Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Gifts from Jennifer

Hello again,

The celebrations continue.  I believe birthday gifts were invented to make us happy but they also serve
as compensation for getting a year older. Jennifer  absolutely spoiled me this year with her generous, thoughtful gifts.

All these delightful chocolate cake, cookies, frosting and chocolate bar are made by
Jennifer herself. Yummy! Yummy!  Is it true that eating chocolate makes your clothes shrink?

More items beautifully crafted by Jennifer.  I love these rubber gloves and the tiny sponge.
The towels and canisters are adorable as well as the cookie mold.

And I love this little house and fence scene.

Little rugs for 1:48" scale dollhouses.  I certainly shall use them. I have a commission for
two tiny dollhouses in a teabox.

A pram which will be upgraded. I love the duck. The pedestal is very elegant. (I am
going to install it in the painting gallery with some sculpture on top.)  Plant stems material for which
I am really grateful.

 No hole beads and nail decorations in glass jars.

Wow! THANK YOU SO MUCH DEAR JENNIFER.  I am so lucky to have your friendship.

15 pieces were selected for the exhibition.  I withdrew one of them, the paintings gallery, although it was the first one that caught the curator's eye.  She wanted to install lights in it and I'm sure it would have looked better, but I'm afraid the lights will cause the colors in the paintings to fade and decided to keep it home.
I love this box and I'll always be grateful to Ilona for helping me realize this work.

I'll show more very precious gifts from one of the loveliest bloggers in my next post.

Hugs and blessings to all my readers


  1. Me parecen preciosos todos esos regalos de Jennifer..Yo también tengo un pastel suyo que es una delicia

  2. Congratulions Drora and you have had beautiful presents

    Kind regards Xandra

  3. Милая Дрора!
    От всей души поздравляю с Днём рождения!
    Прекрасный подарок от Дженнифер!
    С наилучшими пожеланиями из России.

  4. Jennifer really spoiled you - but what else to expect from this lady who is as generous as lovely?! Enjoy all your beautiful gifts... and I'm very curious to see the commissioned tea box scene. It's a pity that the gallery won't go to the exhibition... it's such a beautiful piece of art and due to its theme especially interesting for this exhibition... but I can clearly understand your reasons and I think it was a good decision.


  5. Wow, what beautiful gifts you have received, Drora! Congratulations! I love your gallery and you are absolutely right about the light!
    Take care,

  6. what wonderful gifts from a lovely lady, I am sure you will work wonders on
    their placement The Gallery looks amazing! Hugs J t

  7. I'm so glad you like and can use the gifts I sent. I'm glad to hear that your birthday was a good one too. I'm so excited about your exhibition and glad you thought to protect your miniature paintings. xo Jennifer

  8. unos regalos preciosos , seguro que les sacaras mucho partido



  9. Felicidades por todos estos regalos. Disfrútalos mucho

  10. Hi Drora, Jennifer has spoiled you with so many and wonderful gifts, she is absolutely a generous, kind lady, enjoy it all!
    I read about the lights in the museum....for the paintings I made for you: it won't be wrong, because I used a matte varnish spray for those paintings, but I don't know about your other works of art. So I think it was a wise decision, dear friend! Enjoy your gifts!
    Hugs, Ilona

  11. Los regalos de Jennifer son maravillosos y tu sabrás utilizarlos muy bien. Y es cierto que el chocolate, encoge la ropa jajaja.
    Tu escena de la galería de arte está preciosa asi, sin luces. Y quedará estupenda en el lugar que la pongas.
    Un fuerte abrazo.

  12. Oh Drora you have not gotten older you have gotten better :) I know what you mean about loving a roombox I love my Baxter cabin and no one will ever take it from me either but I think I may put in a few lights they say LED's dont fade things so we will see.

    Happy Birthday Month :)


  13. Beautiful gifts! Enjoy them all! I am curious to see them used in your projects! :) Hugs

  14. Привет Drora!
    Какие прекрасные подарки! Дженнифер очень внимательная, талантливая и щедрая леди!
    Ваша галерея смотрится великолепно!

  15. Hi Drora! You certainly got some beautiful gifts from Jennifer! , with her skills you know you'll always get some gorgeous little things! The cakes are my favorite (as always!) and you're right, there is definitely a connection between yummy food and shrinking clothes!!
    Kind regards, Brian.

  16. Congratulations Drora!! The Jeniffer´s gifts are so cute! Hugs.

  17. Hello Drora,
    Congratulations on all the lovely birthday presents.
    Big hug,

  18. Beautiful gifts from one talented and generous lady to another ;-) I love the mini food..it looks delicious. The gallery is just magnificent. Hugs, Lisa

  19. Wonderful gifts from Jennifer; I like everything.
    The gallery is fabulous!

  20. Son unos regalos estupendos. Muchas felicidades Drora

  21. Bellissimo dono da Jennifer, molto generosa
    Un caro saluto.Manu!

  22. Well done on such beautiful gifts from one of the most beautiful persons in blogland!! Everything it's so darling and even more because some were made by her. Congratulations again in being chosen for the exhibition and for the fact that they chose so many items from you!!! Nice to know you are having a great time around your birthday with all these lovely gifts! Big hug

  23. Bellissimi i regali di Jennifer, ho ricevuto anche io la torta ed il cioccolato sono fantastici!!