Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Thursday, May 12, 2016


Hello dear readers

One of my little offsprings adores fairy tales and  fairies.  She also started
taking ballet classes. I was looking for little fairy dolls for her but couldn't find any. Instead, I found
these tiny ballet dancers figures.  I made their wings and now they became officially dancing fairies.

Baalatova the ancient witch is very eager to meet the fairies.  She's trying to find means of
communication with them and hopes that the fairies, being able to fly around, will also be able to find her magic wand for her. The cats, because of their early bad experience won't come within an
inch close to her, except Leona who is equally eager for Baalatova to find her magic wand and change her back to the magnificent cat she was. (Readers who are not familiar with the story, poke here.} What Baalatova does not know is that the fairies are within reach.  She only has to limp forward a few steps and find them.

Shortly we shall all know if and how the fairies were able to help.

In Israel we are celebrating our 68 Independence Day! Festivities which began last night are still
continuing.  The day is beautiful and sunny, sending people outdoors for picnics and to the beaches
for swims and sun bathing.

A warm welcome to Carol.  (Carol's blog is full of little treasures for you to see and get inspired.) Thank you Carol for following my blog.

I wish you a wonderful weekend and blessings!

And a warm welcome to my new follower


  1. First of all Happy Independence Day and enjoy all the celebrations. I love your fairies and the story - so colourful and pretty! Fingers crossed for a happy ending. Mini hug, Carol

  2. Happy Indipendence day!
    I love your fairies.

  3. Feliz día, Drora! Me encantan tus hadas... parecen pequeñas mariposas ♥! Un beso

  4. First of all - enjoy your celebrations for Independence Day. And now: Chapeau for the brilliant idea to combine the love for fairies and ballet in those very pretty dancing fairies. Well, we all know fairies love to dance... but I really keep my fingers crossed that they are willing to interrupt their dancing to help poor Baalatova ... and poor Leona too. I'm totally excited to hear the next episode!!!


  5. Happy Independent Day! The fairies are really lovely and I can't wait for the next chAapter of Baalatova's search. :) Hugs

  6. Happy Independence Day I hope you have a wonderful time. Your fairies are beautiful fantastic idea :) I am sure they will help Baalatova in any way they can.
    Hugs Maria

  7. Happy Independence day to you, Drora!
    I like the way you've changed the ballet dancers into fairies, they look gorgeous :). I'm sure they will help Baalatova whenever they can!
    Warm hugs, Ilona

  8. Han quedado genial con las alas. Feliz día

  9. Has hecho un bonito trabajo con las bailarinas.

  10. Esas hadas bailarinas te han quedado preciosas, me encanta como le quedan las pequeñas alas.
    Besitos y feliz fin de semana

  11. Those are very cute fairies! Have nice independence day:)

  12. Hello Drora,
    The fairies are fantastic! Very well done. I wish you a very happy holiday.
    Big hug

  13. creo que has tenido una gran idea al convertir esas bailarinas en hadas ,te han quedado muy bien ,me alegro de que las celebraciones vayan bien y puedan disfrutar del buen tiempo



  14. The wings are a great idea! The little dancers now look adorable and quite magical! Happy Independence day to you!

  15. Que gran idea!!! han quedado unas haditas adorables!!!!

  16. Hola Drora, siempre que puedo me paso para ver tus trabajos que siempre me gustan y me hacen pasar un rato muy agradable

  17. Has tenido una idea fantástica, te han quedado unas adas preciosas. Disfruta de la fiesta:-)

  18. Я поздравляю с Днем независимости! Ваши маленькие феи смотрятся замечательно!

  19. ,Hello Drora

    !Such exuberant little fairies
    .I hope you had a wonderful Independence Day
    .May the sunny and warm weather continue

    ,Best wishes

  20. Drora, they are really precious and beautiful! Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. :)