Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Neve-Shalom village

Hello dear readers,

Today is the second day of our 2-days religious New Year Holidays. We enjoy nice weather and serene leisure.
Yesterday I had a great time visiting our daughter Nilly who lives in Neve-Shalom, a small village inhibiting an equal number of  Muslim and Christian Israeli Palestinians families and Jewish Israeli families.
Nilly and her husband were accepted by the local community and allowed to build their own house
in the village.  They recently moved to live there.  Nilly has her pottery studio on the first floor.
Here, just if you are interested, you can learn more about these peace-seeking people living side by side. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neve_Shalom. Adi and her family,  (Nilly's daughter, and our granddaughter) also have a house in Neve-Shalom.  They, for the time being, are away, living in London but will be back at the end of next year. Adi is a lawyer and fighter for human rights.

I brought along some ceramic miniatures to be painted, glazed and fired.

I couldn't stay long enough for the ice-cream-green paint to dry before glazing.  Nilly will glaze and then put them in the kiln to be fired.

Here let me show you the latest of Nilly's work.

Next visit I'll take photos of this beautiful village to show you.

I wish all my Jewish followers, here and abroad A Happy New Year!
A wonderful creative rest of the week to all my readers with blessings!!


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  2. Un trabajo de cerámica precioso, me encanta el dibujo.

  3. I wish you the Happiest of New Years, Drora!
    It is wonderful to have peace be the focus. There are many in the world who live in harmony despite their differences and it is important that we highlight those stories.
    Your new clay pieces are wonderful! I adore the color and can't wait to see them completed, and then what you'll do with them!
    Your daughter certainly got the talent from you - her pieces are brilliant!

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  5. Feliz año, Drora. La cerámica de su hija es fantástica y sus trabajos en cerámica mini con del esmalte quedará geniales.Besos:-)

  6. The work of your daughter is fantastic. Thank you for telling us about the village, it's so nice to know there are such places where there is peace between people.

  7. feliz año nuevo, me encanta esa cerámica

  8. La cerámica se ve muy bonita y así aprovechas para hacer tus propios trabajos.
    Un saludo

  9. Happy New Year! And so important to hear about communities like Neve Shalom! I love both you and your daughter's clay artwo.'

  10. I wish you a Happy New Year, dear Drora, and my best wishes for you in person!
    How nice to see the works of Nilly on your blog, she really makes the most amazing and beautiful art works, it's gorgeous to see.
    So nice to read that you've visited her and your family there.
    You've also made gorgeous works in pottery, I can't wait to see how they'll tunr out after they have been in the kiln.
    Blessings to you too, Drora. Hugs, Ilona
    N.B. Thank you for still leaving comments on my blog during my absence from the blog world, it's much appreciated by me.

  11. Happy New Year Drora, the ceramics are beautiful especially the leaves, great talent of your daughter

  12. Me alegro mucho que puedan celebrar en paz el Año nuevo ,felicidades .Y el trabajo de tu hija es precioso y de paso te sirve a ti para las minis, que bueno me alegro mucho .Besos amiga

  13. You have painted the tiny china to look just like vintage green ware - Well Done Drora!

  14. I love your painted mini ceramics.The work of your daughter is fantastic, she's so talented.
    Happy New Year to you and your family.

  15. Happy New Year to you and yours! Seems like your family consists of outstanding people like for example your very talented daughter (her pieces look stunning). Well, somehow no surprise having in mind that they are related to you. ;O) I loved to hear about this very interesting place and I'm looking forward to hear and see more of it. And not to forget I'm really curious to see how your stunning miniatures look like after their final treatment, what fun that you can use the real kiln of your daughter.


  16. Wow wonderful work from both you and your daughter. I would love to hear more of this beautiful village. Belated Happy New Year to you and your beautiful family Drora.
    Hugs Maria


  17. Preciosa la cerámica. Muy bonito el diseño.Estoy deseando ver las fotos del pueblo de Neve-Shalom