Tiina's giveaway

Tiina's giveaway
31 Jan

יום חמישי, 27 באוקטובר 2016

Baalatova's potions shelves and table

Dear readers,

I'm afraid I became addicted to working with styrofoam.  Cutting it is effortless and the results are good.

This little shelves are made of styrofoam.  The legs are wooden beads from a bracelet which was a cheap find.


This other wooden shelves unit will be kept for another project.

Baalatova received great gifts from very dear and generous friends.  As soon as the house is
completed their names will appear.

Blessings to all of you

יום שישי, 21 באוקטובר 2016

The cats found a black shawl

Hello dear readers,

Since we last left the Skellies, there has been a very important turn of events.

Leona and  Felina were sent on a look out for Baalatova to see if she was coming their way.  Also to try and persuade her to  stop by and visit the Skellies.


Look Leona, there is something black and strange hanging down the tree in front?


We'll have to get nearer and see what it is.


I've never seen a thing like this.  We'd better go back and bring it to the Skellies to examine.

It's a shawl.  Ages ago I used to wear one like it on cool nights to keep me warm.

Skelly suddenly excited:

 How fortunate! Now we have a good excuse to make acquaintance with Baalatova.
 It must be cold roaming around at nights and a shawl to warm her up can be welcomed.    
 We shall send it to her with the cats.

The cats,  a little fearful,  approach Baalatova.


Hey Leona! I'm so relieved to see you again and happy that the terrible spell
did not last. Did you like the eye soup?

Leona :  Starts stuttering ......

Felina (Saves the situation):

We found this shawl hanging from a tree.  Would you like to have it?

Baalatova (Beams with pleasure):

Why!  This is my shawl.  I lost it together with my magic wand in that terrible flying- broom accident!  Oh how I missed it!
What can I do for you in return.  I see you are shaking.  Don't fear, I am not going to try any new tricks with the wrong wands.

Leona :

It is the Skellies you have to thank.  They asked us to bring  it to you.  If you like to thank them
personally, they are not far away from here.  We can show you the way.

Baalatova, after wearing the shawl feels comfortable and cozy and  in a compliant mood.

Oh well, lead on.

And this is how it happened that Baalatova will be coming to meet the Skellies on Halloween Day.

felina     , there is something strange hanging down from this tree.  Lets go and see what it is.

יום שלישי, 18 באוקטובר 2016

Working on the the witch's house

Dear readers,

Now it's October and the days are slipping away and, before you know it, Baalatova the witch will
reach her home.  I hate to think what spell she'll cast on me if she sees that her home is not ready yet.
She'll be right to be angry.  There was plenty of time to finish it while she was slowly limping home.

Let me show you what I managed to prepare lately.

A fireplace made out of food styrofoam tray.

A long low shelf made of another food syrofoam tray. The legs are wooden beads and skull beads.

The injuries Baalatova suffered from that terrible "flying broom" accident, will make it hard
for her to sleep in a hanging hammock.  I decided to build her a bedroom on the roof. Until it will
be ready, she can sleep on a mattress near the fireplace.

Blessings to all.

יום ראשון, 9 באוקטובר 2016

The Skellies' Tale continues

Hello dear readers,

Did you know that there is a great difference in time for skeletons and for the living.  A year long for us the living equals a week for the skeletons.

The Skellies are  frustrated. A "week"  has passed and no news from Leona and he friends.
Without the cats the Skellies have no link with what goes on in the living world around them.

At long last, Leona still a lizard, found the soup. Yick!! she found it so disgusting.  But was brave enough to take a sip.

Leona speeding back to the Skellies with some of the soup still stuck to her lips. She has turned back into her beautiful cat self and is very happy.

A happy reunion with the waiting Skellies.

Leona tells them about the nasty experience with Balaatova the ancient witch and her failure to turn her into a lovely Lioness.  She also complains about how revolting the magic soup was.

And as they stayed there all together, the issue about becoming ghosts came up.  Leona suggested
consulting Balaatova who was still limping but slowly approaching. The Skellies agreed it was a good idea.

If everything goes well the meeting will take place on Halloween. (to be continued.....)

For my new friends who have never read about the previous events poke here.

Blessings my friends and a happy creative week to all of you.

יום שישי, 30 בספטמבר 2016

Flowes in memory of one of the greatest figures in the recent history of our nation SHIMON PERES

Dear readers,

Today was a sad day.  We said goodbye to Shimon Peres, a  great man of vision, a man of peace, a former president and prime-minister, winner of the Nobel Prize for Peace.

In tribute to his memory here are  paper flowers I  created, most of them this week.

Monday next week we celebrate our New Year.  There will be two more holidays in October.  I
hope the weather will be fine and people will be able to go out and have fun.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend and blessings.

יום שישי, 23 בספטמבר 2016

Stone House Tutorial

Hello dear readers,

As promised, here is the tutorial.  I chose it as a Christmas gift to you, because these kind of stone
walled houses are what you see in Bethlehem, Nazareth, Jerusalem and other ancient cities in Israel. If you wish, there is enough time to create a Nativity scene using this technique.

First of all, please watch again very carefully the video here. It shows you exactly how to carve the styrofoam.

The sizes are in centimeters.


Styrofoam trays 0.5 cm thick.  Use only the center parts which are completely flat and unmarked.
Color not important. (My trays are 23 x 17.5 yielding a workable piece of about 15 x 10 centimeters.)

Tacky glue ( or any quick drying white plastic glue that dries clear).  You can try to glue two spare pieces of foam together to see if it works. My advice is to practice on spare pieces before taking on a project.

Acrylic paints.
Terracotta,  Flesh color and linen or beige.

Mod podge.  I don't have any at hand and will use diluted tacky glue to seal the pieces.

One wooden tongue depressor and one larger craft stick for window and door.

A little piece of brown fimo. Tiny bits of findings for door knob and hinges.


Cut out the center flat part of the tray. I used three.

Trim it to 15 x 10 to make the side walls, 3 cm each and the back 9 cm. Do not cut, you can start carving the three together, following the video tutorial above.

Now you can cut away the side walls from the back and cut out the triangle.

Take the second cut out piece of flat foam to make the front wall and the roof.

This is how to cut the ends of the roof tiles.

The third cut out is for the base. You can make a larger base for outdoor decoration.
This tutorial is for a simple cottage only.  After you acquire the skill you can make different
designed houses.

This is the door, windows and flower box. ( I prepared one more window as a spare) Cut the craft sticks to the desired size.  From the brown fimo you roll out a long snake and place it around the cut pieces.  Bake the door and window (not the foam flower boxes.) The foam will melt away if you bake it.

Paint all the walls the color of your choice and glue them together. First glue the side walls to the back as shown.

Next glue the door and window  to the front piece.

Glue the front to the back and to the base.

Glue on the roof.

To seal the house you'll need to use Mod Podge or diluted white plastic glue.
(One part glue, 2 parts water.)  Looks like like milk.

Paint the house all over with this mixture. Seems a little messy but not to worry if will dry out fine.

The finished house.  I hope this was not too long a tutorial and apologize for my not very eloquent
English.  I'll be happy to answer any questions.

I wish you all a wonderful sunny weekend and blessings.

יום שבת, 17 בספטמבר 2016

Home for a fairy

Hello dear readers,

A warm welcome to all  my new followers!

My attempt at making something out of the styrofoam tray had successful results.  I used three
23 x 17.5 cms trays to make this little house.  I wish I could find larger trays but am very grateful to my generous butcher who gave me the trays for free.  This project is simply a fantastic "trash to treasure" one. The possibilities of creating miniatures with this material are endless.  Fireplaces, gingerbread and other cakes, sand-castles, 1:48" dollhouses, etc. etc.

I added a door knob......

I was thinking about building another house with a step by step tutorial.  It is important to explain about the sealing and finishing touches.  I want to do this tutorial as a Christmas gift from me to all my followers.

I wish you all a lovely weekend and blessings.