Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Spring flowers on glue-stiffened cotton thread - Tutorial

Hello dear readers,

Our winters are usually mild.  The temperature, where I live, is never below zero. Nevertheless when it gets cold I am the first to have frostbitten fingers no matter what I do to prevent it.
This is what happened again and kept me away from miniaturing.  Now that my fingers are almost healed  (still blue and a little swollen), I'm sitting down to make flowers.  Along the way I took photos to show you how easy it is to use a glue-stiffened crochet thread for stems and leaf vines.

Materials and tools:
White plastic glue
Green crochet thread
Ball ended shaping tool
Pinch tongs
paper punches as shown
A soft rubber surface for shaping the flowers and leaves ( I use a regular rubber)
A tooth pick
Light yellow, darker yellow, wight and green paper.
Yellow acrylic paint (not shown in the photo).

For the flowers cut about 2.5 cms lengths of glue-stiffened green thread. Glue them as shown
to the punched green paper stars.

Let them dry while you make the flower heads.

Glue one punched out daisy shaped flower on top of the other in a way that  closes the open spacing between the petals.

 Glue the flower heads to the star topped stems.  They stick perfectly well together.  Paint a tiny acrylic yellow dot in the middle of the flower.

Now the flowers are ready for the leaves.

Glue two leaves to each flower stems.

Glue three leaves to a separate piece of thread and then glue this piece to the flower stem.

You can see how good they stick together when the glue dries.

I made enough flowers to fill a dozen vases in just a few hours.

The "glass" vases are beautiful clear plastic beads with a large hole.

This is a special tutorial for my readers who live in places where there are very little craft materials
to be found.  Please feel free to ask me more information if needed.

Blessings to all my dear readers!


  1. Thanks for the tutorial, you make them look easy to make. How do you make the thread stiff? Do you put glue on it and let it dry?

  2. Las flores te han quedado preciosas!! Espero que pronto el calor de la primavera cure tus dedos!!!

  3. Las flores quedan perfectas, gracias por el tutorial. Espero que tus dedos mejoren pronto. Un beso

  4. las flores han quedado geniales , parece mentira lo que podemos llegar a hacer con tan poca cosa, gracias por compartir



  5. What what an excellent idea for stiffening the thread with glue, Drora and you than make your flowers this way! The flowers look wonderful and they fit well into these self made vases. I hope your fingers will completely healed very soon, take care for yourself, dear friend.
    Warm hugs, Ilona

  6. Deseo de corazón que tus dedos mejoren. Esas flores te han quedado muy bonitas. Un abrazo😙

  7. Hello Drora,
    Thank you for the great tutorial! The flowers are beautiful. I hope your fingers will be back to normal soon.
    Big hug

  8. Вы придумали замечательную идею! Спасибо за чудесный и последовательный урок! Дорогая Drora, я надеюсь, что ваши пальцы восстановятся.

  9. This couldn't have come at a better time: I am stuck at home so must work with what I have. Thank you for sharing!

  10. This couldn't have come at a better time: I am stuck at home so must work with what I have. Thank you for sharing!

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  12. Great idea Drora thank you for the wonderful tutorial. Your flowers look beautiful in the pretty vases. I hope your fingers are all better very soon.
    Take care dear Drora.
    Hugs Maria

  13. Te han quedado muy bonitas, espero que te recuperes pronto.

  14. Tus dedos van a estar felices, Drora, ya está llegando la primavera! :) Creo que no tengo paciencia para hacer flores, pero veo las tuyas tan bonitas que me dan ganas de probar. Idea genial la de usas cuentas como jarrones, me ha encantado :) Un beso

  15. A mi tampoco me gusta el frio, menos mal que ya queda menos para que llegue la primavera. Las flores están preciosas.

  16. Las flores te han quedado preciosas!!.
    Espero que te recuperes muy pronto :)

  17. Muy buena idea si que a veces no se encuentran los materiales esta es una buena solución .espero que llegue pronto el buen tiempo y con el tu mejoría.Bssss

  18. Hello Drora,
    thank you for the beatyful tutorial. The difficult is only to find the smal punches.

    LG Alexandra

  19. Beautiful tutorial, but I haven't these small punches...

  20. Gracias por el tutorial, así parece muy fácil. Lo intentaré.
    Han quedado muy bonitas.
    Un abrazo

  21. Thank you, Drora! It is very intuitive and useful tutorial. I will definitely try.
    Health your fingers!
    Hugs Julia

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  23. Oh your poor fingers! I do hope they heal up soon. You do such beautiful work. Thank you for your visit and kinds words.

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  25. ,Dear Drora

    !Such beautiful flowers and great tutorial
    .I love miniature flowers but have never made any
    .So delicate

    .I hope your fingers heal soon

    ,Best wishes from Riverside

  26. Hermoso tu tutorial Drora.Gracias por compartirlo.Que se mejoren tus manos

  27. Thank you so much for the tutorial! I'm going to try to make these flowers!!

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