Tiina's giveaway

Tiina's giveaway
31 Jan

יום שלישי, 28 ביוני 2016

Maria's gifts

Birthday gifts are always welcome, especially when they are from very special friends.  My dear
friend Maria from Ireland, sent me all these wonderful miniatures.

I am not a good photographer and the photos don't give enough credit to Maria's knitted and crocheted items.  I can only tell you they are lovely and well made.

Lovely pendants, two of them showing fairies.

Three fairies and a barn owl.

Very cute dragon eggs.

Lovely dresses and accessories.

The sweetest little baby boy completely dressed with bottle and blanket. In blue, my favorite color.

A wood framed wall clock and mirror. I'll have to check if it can be installed in my
camper.  It looks perfect for a marine setting.

I can find many uses for these pieces.

Couldn't wait to dress this rubber eraser doll with two of Maria's sweet little dresses.

Among other gifts received from my family, was this pot of African Violets.  It's still flowering
after almost a month.  It inspired me to make a tiny copy which you can see bellow.


Blessings to all my dear readers.

יום חמישי, 23 ביוני 2016

A tiny fairy garden in a Fererro Rocher box

This is a gift I created for a little beloved girl named Moon.  Moon loves fairy stories and recently started ballet classes.  I used a clear, transparent Fererro Rocher box to display the little scene and
protect it from dust.

The background is a piece of card on which I painted the sky.  The walls surrounding the door are
made of egg carton stones.  The door is a piece of a large craft stick.  The magic flowers are air drying clay which shrinks about 30% while drying.  Good for making very tiny flowers.

Inside the box

The path is made of very small sea shells.

The fairy is originally a cake decoration piece which I upgraded and added wings to. She is very graceful.

The bird bath is a sea shell glued to a piece of  a cut plastic chess figure. Water in the shell is melted glue.

A warm welcome to my new follower Victoria.  Thank you for reading my blog.

Blessings to you all

יום ראשון, 19 ביוני 2016

A bird bath for the fairy's garden

Hello dear readers,

Today I'll show you the little bird bath I made for the fairy garden.  It will be part of the little scene I work on as a gift.

A short post today.  Just to say I'm still here and working.

Blessings to all my dear readers.

יום רביעי, 15 ביוני 2016

For the fairies' gardens

Hello all

I caught the "fairy garden bug".  Be careful, it's catching.

Remember the ornamental plastic flower pot I wrote about two posts ago?  I had lots of plans
for it.  here is one - a fairy garden harbor.

I used matches and toothpicks.  The flowers are DIY cold porcelaine flay and paper leaves.

The cut out pieces had to be flattened.  I put them between wet layers of fabric and used
a very hot iron to flatten them.  It worked.

The days became  hot again.  I hate to think what could be if we had no A/C. I stay a lot indoors
when it's hot.  It's the best time for working on my miniatures.

A warm welcome to my new follower, Jenni Lowcock.  Thank you for following this blog.

Blessings to all my readers.

יום שישי, 10 ביוני 2016

Tatiana's gifts

Hello all,

Sorry to have neglected my blog for the last few weeks.  Real life took over.  I am with you again and want to share with you photos of exquisite miniatures created by one of our most talented miniatures artist, Tatiana, whom I am very lucky and proud to have as my very dear friend.

I received these beautiful treasures for my birthday, celebrated a week ago.

A tiny-tiny dollhouse.  It is impossible to take a good photo of the indoor.  There is a kitchen range inside the fireplace.  There is a sink unit with nano-mini jars and containers.  There is a glazed window with curtains. It really is fully equipped and AWESOME!!!!

Eggs in a mini egg carton.  Such a perfect miniature.....

My dollhouse dwellers will never go hungry.

And the little ladies will be envied.

THANK YOU MY DEAR FRIEND!!! I love your gifts.  They are real treasures which I'll cherish.

I haven't been completely idle.  Made some more fairies and accessories which I'll post about very

It is very difficult to organize a workshop day with our local miniaturists.  We live so far away from each other. in different towns.  The next meeting -  after a lot of postponing - is scheduled for end of August.

I wish you a wonderful weekend and blessings.

יום חמישי, 12 במאי 2016


Hello dear readers

One of my little offsprings adores fairy tales and  fairies.  She also started
taking ballet classes. I was looking for little fairy dolls for her but couldn't find any. Instead, I found
these tiny ballet dancers figures.  I made their wings and now they became officially dancing fairies.

Baalatova the ancient witch is very eager to meet the fairies.  She's trying to find means of
communication with them and hopes that the fairies, being able to fly around, will also be able to find her magic wand for her. The cats, because of their early bad experience won't come within an
inch close to her, except Leona who is equally eager for Baalatova to find her magic wand and change her back to the magnificent cat she was. (Readers who are not familiar with the story, poke here.} What Baalatova does not know is that the fairies are within reach.  She only has to limp forward a few steps and find them.

Shortly we shall all know if and how the fairies were able to help.

In Israel we are celebrating our 68 Independence Day! Festivities which began last night are still
continuing.  The day is beautiful and sunny, sending people outdoors for picnics and to the beaches
for swims and sun bathing.

A warm welcome to Carol.  (Carol's blog is full of little treasures for you to see and get inspired.) Thank you Carol for following my blog.

I wish you a wonderful weekend and blessings!

And a warm welcome to my new follower

יום שישי, 29 באפריל 2016

Dear readers,

Days before Passover,  nearly every home here in Israel was spring cleaned to be ready for this Holy Day. My entire family gathered for the "Seder" tradition last Saturday's eve and small gifts were passed around to all the children. It was a wonderful event, especially since my husband was able to attend and enjoy.

While shopping for gifts I found, at the "One Shekel store",  decorative white  plastic plant pot containers which I thought would serve for keeping pencils or paint brushes on my work table. Looking at them, I realized that parts can be cut out to make  miniatures.

Two circles were cut out

The circles were flattened with a hot iron between two layers of aluminum sheet. Later I'll be able to show you what can be done with them and maybe with what is left of the holder.
At the next local miniaturists meeting, which will be my turn to host, I intend to give each of the
participants a pot container with a challenge to make minis from it and show the results on our WhatsApp.

An Israeli Shekel is around 25 US cents. The One Shekel stores here are indeed a cheap source of endless miniature craft supplies.

At the same store I also found one last packet of white plastic chess pieces.  These have many uses. Here are some of my ideas of what can be done with the pieces which are easy to cut.

Fountain to be......

Bird bath to be.....

Book ends to be.....

Today ends our Passover holiday.  We'll be missing the children who gave us lots of joy and fun while they were here, but they have to get back to school and their parent back to work.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend and blessings.