Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

A small exhibition

Hello dear readers

The staff at the nursing home where my husband is being cared for asked me to exhibit some of my work, offering me a small glass cabinet for the display.  Our New Year happens at the end of
this month, the exhibition must be as soon as possible. It will last from Sunday next week till the end of October. It's going to be one of the New Year and other October holidays attractions.

This kept me fully occupied for the last two weeks, making and stocking 3 new market straw stands.

All the hats were already in my stash.  The rest I had to create from a roll of string, raffia, jute,
 paper, etc. And, most important Glue. The best, fast holding glue I can get here is white wood glue.

Also made a few more nutshells, which were originally intended as holiday gifts. (I'll now have to
make more for gifts.)  Another lucky find was two old wooden boxes to display the nuts in. These will be on the top shelf.

Had to clean this old purses and bags stall to make it eligible for the show.

The glass cabinet has 4 shelves, each about 40 cms square.  Since it will not be easy to
see the bottom one, I intend to just display either the mini houses or the bags stall on it.

Wish you all a lovely creative rest of the week, with blessings.


  1. That's so cool that they asked you for a display! I bet you get so many people interested in minis.

  2. Cuanto me alegro de que tengas esa exposición! Seguro que será todo un éxito porque los trabajos son preciosos

  3. Hola Drora, mucho éxito en esa exposición que seguro que lo tendras,porque lo que has preparado es la mar de bonito, enamorada me he quedado de esos estantes de sombreros y alfombrillas y las cestitas son un primor.
    Los bolsos preciosos también y esas nueces a quien no enamorarían?

  4. Great exhibition, I'm sure the patients and staff will be amazed by your work.

  5. Ohhh! Qué buena idea exponer! Estoy segura de que todo el mundo disfrutara mucho con tus minis, yo lo hago :) Mantennos informadas de como va todo. Felicidades y un abrazo

  6. This is such awesome news and recognition that is well deserved! Congratulations!
    I am so excited that you get to share the wondrous creations that you make and I know it will inspire others! I hope you will take photos of the displays to share with us later on.
    Also, I am so touched that you are so caring and spend so much time with your husband at the care facility! I bet having your cheerful presence there each day is so good for so many there trying to recover! Bless you, Drora!

  7. seguro que tus trabajos gustarán mucho a los visitantes

  8. .,Que estupendo poder exhibir tus bonitos trabajo, quedarán encantados !!

  9. Que bien ...una exposición. Seguro que tus trabajitos cautivaran al publico, es lo que pasa con las minis que no podemos resistirnos.
    Un saludo

  10. Que emocionante poder poner todas tus maravillosas miniaturas a la vista de tanta gente que sabrá apreciar tu trabajo,te auguro un gran éxito Drora!!!

  11. This is exciting news - how I wish I could see the faces of the visitors who will discover your wonderful work and wondering how talented one must be to create something awesome like this. I foresee a lot of smartphone pictures being taken! But don't you dare to place the nutshell houses at the bottom shelf - these tiny masterpieces need the best place to make sure the people can discover all the fantastic details you've added. And as Jodi already said - I too hope you're going to share a lot of pictures with us. But I must say I hope you're going to add some of your beautiful flower pots - your flowers need to be displayed too!


  12. Pues con todo lo que tu trabajas y lo que has hecho nuevo pues sera un éxito la exposición , me alegro por ti . ya nos contaras Bsss

  13. A wonderful opportunity! And the miniatures will cheer everyone up.

  14. A great opportunity to show your fantastic work and so you can also spend time with your husband.
    Your market straw stands are wonderful and the nutshell houses are incredible.

  15. Wow what a great opportunity to share your amazing talented work.I am sure everyone will be over the moon to see such magic.I will listen out for all the oooos and aaaas that your wonderful display will get :)). Dont forget to show us pictures.
    Hugs Maria

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