Tiina's giveaway

Tiina's giveaway
31 Jan

יום שלישי, 23 באוגוסט 2016

Workshop with our local miniaturists

Finally we were able to meet again and this time I hosted the girls at my home.
As usual, some couldn't come, so we ended as seven members only.

4 girls brought along their campers from our previous workshop and we took photos.  All the campers are lovely. This is what's so nice about  working together.  We all do the same project but it ends up being very different.

Today we learned something completely new to many of us.  I'll show you
the new project in my next posts.

It was a very long day so this will be all to show now.

Hugs to all!

יום חמישי, 18 באוגוסט 2016

Artist Bob Moorehead

Sorry, this is the short cut to Bob Moorehead's link. Please ignore the link in my earlier today's post.


Hello dear readers,

This is my first attempt to make a chandelier from that decorative plastic flower pot container.  I used metal rings that I had in my stash but next time I'll buy finer rings and a chain specially for this task.

Apart from the chandelier here are more pieces, all of them from ONE pot only.

Fairy garden chairs and tables and a fairy garden harbor.  (There are still materials left over to make three more harbors.)

I wonder what else can be made, maybe a fairy coach??.... Any creative suggestions are welcome.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P8uI5NDMMiA - This is a link to artist Bob Moorehead's
impressive work with toothpicks which may interest you.

Blessing to you all.

יום שישי, 12 באוגוסט 2016


Hello dear readers

It's already August and too hot to do anything but sort out the piles of shells I collected.
The tiny ones I'll keep. The larger will be given to the Elderly Day Care Center.

I decoupaged some shells which turned out quite cute.

And this is what a small pile of shells looks like

These are the shells I use for decorating little boxes and mirrors.

These will be given away.

There were also tiny pebbles which I'll keep for future use to decorate chimneys, walls, etc.

Just to let you know their real size.I love their colors.

The sea can be very generous to miniaturists.

Something happened to my followers list.  It says UNFOLLOW.  Besides, the number of followers decreased and I am not sure who are the new followers, so I'll just say WELCOME and thank you.

I wish you all a wonderful, peaceful weekend and blessings.

יום שבת, 23 ביולי 2016

Fairy Chairs

Hello dear readers

Sometimes I feel I'm on an isolated island with my miniatures while crazy fanatics run around feeling
free to shoot and kill innocent people.  It's like a Russian roulette, you never know who and where the next victims will be.  I feel guilty in dealing with trivial things like making miniatures these days but devoting my time to make minis is an escape and  has a calming effect.

Remember that decorative plastic flower pot cover?  I managed to cut more fairy items out of it.

I wish you all a safe and calm Sunday and a wonderful summery week ahead.


יום שישי, 15 ביולי 2016

New Plant rack

Hello dear readers,

I was preparing this post very early in the morning, when I heard on the radio the shocking news about the murderous
attack on innocent civil people vacationing in Nice.

I was too shocked and forgot to change the heading. This is why, by mistake, the previous post got the same heading.

I made a plant rack and am going to show you how because the same method with a slight alteration can be used to make a garden or patio swing.

The materials are simple to find:

2 pairs wooden chop sticks (cut to length of about 15 cms)
6 lollipop sticks (for one 4 cm shelf and one 2 cm wide shelf.)
1 wooden barbecue stick
Glue ( I used tacky glue)
Paint of your choice

Let's pray for a quiet, peaceful weekend.  Blessings my dears

New plant rack

This is a sad day for France and all Humanity.  I pray for quick recovery for all the injured  and the bereaved families.

When will it all end?