Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Giveaway winner

Hello dear readers,

Thank you for your sympathetic comments on the disastrous fires in my country.  The fires are extinguished now.  There remains only the tragedy of five hundred homeless families and hundreds of more houses with serious damage.  Very sad but at least, thank God, no loss of lives.

Here is the list of the participants in my giveaway draw, as per order of comments:

1.  Diane.  2. Sheila.  3. Fabiola.  4. Irina.  5. Liliam.  6. Isabel.  7.  May.  8. Genevieve.  9. Sussy.
10.  Tatiana.  11. Piikko.  12. Ana.  13. Yulia.  14. Ayla.  !5. Susanna.  16. Carmen.  17. Melli.
18. Lea.  19. Elena.  20. Minyatur ve Hobi.  Birgit.  22. Pam.  23. Nina.  24. Pilar (18).
25. Rosa Maria.  26. Maria.  27. Teresa.

First of all, before I announce the winner, let me thank you all for taking part in this giveaway.

The winner is Carmen.  Carmen please email me your address and I'll post your parcel so it will get to you, hopefully, before Christmas.

There is also an extra prize for May - Anisnofla.  May, very generously,  sent me a surprise gift which lamentably didn't reach me.  But in view of this very touching gesture I decided to make another fairy house, fairy and birdbath especially for you May.  Dear May,  sweet unexpected gestures like yours are what makes it so special about online friendships. I love being part of this  miniatures blog-globe. Please  email me your address.

Blessing and hugs to all of you my dear online friends.


  1. Enhorabuena a las afortunadas y muchas gracias a ti Drora.

  2. Do you have a preferred charity where folks can donate for the relief efforts for those displaced by the fires?

    1. There have been local donations of clothes, pieces of furniture, appliances, blankets,etc. But the government and municipalities take care of the rest.

  3. Felicidades a las afortunadas y gracias a ti por esta oportunidad, besos:-)

  4. Qué bonito detalle, Drora! Carmen y May son mis amigas así que en parte, tambien me ha tocado el premio a mi, jaaaaa!Me alegro de que el fuego esté apagado! Gracias por el sorteo y un abrazo fuerte

  5. Congrats to Carmen for winning your fantastic giveaway, she will be over the moon with her gifts. And how nice of you to send May another set of this as some comfort, she deserves it for sure for being so sweet to send you some surprises, so sad these got lost. Great to hear the fires are extinguished now - pity the poor people who lost their homes.


  6. Muchas felicidades a Carmen!! Y a ti por el sorteo,me parece un gesto muy bonito de tu parte,el hacer una casita para May,eres muy generosa!!

  7. Muchísimas gracias, Drora. Me apena mucho que no haya llegado mi regalo. Habrá que solucionarlo. Felicidades a Carmen. Menos mal que ya no hay fuegos, y sobre todo, que no haya habido pérdidas humanas. Besitos

  8. oléeeeee...mil gracias! que buena manera de emoezar el adviento ...!!

  9. Congrats to very lucky Carmen. Hugs. Melli

  10. Congratulations to Carmen, I wish her a lot of fun with this beautiful prize, enjoy!!
    How kind of you for making another gift for May, I bet she will be very happy with it.
    Thankfully that the fires have been extinguished, Drora, what a disaster for your country/region, I'm glad to read that you are safe.
    Warm hugs, Ilona

  11. Muchas felicidades a las ganadoras, se llevan un bonito regalo.

  12. Muchas felicidades, que alegria que les toque a dos amigas.
    Un abrazo

  13. Congratulations to Carmen. Thank you Drora for the chance.
    Hugs Maria

  14. Que bueno me alegro por Carmen que también es mi amiga y por May también, gracias Drora.Un abrazo

  15. ,Dear Drora

    .Good to hear no lives were lost in the terrible fires
    .I wish there weren't so many homeless families now

    .Congratulations to lucky winner Carmen and to May
    !Both so lucky to receive such a beautiful fairy house

    ,Hope you are having a pleasant weekend
    ,Hugs from Germany