Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Friday, February 19, 2016

Sea shells

Hello dear readers,

You probably all know by now how much I love the sea and its treasures, sea shells of all sizes and
shapes.  Mostly I use the tiny shells to craft miniatures.  In order to get the very tiny ones I have to
dig out a large amount of shells.  The tiny ones are put aside and the ones I don't use I bring to the
elderly day center.  I'm going to teach them how to decorate larger size wooden boxes, same as my mini ones.

Once in a while a real treasure is found like this "dinosaur".  I am sure Baalatova will be delighted to have it.

Inside there was the dead animal which smelled like a fish market.  Never before have we found
a shell like this.  I'll have to ask what to do about the bad smell.

Except for sorting large amounts of seashells I haven't done any crafting.  My fingers are still
a bit sore although much better.  I have more time for visiting blogs and whenever possible
make comments.

A warm welcome to Katajamaki.  This blog, relatively new, is well worth visiting.  Much of
the indoor decoration is self crafted with photos to show how it's done. Thank you Katajamaki for following.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend with blessings.



  1. Дорогая Drora!
    Я надеюсь, что ваши пальцы чувствуют себя лучше!
    Вы нашли прекрасные дары природы! Это всегда удивительно! Я думаю, что достаточно прокипятить ракушки. Запах должен уйти.
    Хороших выходных

  2. Beautiful seashells! I collected them whenever I was traveling abroad. Actually many people knew about it and I also was getting them from my friends' trips too.:) I am sure Baalatova will love this dinosaur no matter it's smell.:D I think the smell will eventually go away itself.:) Hugs

  3. WOW, your "dinosaur"-shell is a real treasure, Drora, being a sea lover myself I love it and I bet Baalatova will too ;)! I wish I lived more near to the sea, so I could collect them whenever I will. Unfortunately I have no idea what to do for the smell, I'm sorry...
    I hope your fingers/hands will get better soon.
    Have a nice weekend, blessing and warm hugs, Ilona

  4. Drora, me encantan esas conchas! He buscado en google como quitarles el mal olor , dice que se consigue poniéndolas hervir en agua 10 o 15 minutos. También aconsejan dejarlas sumergidas en agua varios dias. El mal olor es debido a que el bicho o parte de él se ha quedado dentro de la concha

  5. Si, solo tienes que hervirlas y quitarles el bicho. El muy divertido eso de buscar conchas en la playa. Las que has encontrado son perfectas.

  6. Nice shells! I have a few small ones that I .
    will use in a bathroom scene. What about soaking the shell in diuted bleach water to remove the smell?

  7. Hello Drora, beautiful sea shells and thank you for your lovely comment about my blog. I was very happily surprised when i read this update


  8. Que preciosidad de conchas,son maravillosas y parece mágico poder encontrarlas en tamaño tan pequeño!!!
    Drora,para quitar el mal olor,debes hervirlas con cuidado en agua con un poco de jabón ,después de quitar el bicho,de ésta manera dejará de oler!

  9. Unas conchas muy bonitas, seguro que decorarán muy bien las cajas, feliz fin de semana:-)

  10. I love that you harvest the shells in your miniatures by hand, it make the pieces even that much more special!

    I hope your amazing hand tools and fingers feel better so that they can create more magic!

  11. The shells are amazing. Baalatova will be very happy with this dinosaur.

  12. Que conchas tan bonitas, deseando ver para que las usas :D, lo del olor se pueden hervir para sacar cualquier resto, pero en algunos caso al hervirlas cambian algo su color. Si las pones con agua y unas gotitas de lejia y las las dejas moviendolas con fuerza de vez en cuando tambien se limpian o dejandolas secar enterradas en arena para que no se sienta el olor cuando todos los restos esten secos saldran rapido con solo lavar con fuerza bajo el grifo.

  13. Ese caracol tiene una concha interesante seguro que queda muy bien decorando algún trabajo después de una buena limpieza claro tengo la suerte de tener una de sus cajas con las pequeñas conchas y la conservo como un tesoro
    un gran abrazo

  14. Mother nature gave evidence once more that she's the biggest sorceress of all - what an extraordinarily beautiful shell. Lucky Baalatova to own such a mysterious piece. But the other shells are beautiful too and I like the idea that you're using the bigger ones for boxes being creative with your ladies from the center. Sorry to hear your fingers are causing you trouble still - and about the smell of the shell (sounds great btw *grin*) - maybe you can aks a fish grocer if he has some advice?


  15. What a beautiful and unusual shell. I sometimes find tiny shells, but never as lovely as your dinosaur shell. So sorry about your hands being sore, glad they are getting better. Blessings, Pam in Norway xx (do you think bicarbonate would get rid of the smell? It works on glass jars but have never tried it on sea shells though)

  16. Hello Drora,
    That seashell is just gorgeous and very interesting. I'm glad you found it. I hope your hands get better.
    Big hug

  17. ,Drora

    .Here we can buy odour-neutralizing soap
    .It takes away the smell of fish, garlic, etc
    ?Have you tried that yet

    ,Kind regards

  18. I just leave the seashells for 24 hrs in a bleach bath. I'm glad your fingers are better. And I saw your sweet trailer! It looks so beautiful!! You have such adorable accessories in there.

  19. Wow what a wonderful find that shell is beautiful. I am sure your ladies will have a great time decorating their boxes with lovely shells. I hope your hands are all better.
    Hugs Maria

  20. Que bonitas conchas, el dinosaurio es fascinante! Nunca había visto un ejemplar asi. Me alegro leer que sus manos están mejor. Cuidese mucho.

  21. unas conchas muy bonitas.
    Cuida esas manos, Drora.

  22. I hope it goes well with your husband and your too.
    Beautiful shells, are always very nice

  23. A mi me encanta el mar y por lo tanto todo aquello que tiene. Aunque vivo lejos de él, siempre que puedo me escapo y cuando paseo por la orilla de la playa me gusta recoger las conchas que arrastra hasta la orilla.

  24. here we have hard to find shells so small, they are superb!