יום ראשון, 20 בינואר 2019

First 2019 Project - Some Steps Forwards

Hello dear readers,

With help from Elizabeth in finding the link, a video clip showing how to assemble the same as my kit, I find it very easy to sort out this Chinese puzzle. One of the best things in Blogland is having friends to help you.  Thanks again Elizabeth.

I started assembling the pieces of furniture.  Most of them, but two, were a piece of cake.

Had to change the tiny table's original leg.  It was impossible to glue it to the top and bottom.
Luckily I found paint in my stash with a similar color.  It's going to be covered with a tablecloth so the slight difference in colors won't be noticed.

Using wooden beads thread on a wooden toothpick and one big plastic bead, I was able to glue and stabilize the little table.

It is a 1/24" (Half size project).  Not every item is this scale.  On the left, you can see one of the chairs I make in 1/12" beside the cute chair which came with the kit.

Here are the two chairs from the kit, each a completely different scale.

There is one piece, yet to be finished, which simply doesn't want to stay fixed.  I'll have to find a
stronger glue with a quicker grip than my usual tacky glue.

Tiny ornaments are no problem they only take time and patience.

There are many tricks and hints in the video.  I recommend everyone, even those who don't have a kit to assemble, to watch it. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KKQzd9vQnIc)

A warm welcome to my new followers.  Thank you for following.

Have a wonderful rest of the week with blessings.

יום שלישי, 15 בינואר 2019

My first 2019 project

Hello dear readers

It is good to have pending projects waiting to be finished.  It assures you of not having to care about being workless at any time.  While The flower shop and a bygone days' Laundry scene are on the waiting list, I'm trying to assemble something that looks like a conservatory from a kit ordered by mail.
To my disappointment, all the instructions are in very clear Chinese. I had to stop myself cursing, as I didn't want Solly to learn new Hebrew bad words.  Assembling this kit will be a real challenge and will probably try out my patience.

And here, because I didn't want Solly to see my reaction, is where I decided to send him to rest on Baalatova's hammock. She allows Solly to enjoy himself in her garden while she's busy concocting her potions.  In fact, the Skellies are getting jealous, as Solly is the only one privileged to use the hammock.

I suppose this page instructs you how to install the electricity.  HELP!!

Hope to be able to show more soon.

Blessings and happy crafting to all my friends and readers.

יום רביעי, 2 בינואר 2019

Christmas 2018 Gifts (Part 3)

Hello dear readers,

Before I'll start posting about my new project for 2019, I want to show more gifts sent by two very generous and lovable blog friends.

From Jodi

Dear Jodi, look who is grateful and sends you special thanks for the honey and tea.

And here is the sly witch coveting the books, saying that she needs to write down new important articles about raising baby dragons.  The cute birdhouse she says she wants in her garden.  According to her, birdhouses should be outdoors,  the chicks inside to be protected from predators,
especially cats.


From Maria, my dear blog friend for almost 8 years.  These gifts will be very useful for my future projects.  The tiny dolls will look good in card boxes on a toy shop shelf.  The boat by a beach souvenir selling booth.  The bunny and duckling in an Easter scene......


I wish you all a marvelous start of the new year and look forward to seeing more of your fantastic works.  Blessings.

יום שני, 31 בדצמבר 2018

Happy New Year 2019

Hello dear readers,

This is a short post, just to wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!

The prayers and wishes are in this link Auld Lang Syne

Blessings and a hug to all of you

יום שני, 24 בדצמבר 2018

Christmas 2018 Gifts (part 2)

Hello again

I'm blessed. Amazing gifts keep coming, this time from a very gifted artist, a wonderful friend. Anyone who follows her blog will agree with me that her work is superb. Tatiana.

Here are some examples:

I love, love, love the mandrake.

The apples are simply beautiful. I love the woven basket.

Trust Baalatova to pop up and claim the best.

What a relief that she doesn't want to change her style of black clothes and leaves me free to
choose where to use this very elegant set of handbag and hat.

A very well made toy.  Each ring can be separated.

A lovely collection of trinkets.

Some plastic beads which look like frosted glass.  I already have plans for them.

Lovely ornaments for a Christmas scene.

Even the box which contained all these treasures is beautiful.


Here is an example of one of my plans for the "frosted glass" beads

Dessert bowls

Glue one tiny bell to a sequin and glue the bead inside the bell. (Can also serve as a candle holder)

Wishing you all a marvelous Christmas Eve with lots of presents to open and treasure.
Have fun!  Blessings and hugs!

יום שבת, 22 בדצמבר 2018

Christmas 2018 Gifts

Hello dear readers

The gifts keep arriving and I'm the happiest blogger to have some of the most gifted artist friends who send them them to me.

I just cannot help showing and sharing what recently arrived.

From Nina in Germany. Nina writes adorable stories about a Sylvanian community and illustrates them with lovely scenes from her large collections of Sylvanian miniatures.

A wonderful handmade card, and an assortment of chocolates (Long gone and missed).

3 sunny pumpkins.

You can rely on Baalatova to be there when something inside a new parcel is interesting. She knew
the handmade by Nina pumpkins were meant for her garden and came to claim them.

And the tray with the yummiest cakes and chocolate drink was also made by Nina.  I love the blue and white tea set.

The Italian soap bar and bag made by Nina, now adorns, perfumes and refreshes the guest's bathroom


Yesterday a parcel arrived from Ukraine containing awesome handmade gifts.
As soon as I'll take photos, they will be shown here.

There are already 22 great tutorials on the Spanish Advent Calendar.  If you find some difficult to understand, I'll be ready to explain or translate them to you. Just ask.

I wish you all a wonderful Sunday with blessings.

יום ראשון, 16 בדצמבר 2018

My name is Soleil but my friends call me Solly.

Dear Readers,

My wonderful and super generous friend from Germany Birgit sent me a parcel, which this year arrived before expected.  The impatient Baalatova urged me to open it right on spot and can you imagine my joy and happiness when out came adorable sunny Solly! Even the haughty, hard to satisfy, Baalatova melted at the sight of him.  She befriended him right away and led to show him her home and garden and to meet her little dragons and cat.

Solly will be my guardian angel bear and faithful companion.  He will stay on my work table and watch my work and from time to time write to his brother and sister Fluby and Rosey to let them know how he spends his time here in Israel.

A huge thank you to dear Birgit for the magnificent gift of

Together with Solly, in the large box, came more lovely gifts. The beautiful 2019 Calendar, a lovely handwritten Christmas card, a box of delicious marzipans, tiny wooden houses and trees,  potion jars and trinkets.....

Thank you again, my dear friend, for all your very generous, thoughtful gifts and especially for your friendship.

A warm welcome to my new followers with Blessings to all my readers and friends.