Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Friday, February 27, 2015

Second meeting with the Israeli Miniaturists

Hello all,

Yesterday was the second time the local miniaturists met.  We enjoyed a wonderful time
together at Limor's place.  Limor is a very gifted  miniaturist as well as an author.  Her first book is already in print and will be published very soon. In my next post I'll show you photos of some of her
stunning miniature scenes.  Here is the link to Limor's web site Limor.

We all brought one little handmade gift for a swap. Mine was one of the toy trolleys which I already showed you before how to make.  I received a fantastic basket full of sausages, crafted by Sarit, who
is Limor's mother.  Both mother and daughter are very talented miniaturists.

You will probably get to know more of my fellow miniaturists, as I'm going to show you
some of their work after each time we meet.  This time we each made a pair of espadrilles.

Right now I'm experimenting with ceramics.  I made so many cookies and cakes in my last batch
that I have to make plates for them.  I'm trying to do a two layered plate.  Will see what will come
out.  I have to wait until the clay is completely dry then rub the surface smooth, glaze and fire.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend with blessings


  1. Esa cesta de chorizos es una delicia. Las zapatillas que habeis hecho son muy bonitas. Es estupendo poder disfrutar de estos dias

  2. You are all a very talented bunch. I love the espadrilles. Look forward to seeing the finished plates X

  3. Oh these plates are lovely! It is obvious to see you had a great time and there is a lot of gifted miniaturists out there. :) Enjoy these meetings. :) Hugs

  4. You gift is very nice! I would love to be able to make those shoes! I am glad you are enjoying your group!

  5. Oh how wonderfully exciting! So lovely to have other miniaturists to share with. Here in Norway miniatures seem to be looked upon as toys and childrens stuff. People think l am a little strange. So very glad to have found all the wonderful miniaturist blogs, yours is one of my favourite. Beautiful tiny little shoes, and wow what lifelike sauseages! Pam xx

  6. What fun making espadrilles together! I can imagine what a thrill it is for you to connect with other miniaturists. Your gift is beautiful--enjoy! xo Jennifer

  7. The basket of meats is wonderful! I love the shoes very much. You are very fortunate to find this group of real life friends to enjoy their company and learn and make together

  8. Que maravillosa reunión!!! Y ademas recibiste la cesta de embutidos preciosa y perfecta!! Las alpargatas quedaron geniales!!!

  9. Saucisse et chorizo sont très réalistes!vous faites de bien belles miniatures pendant vos rencontres !
    Je ne vois pas le lien pour M Limor.
    A bientôt!

  10. How lucky you are to connect with a group of people with the same hobby and learn and make together the most wonderful miniatures :D! These sausages are so life-like and looks delicious! The small espadrilles are amazing work. I love the plates you've made, can't wait to see how they will be :D!
    Hugs, Ilona

  11. How nice to met other miniaturist

    Your gift, the meat, is wonderful made

    Kind regards Xandra

  12. No doubt, you're really enjoying a good time togehter at your miniaturist's meetings... and the espadrilles you made look stunning. This basket full of meat is one gift for sure - they look absolutely real! And I'm really looking forward to getting to know your fellow miniacs - and even more to seeing your finished plates.


  13. I am happy you are getting time to spend with other miniaturist friends! I wish we had something avaialble here.

    The basket of meats is wonderful and the shoes are fabulous Oh adding ceramics to your skills I cannot wait to see your beautiful flowers inside some beautiful homade vases!

  14. Incontrare amici che hanno la nostra stessa passione è bellissimo, sono molto felice per te! Il cesto che ti hanno regalato è bellissimo, complimenti all'autrice!

  15. Hello Dora
    looks like you ve had a lot of fun. The
    espandrilles looks fantastic. The
    .gift you get looks so real
    Enjoy it
    Greetings and a big hug

  16. It's fun to meet miniaturists friends. The basket is amazing and the shoes are very beautiful.

  17. Hallo Drora,
    es ist so schön sich mit anderen Gleichgesinnten auszutauschen, man sieht das ihr eine menge Spaß hattet die Schuhe sind Klasse.
    Ganz liebe Grüße Britta

  18. Hello Drora,
    What a talented group. I look forward to seeing their work and I also am looking forward to seeing your dishes.
    Big hug,

  19. What cute Espadrilles!!!! And The mini you got from the swap is as realistic as it could be!! You said you are waiting for the clay to dry before sanding, glaze and fire....fire in a kiln? Or fire in the oven?

  20. Wow the basket of meat looks fantastic and so real. I love the shoes. It looks like you are having fun at your meeting. I wish there was such a group here. I cant wait to see your dishes finished.
    Hugs Maria