Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Thursday, January 24, 2019

The Chinese kit (Part 3)

Hello dear readers,

We are enjoying a few beautiful sunny days in the middle of winter.
This is how our beach looked this morning.

Finally, with a stronger grip glue,  I managed to overcome the difficulties
in assembling the last piece of furniture from this kit. Assembling this piece
took longer than all the others put together.

Also started to work on the accessories.

I had to improvise handles, the original jewelry finding for the handles was missing
Here is how I made them.

Picked out two links from a gold plated metal chain.

Inserted a tiny gold metal bead inside each.

Glued them on the drawers and doors of these pieces of tiny furniture.
Satisfactory results.

So far, the wooden pieces assembled look good and of surprisingly good quality.
These alone, are worth the price charged for the kit.

I intend to replace the out of scale plastic chair and cat.  Will see how and what
to make instead. tiny pipe-cleaner puppy?

Will keep these for future use.


  1. Esto se ve muy bien!!! enseguida lo tendrás todo montado!

  2. I love seeing this wonderful picture of your beach, Drora, it looks so far away and summery for someone who's living in the snow at this moment ;O!!
    I see that the kit is coming along together nicelt, although you had difficulties of how to glue the plastic items. It's like you say: the chairs can also be used in single projects.
    Hugs, Ilona

  3. Great furniture!!! And your photo of the beach makes me dream.

  4. excellent work Drora. It's splendid.
    The puppy in pipe cleaner is adorable!
    thank you for the sunny picture, here it's all snow white :-(

  5. Hello Drora,
    The furniture kits came out beautifully. You did a fantastic job of assembling and finishing them, and I must add that the handles are perfect. Well done.
    Big hug

  6. Esos muebles te han quedado genial, y muy ocurrente los tiradores !!!!

  7. Oh the blue sky, sand and blue water look so inviting! Lovely day for a walk!
    I can't believe how adorable those pieces are, Drora! It's going to be such a cute little place to display your amazing minis, and a little pipe cleaner pet would be perfect!

  8. Bien.
    Así queda menos para ver la escena terminada por fin.
    Un abrazo

  9. The handles are amazing fantastic idea thanks for sharing Drora. The beach looks so inviting very cold here but no snow (yet). The tiny pup is so cute.
    Hugs Maria

  10. Looks very nice Drora, nice sunny weather with you, here it is really winter now with snow and at night the temperature is -10 degrees

  11. Beautiful, sunny day.
    The new pieces of your project are wonderful. The tiny pup is adorable.

  12. Beautiful beach! I'm so jealous. I love your improvised handles. I'm going to remember that trick.

  13. Qué bonita la playa y vaya día tan soleado!!!Te están quedando muy bien los muebles

  14. Una playa fantástica y has trabajado duro con los muebles. Buen fin de semana:-)

  15. Me encantaría tener el mar tan cerca como lo tienes tu :) Después del vértigo del principio ya veo que tienes dominado el kit, eh? Ya tengo ganas de ver tu próxima entrada! Un beso

  16. The vista of the beach, sea and sky is Amazing at any time of year and your progress of Greenhouse kit is really moving along Drora!

  17. Since yesterday it's raining around here which made the nasty, cold white stuff outside disappear for now - it will not be missed and I will be glad if there'd be no comeback! *LOL* So it was nice to see for me to enjoy your beach photo. Your work on this kit is amazing, the way you've handled the handles (sorry, I couldn't miss this one) is really smart, they look amazing. And what fun these additional touches offer! It seems to be a good decision to mix and match the furniture to your liking and to scale, you will find a good use for this plastic chair some day, perhaps as a birthday gift voucher. But according to me you should give that darling puppy you've shown a staring role your project, this guy is so cute.


  18. !Nice work on the furniture, Drora

    .How very well your project is getting along

    !I have to say your puppy is ADORABLE

    Have a pleasant week

    Hugs from Riverside
    Nina & the Riversiders

  19. You are making very nice progress on this one

  20. Que bonita playa, me encanta la playa y tenerla lejos aún se hecha más de menos... muy bonitos los muebles, les has dado un toque estupendo, quedan geniales, deseando ver su continuación...un beso.

  21. I love the accessories! I can't wait to see the kit all put together!