Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Sunday, November 29, 2015

29 November Advent Swaps

Hello dear readers,

Today I opened Advent swaps from 4 dear online friends, two from Finland, one from Ireland
and one from Italy.  It was very hard not to open the gifts before time but I did it!! I am very
happy with my gifts and will love to show you all.  There will be 3 more Sundays with gifts to
open from these same friends and WOW am I excited and curious to see what's inside the little

From Maria

A very cheery Christmas card and beautiful little miniatures, as well as a skull for the witch's home.
Thank you Dear Maria!

From Leena (No blog)

A lovely card showing, what I guess, part of her dolls collection.

A black nightgown and wrap together with a leather had, fit for a witch.  Baalatova will love them. Thank you dear Leena for these very thoughtful gifts.

From Kikka

A lovely postcard showing her fantastic Christmas shop box.

Very lovely potion jars for Baalatova
together with tiny ghost tags (or ghost decorations).  I love them all.
Dear Kikka, the chocolate bar was devoured before I got to "shoot" it.
Thank you!!

From Fabiola

Thank you Faby! They are so cute!!! I love them, they will cheer up poor Baalatova.

Takes a lot of will power to wait to open the next little parcels.

I hope you ladies won't be disappointed when you open mine.

Between crafting little miniatures, packing, posting, receiving gifts, teaching at the day center, taking care of my husband, etc. etc. I managed to finish the lower part of the camper's kitchen.  Hope you like it.

I used foam board and card board.  The counter is card board painted with acrylic granite paint.
The handles are glass beads.  The sink a plastic butter or jam container.  The oven a piece of
perspex painted black on one side, framed by a white rubber like (We call it sol) material.

Next I'll finish the upper part of the kitchen.

Have a wonderful Sunday!  Blessings


  1. bonitos intercambios y precioso mueble

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Son una verdadera preciosidad de miniaturas.
    Saludos desde España

  4. Beautiful gifts.
    The furniture for your camper is amazing.

  5. Drora, you have been spoiled by lovely blog friends, enjoy their wonderful gifts!!
    I like the lower part of your camper's kitchen, sink and oven are wonderful work :)!
    Hugs, Ilona

  6. Great gifts! And the counter looks fantastic! Have a great week! Hugs

  7. Enhorabuena, son unos regalos preciosos. Muy bonita la cocina.

  8. This Advent Swap is a fun thing... still 3 more wonderful surprises waiting for you and the other ladies! You received wonderful gifts today at the 1st Advent Sunday, all chosen with care and supposed to make one witch very happy! Your kitchen unit is stunning - and how clever to do it completely out of scratch. Well, noone who does not know this would ever guess!


  9. Bonitos regalos. Con unos materiales tan sencillos has conseguido un preciso conjunto para la cocina.

  10. What lovely gifts, how very fun. Love the little kitchen for the camper, you are so creative and have so many great ideas. Love the way it turned out! Wish you a lovely week, blessings, Pam in Norway xx

  11. Preciosos regalos!!!!! Y esa cocina está quedando perfecta y preciosa!!!!!!

  12. Dear Drora, Thank you so much for the wonderful miniatures I got from you! You have got so beautiful gifts from Leena, Maria and Faby! Hugs Kikka!

  13. A great swap so far! So many goodies for future projects! ;)

  14. Thank you Drora for your wonderful gifts. Your gifts from the other girls are all fantastic enjoy. I love your campers kitchen unit it is amazing. Thank you for sharing how - too.
    Hugs Maria

  15. Los regalos de intercambio son preciosos y las tarjetas muy bonitas y originales.
    La cocina te está quedando estupenda. Un beso.