Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The situation at my home

Dear readers,

Things have gone from bad to worst here.  My husband, who only recently regained his health, had a bad fall and  broke a vertebra in the lower spine. He has to wear a special, very uncomfortable, stability device. For the time being he is unable to walk and is hospitalized.  My daughters and I take turns in staying with him during day time. At night he's given painkillers which enable him to sleep.

Although I have scarcely time to blog, I miss crafting and I miss you, my dear friends on the blogs.
I have received birthday greetings and gifts which brightened  my days.

Gifts from Fabiola

Thank you dear Faby for these lovely pieces.  I love the tiny hair dryer and the lovely cloth case you made for it.  I also admire the plate on the stand which you made for it.

Gifts from May

Thank you dear May.  The photo doesn't give full credit to your stunning knitting, especially the finish which is simply perfect.

Have a wonderful summer and blessings.


  1. Lo siento mucho Drora. Espero que se recupere pronto.Ánimo

  2. I'm so sorry. I hope your husband is feeling better soon. Back injuries are nothing to be messing around with so don't let him overdo once he is allowed some mobility.

    Sending you warm thoughts and prayers from Texas.

  3. Oh, Drora, lo siento! Te envío un abrazo y el deseo de que todo pase pronto. Te felicité por tu cumpleaños? Espero que si, pero por si no lo hice. Felicidades!!!! Bonitos regalos

  4. Dear Drora - sending prayers for healing and loads of patience while you all deal with this major life interruption. I am happy to hear that you were blessed with some nice birthday surprises that let you know how special you are to so many. Take care of yourself, too. I hope you are all back to normal again soon! Hugs

  5. Querida Drora,espero que la recuperación de tu marido sea pronta,mientras recibir todo mi cariño!!!
    Los regalos son preciosos

  6. Gracias a ti. Espero que tu marido se recupere pronto y pueda volver a casa.

  7. Dear Drora, I hope your husband recovers soon and you can go back to your crafting. Nice gifts, blessings.

  8. Dearest Drora, I hope that your husband will recover from his serious injury, taking care for him, and being with your family, is the most important thing at the moment. Enjoy your lovely birthday gifts from dear friends.
    Take care for yourself too! Warm hugs, Ilona

  9. Hello Drora,
    I am praying that your husband gets better soon. It has been a hard time for you, but be strong and you will get through it.
    Happy belated birthday. I do hope you find a little time to enjoy your wonderful gifts.
    Big hug

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  11. que todo vaya mejorando poco a poco, Drora...

  12. I am very sorry to hear about your husband's fall Drora, and just as he was making a recovery from his previous aliment . I hope that he is not feeling too discouraged by this setback, and that you and your daughters are able to keep his spirits up, in spite of it all. Blessings to him AND to you as you all weather this storm together.


  13. ,Dear Drora

    .I am very sorry to read all this
    .Such bad news about your husband's health

    .I send you my very best wishes
    .I hope he recovers soon and well
    .How good of you and your daughters to sit by his bed

    .The minis are lovely, especially the hairdryer
    .And the handknitted clothing

    .Please keep us updated

    ,Hugs from the Riversiders

  14. Espero que tu marido se recupere muy pronto y no tarde en volver a casa.

  15. Sending hugs. I hope he recovers soon. Thinking of you,

  16. Dear Drora, I'm very sorry for your husband's health and I hope he will be better soon and can come home. A big hug.

  17. I hope your husband will be better soon. These lovely gifts must have brought you a little sunshine during that difficult time.

  18. I lack the words to write down how sad I am hearing this... my best wishes to you, dearest Drora, and loads of strength for you and your family. And also my best (and late *blush*) Birthday wishes - you received very lovely gifts.


  19. Dear Drora, I am so sorry to hear of your husband's fall. I hope he recovers quickly! You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  20. Dear Drora I am so sorry to hear of your husbands fall. I hope he recovers soon. your gifts are wonderful enjoy them all. Take care
    Hugs Maria

  21. Dear Drora, I hope your husband will be better soon.
    Beautiful gifts

  22. Dear Drora! This is very sad. I hope that your husband is recovering. Hugs, Julia