Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Monday, February 24, 2020

Structure of the Jewelry shop facade

Hello dear friends,

When you live in a place where there are almost no dollhouse craft materials to get, you start improvising. This is why I use some strange pieces of wood for timbers, hoping the end results will cover them.

There was very little spare time to work on the facade. By cutting, fitting and gluing on, two layers of large bamboo skewers I managed to raise up the box walls and get a little bit of more depth space for the shelves.

This little addition of raising the walls makes a big difference for accommodating the shelves inside.

Next, I hope to have the shelves ready. I intend to make them from these pieces of easy to cut 2mm wood plates.

I purchased a new pair of sneakers. For a perfect fit, the shopkeeper gave me a pair of cork insoles which I didn't use, preferring thick socks instead. Kept the cork stashed away for "someday" use. A few days ago, I saw very cute doormats on Pinterest, made from cork and a sharpie.  Remembering my stashed away cork I made a few doormats. At least these will be serving other much much smaller feet,

These are my attempts. I hope to get better with practice.

They can be turned over and have a different drawing on the other side.

I want to welcome new followers to my blog with thanks for their interest.

Have a lovely creative rest of the week with blessings.


  1. !Pues tu imaginación ha funcionado muy bien¡

  2. Vas trabajando muy bien con los recursos que tienes Drora,el ajuste con los palos de brocheta,es una gran idea! Y esos felpudos se ve geniales!!!

  3. You did a great job with the few things you have, Drora, the more the result has to be admired! Although I live in a country where I can buy a lot of materials for building/creating dollhouses/miniatures, I prefer to work, like you, with materials I have at hand. You can name it recycling in a way ;)!!
    Your cork doormats look fantastic, they wish everyone a warm welcome, including new followers :)!
    Take care. Blessings.
    Warm hugs, Ilona

  4. You are very resourceful and creative, I love the doormats, they´re so much fun! xxx

  5. Dat i s het leukste om zelf oplossingen te bedenken om miniaturen te maken.
    Groetjes Xandra

  6. cork soles are perfect to make door mats.

  7. The fact that you always have to improvise and be very creative to get the materials you need just add to the value of your wonderful work. You're VERY creative and good when it comes to seeing the use in things. And this is also true for the cork soles - what a great idea to use them for doormats! The look awesome - and make such a lovely detail.

    Birgit (still writing at her Mom's computer *sigh*)

  8. Drora with your creative mind it is likely a blessing that you have to really think outside of the box to find useful crafting supplies! You come up with the most innovative solutions and that encourages all of us to use our brains rather than our dollars.
    It is so much fun to look at your finished projects and pieces to try and see what you've improvised!
    The cork doormats are marvelous! You are as skilled with a Sharpie as you are with everything else you craft!
    Looking forward to seeing the jewelry shop!

  9. Привет Дрора! Это замечательная идея! Вы так креативны! Я обязательно использую ваш совет!

  10. Tus felpudos son encantadores, Drora, yo estoy súper feliz con el mío; me preguntaba dónde habrías conseguido la lámina de corcho, jaaaa! Está claro que con un poco de ingenio hay montones de cosas que se pueden aprovechar para nuestras minis, yo aprendo mucho viendo cómo te las apañas tú :) Cuesta imaginar una joyería viendo cómo está la caja ahora; estoy deseando ver como surge la magia y de pronto la pequeña tienda cobra vida. Un abrazo

  11. Muy buena idea, los felpudos están genial !!!

  12. Creativity is the essence of this hobby. It would be too easy to buy everything. I love to use "household" trash to create miniatures.

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  14. Hi Drora! Your "necessity" of being creative to make the things you imagine means you are an amazing Awesome creative genius! I love how you make things from whatever you can find that we all overlook as scraps to throw away! Well done! I look forward to seeing the shelves filled!

  15. Hi Drora, I am so impressed with how you created.. Thank you so much for your most welcome visit.
    Blessings, Penny