Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Hunting for craft supplies

Hello dear readers,

Remember the campers we created some months ago.  Suzy, one of our group most talented member did not finish hers then. Here are some photos of Suzy's finished camper and it's simply stunning.

As I mentioned before, our hobby is not yet well recognized here.  There are no dollhouse miniatures shops to be found and no fairs.  We get some materials from craft stores and do a lot of overseas online purchases but the cost of shipment gets higher and higher all the time making everything very expensive.

A new craft supply shop was opened recently in my town.  Sarit and I went to see what we could find there.  They mostly carried office staff and items for kindergartens and schools.
I found 2 punches with potential use, one is a 1/4" hole punch.  I wanted a smaller hole but they didn't have it.   By coincident, when going out of the store, we passed the central town market and there, on the sidewalk, set two pedlars selling old staff like razor accessories.  We found razor blades which, I personally didn't think they existed anymore. Amazingly, Sarit discovered  a leather punch with 6 different scale holes.  Sarit already had one at home and said it was also good for punching paper so I quickly grabbed it at a very fair price.
We went on to do some digging at another store which carried small trinkets.

Metal boxes that can become miniature sinks, suitcases or little wagons.  The glue dispenser will also be very useful and the 1/4" ticket punch is what I wanted for a long time.

A rocking horse punch.  The tiny rocking horse is just a rough experiment.  I plan to make tiny toys using animal punches.  The idea to glue together several layers of punched out card animals, go over them with jasso and paint.

Found on the sidewalk -

I was pleased to find at the trinket store these (not best quality) Judaic items, complete Books of Psalms (In Hebrew) and Menorah pendants.



  1. Ooh particularly beautiful this little psalm books and candlesticks, how lucky that you found them and the other items that you can use, beautiful
    And the caravan I find very beautiful, with all the little details.

  2. Felicita a tu amiga, Drora, esa caravana es digna de un museo! Y felicidades también por tus compras, me encanta ese punzón! Me ha encantado pasar este año contigo y espero seguir compartiendo en 2017. Un abrazo muy fuerte y mis mejores deseos de paz y felicidad para ti y para ese rinconcico del mundo donde vives

  3. http://1inchminisbykris.blogspot.com/
    The hole punch toys will work great. The link I put in is Kris's blog. She's got awesome tutorials on how to make mini's from things like cardstock and foamcore board. So you might have some luck looking at her list of projects.

    I hope you have a Happy Hanukkah and a Joyous New Year.

  4. Preciosos trabajos ,espero que la tienda vaya teniendo más material para sus trabajos. También te deseo Feliz Navidad. Besos:-)

  5. The last caravan is beautiful and so original, what alot of details to see, love it!!
    Your newest purchases for making miniatures are great finds, Drora! Now you can make a wonderful collection of the most tiny toys!
    Wishing you Merry Christmas/Happy Hanukkah!
    Hugs, Ilona

  6. .Veo que es toda una odisea conseguir material para hacer minis pero con todo hacéis unas cosas maravillosas. La caravana es preciosa¡Feliz Navidad

  7. I am glad you were able to find some of the things you want. .I am sure you will use everything you bought! I wish menorahs and other Hebrew things were more available here. It is always fun to find unexpected minis!I wish you all of the blessings of the season!

  8. La escena de acampada de Suzy,realmente impresionante,pero las vuestras son preciosas también,que lindas todas juntas!!!
    Has hecho buenas compras y algunas sin esperarlo,que eso hace mucha ilusión,ya tienes proyectos nuevos que intentar!!
    Feliz hanukka y año nuevo en paz para todos!!!

  9. Happy Hanukkah dear Drora Wishing you and your family much love, peace and happiness for 2017 x

  10. Thank you for sharing the photos!
    Merry christmas and Happy New Year!

  11. Nice caravan! Peace for all. Merry Christmas

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  13. Esa caravana es impresionante, un trabajo genial.
    Felices fiestas para tí y tus seres queridos.

  14. You are a very talented treasure hunter - nice findings... and great to find good and helpful stuff at places where you would not expect it. But of course it's a pity that you don't have real stores offering useful things. Using the punches to create tiny toys is a wonderful idea... and the Hebrew trinkets are a fantastic find. Not to forget - your friend Suzy is indeed a very talented lady, wonderful work - from all of you. All the campers your group made are stunning.

    Happy Hanukkah to you and your family and best wishes for the New Year... including more craft offers near your place! ;O)


  15. Esa caravana es una obra de arte. Felicita a Suzy por tan bello trabajo. Y no desesperes, ya eres experta en encontrar cosas donde no hay.
    Te deseo lo mejor para estas fechas entrañables llenas de amor y paz, para ti y tu familia.

  16. ,Hello Drora

    .Thanks for sharing the beautiful work of your friend

    ?It's not always easy to find the right utensils, is it
    .Glad you found those items anyway

    .I wish you happy crafting over the holidays

    ,From all the Riversiders, Fudge and me
    !HAPPY CHRISTMAS Drora and a great start into 2017


  17. Buon natale a te e a tutta la tua famiglia , un abbraccio e un buon 2017

  18. Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Please accept my best wishes!

  19. Dear Drorа!
    Merry Christmas and a Happy Hanukkah!

  20. Maravillosos trabajos ...una verdadera artista......!Feliz Navidad y un Feliz Año 2017........... Abrazos... Susana

  21. Hola hermosas cosas pudistes encontrar a mi me encanta las miniaturas pero donde yo vivo en uruguay no hay casas de miniaturas y para mi es impocible hacer las cosas me cuesta mucho aprender las medidas en milimetros xq aca se usa mucho las medidas de cm y yo no las entiendo te quiero pedir si no es mucha molestia donde compras las cosas x internet y si me podes pasar las medidas de milimetro a cm perdona y gracias espero tu respuesta feliz navidad y un prospero año nuevo🎅

    1. Dear Liliam
      please contact me by email - drorahed@gmail.com

  22. Hi Drora! I think you should open that mini shop. You would be a big success with no competition. LOL! I heard shipping prices are going up again. This is so sad. It will be less costly to take the items to their destination yourself soon. LOL! Well despite all the challenges you manage to make the most adorable minis. Congratulations on that! Happy New Year! I hope 2017 is your best year yet!
    lots of hugs♥,

  23. Me encanta ver tus trabajos son siempre estupendos. Felices Fiestas y prospero año Nuevo

  24. Hi Drora! I am sooo happy for you in being able to find the hole punches you had been looking for ! I have been collecting hole punches for a while too and finding them primarily at the thrift and second hand stores . I think that you can never have too many either. Your idea of making tiny toys by layering the punch-outs together is a really clever one! .
    I never thought about the difficulties which you regularly experience finding supplies and /or having to order products by mail. Postage is
    high in Canada too, however crafting supplies and outlets are plentiful and that makes a Big Difference . So I applaud your tenacity in pursuing your hobby in the face of obstacles Drora and encourage ! you and your mini group, to keep going.Happy New Year coming up and Many Mini Blessings too! :D


  25. שלום דרורה, כל הכבוד על הדווח עד כמה קשה לנו כאן להשיג חומרי גלם ורהוט. שיהי לך חג שמח והרבה הרבה בריאות. האם התכוונת לרשת המקס סטוק?

  26. Sorry I am so late :) The caravan is amazing I love it. You got some lovely pieces there isn't any doll house shops here but we do have a few euro shops that if you keep your eye's peeled you can get lucky :D I Hope you had a wonderful Hanukkah and Christmas. Wishing you all the best for the new Year.
    Hugs Maria