquerade wearing different costumes including those of skeletons and witches. We'll have a fantastic time there, no one will notice that we are two genuine skeletons and a witch.  We may even receive a  prize for the best costumes.

Both Skellies:  But there are dances and everybody will take part while we can scarcely move.

Baalatova:  You don't have to dance, just move to the rhythm of the samba.  The sound of your shaking bones will make them think you are playing the maracas. You know, now that I think of it you may even win a prize for being the best maracas virtuosos. 

Solly:  Please take Kitty and me along with you.

Baalatova:  Sorry kids.  This will be a one-night outing only for grown-ups but we'll bring back treats for you. The cats can stay and take care of you while we are away.

Skelly:  Suppose Brazil too, is infected with the virus and decides to cancel the carnival?

Baalatova:  In that case, we'll postpone the fun.  I've seen epidemics come and go through the ages and I assure you this one too will be over.   Who wants a delicious cup of eye soup?

Both Skellies:  Thank you, we have no stomachs for it.

So the Skellies stayed spending the whole afternoon with Baalatova,  practicing the samba. to the sound of shaking bones and maracas.  Solly, the young flying bear, and Kitty the little cat girl were having a hilarious time and tried their first steps in dancing along. The Skellies, for the time being, forgot all about their ghost's dilemma. Suddenly the future seemed brighter.

To continued next Halloween (or sooner?)

(Witch made by Sarit.  Catgirl made by Tatiana. Flying bear made by Birgit. All, including the skeletons and cats, were gifts for which I'm very grateful.)

I had fun concocting another silly Halloween episode.  It's good to smile, it gets one out of worries and sadness.

Happy Halloween and blessings to all my friends and readers!



  1. Awww... poor skellies...but I know they'll have fun at the Carnival!

  2. He visto epidemias ir y venir a través de los siglos y les aseguro que esta también terminará... OHHH; Balatova, yo te creo!!! Gracias por recordarnos que todo acabará! Siempre sospeché que eras una bruja buena :) ♥ Gracias por la entrada, Drora, yo también dejaré pronto una en mi blog y espero que la disfrutes como yo he disfrutado la tuya. Cuídate mucho y feliz Halloween!!! Un abrazo

  3. Ése es el espíritu Drora,hay que ser feliz y sonreir aunque los momentos sean muy duros,siempre hay algo bueno en la vida,en lo cotidiano,aunque sea pequeño y hay que saber disfrutarlo!
    Creo que nuestros amigos didfrutarán de la samba y se les pasará un poco el disgusto de no celebrar halloween como todos los años,se disfrutará de otra manera!!!

  4. Aww, those poor Skellies, but I'm sure that they'll understand that a feast isn't possible now, and by the way: having a trip to Brazil...? I guess they'll love it, and if not..? Well, I think we know by now that it's all about the little things in life, so I enjoyed reading your story, dear Drora, and the story of others in this time before Halloween.
    Stay safe, take care, dear Drora.
    Warm hugs, Ilona

  5. Great story!!! Baalatova is full of ideas which is a good thing.
    Take care

  6. Siempre hay que tener ilusión!!
    Tarde o temprano el virus terminará, eso seguro.

  7. Hopelijk kunnen we volgend jaar weer alle feesten vieren

    Groeten en blijf gezond Xandra

  8. No pierdas el espíritu de Halloween. Aunque no se pueda celebrar como de costumbre siempre podemos descubrir y desarrollar nuevas ideas.
    Un saludo

  9. Muy divertida tu entrada Drora, hay que ponerle ilusión a todo a pesar de situación que estamos pasando. Espero que pronto vuelva todo a la normalidad. Besitos y cuídate mucho

  10. Feliz Halloween también para tí., y aunque este es diferent, seguro que el año próximo podrán celebrarlo todos tus personajes. con todas las ganas de un año perdido..
    Mientras tanto, seguimos cuidándonos.

  11. Baalatova is very good at spreading comfort and cheering up the minds of her friends... at least of the grown up ones. *LOL* But Solly and Kitty will find comfort in getting treats and practising the Samba. What a fun post... I would love to see them going to Rio... but I am not sure if this will be possible next year. Here in Germany the carnival is already cancelled - which is a good thing because German carnival means loads of alcohol - and we Northern Germans don't care about this business anyway so it's without any regret from my side. *grin*

    Thanks for another wonderful episode with these beloved characters - and I really hope we will see them again very soon. Take good care of yourself!


  12. Great story!
    "we haven't got the stomach for it" hahahaha, too funny!

  13. Hi Drora! Happy Halloween... or Day of the Dead! I am glad you concocted this story! I enjoyed it very much! I had not thought of a quick trip to Rio for the Skellies! That is funny! Stay safe and enjoy your Little friends.... sometimes they are all we have to make us smile!

  14. Dear Drora, Yes of course you may share my blog link with your granddaughter! I love to have children be inspired!
    Thank you!

  15. Wonderful story and beautiful scenes.

  16. Let we hope next year we can cellebrate Hugs from Xandra