Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Sunday, October 11, 2015


Dear readers,

For all my new followers, who did not read my past Halloween posts, here is a short summary of the story of Skella and Skelly, a couple of skeletons who anxiously want to turn into ghosts, but the line to the Ghostship Academy where they have to be trained, is years away long. They heard rumors that Baalatova, the ancient witch may be able to help them skip the long wait.  Baalatova, is missing.  She had a terrible accident, fell off her broom flying back home, broke her hip and lost her magic wand without which she cannot cast spells. She is recuperating somewhere unknown.  (If you are brave enough and have the time, please  read these posts.
1. link  2. link  3.link 4.link  5. link  6. link)

At long last, Baalatova is seen and we even have photos showing her.  She really looks beautifully wicked, as becomes an ancient witch.  She still suffers pains from her injuries and uses two brooms for walking. She's heading home.

Baalatova was sculpted by my friend, Sarit Eshed.  Some months ago I posted about this super talented artist here showing some of her marvelous scenes.

Sarit created Baalatova's head and hat.  I made all the rest., including the brooms.  For the body, I used an old, headless plastic doll.

Something catches her attention...

She comes closer...

And closer...

Wow! Three giant eggs .  Out of one hatches a little creature.  What can it be?

A baby dinosaur?  Not likely.... Oh if she only had her magic wand with her! She'd love to adopt him but has no means of transportation to take him along.  Maybe he'll follow her, he can get attached to her as she is the first being he laid eyes on upon hatching.  We'll have to wait and see.....

And here are photos of how Baalatova herself has "hatched" from Fimo by Sarit's clever hands.

Before make-up.

After make-up with hair (Mohair) and hat.


A very warm welcome to my new follower Susi.  Thank you for following this blog.

Wishing you all a Happy Sunday and my blessings.


  1. Oh, Baalatova seems bit nasty, but I guees she will be good mother for this sweet baby. I see more of eggs, are they brothers inside? warm hugs :-D

  2. Happy Sunday to you Drora! Baavlatova is a very handsome witch. I am sure she'll take a good care of cute baby dino. :)

  3. Great!!! Finally we could met Baalatova in person! What a great witch - so full of character and I bet this lady can cast any spell (if she has her wand at hand... *grin*) Let's hope the little baby will follow her... what could be better for a dragon hatchling than to come into the experienced hands of an old witch?!


  4. I hope I will never see her in real life because she looks like a very bad witch. But as she needs two brooms to walk Icould run away without her being able to chase me.

  5. I think Baalatova would hate the sunny weather we have here today, even if it's so cold outside. It's a perfect day to read from your blog and about the freshly broken dino eggs. Thank you for the warm welcome message you left on my blog. Happy Sunday

  6. Baalatova is a perfect witch and the bay dinosaur is so cute.

  7. She is soo cool! Good to meet her finally. :) You have a gifted Friend! The face painting is great Drora! Hope Baalatova will find her wand and will meet the Skella and Skelly! Hugs

  8. Ballatova is a perfect witch.She is amazing. I hope she makes it home soon and that her wand is found. A baby dino sounds like a perfect companion (familiar) for a witch..
    Hugs Maria

  9. Baavlatova looks great, Drora, it's nice to meet her here finally :D!! Hopefully she will soon find her wand, so she can adopt the baby dino.
    Hugs, ilona

  10. Hi! What a pleasure to meet Baalatova! I really hope she will find her wand soon. The baby dino is very cute and will be a wonderful pet for her!
    Can't wait to see more! Hugs

  11. Espero que Baalatova se recupere pronto y pueda ocuparse del pequeño. Ha quedado genial.. Feliz domingo

  12. Fun story! It's so nice to finally meet Baalatova! Can't wait to see more! xo Jennifer

  13. Que agradable ver a Baavlatova!! Aunque no esté totalmente recuperada,pero se la ve con mucho ánimo y hasta con ganas de adoptar a ese bebé,será un pequeño dragón? ojalá se hagan buenos amigos y pronto pueda regresar a casa!!!
    Feliz día!!!

  14. ПриветDrora!
    Какая грустная и веселая история! Надеюсь, что бедро Baalatova уже не болит! Она будет любить маленького дракона!

  15. Thanks for your visit and your nice words