Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

יום רביעי, 29 ביולי 2020

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Hello dear friends,

First of all, I hereby want to thank each of you for your kind words of condolences. It meant so much to know that I have friends who care.

My two wonderfully talented friends, here in Israel, Sarit Eshed https://www.facebook.com/sarit.eshed, and Goldie Hollander https://www.facebook.com/mini2love/  decided it was time to bring me out of my moody sadness and start working again.  Yesterday we met at Goldie's new apartment in Tel-Aviv.
Goldie's new studio was constructed exactly in accordance with miniature work requirements. Perhaps now that I'm alone I'll ask Goldie to help me plan a studio and save my kitchen for cooking and baking purposes only.

We began making a BookNook each, using styrofoam boards.  We did not accomplish much. On arrival, Goldie took us on a guided tour to see the apartment and the special one entire-wall glass cabinet which held a large collection of dollhouses and rooms. Only after we had a coffee break we started working 

Each BookNook is a different size. Calculating the different measurements, cutting-up the walls, and other parts took up most of the time before lunch. There was so much to talk about.  Both girls insisted I was too skinny and started feeding me with everything on sight, cookies, fruit, lunch, and drinks.

The next meeting will be here, at my home. 

Before we left, Goldie presented each of us with a little matchbox-sized COVID-19 gift which she made herself.

Welcome to my new followers and thank you again all my dear readers.  Blessings!


יום שישי, 26 ביוני 2020


Hello dear readers,

Today I lost my beloved husband.  Our daughters and I, and the entire family are in deep grief.
I feel as if part of me has passed away together with my loved one.  He was my love, my partner, my supporter, and most of all my best friend.  We had a wonderful marriage and I'm grateful for the time we were together.  May he rest in peace.

I am not sure when I'll be able to post again but I am sure I will.

Best regards

יום שלישי, 16 ביוני 2020

Vignette No 3 completed

Hello dear readers,

I'm getting carried away with vignettes.  This one took longer to make than the other two. In addition to the grill, I made a set of two garden chairs and a little table using staff from my stash
 I shrunk my "easy garden chair" tutorial (here ) from 1/12" to 1/48" for making the chairs, using embroidery canvas instead
The table is a wooden long bead cut in half with a tiny wooden disk glued on top.

The false door and window are glued on.

It's necessary to paint the frames.  They are not all the same color and some are scratches as you can see in the photo.  I haven't done any shopping yet but already the craft shops are open so I intend to buy some chalk paint, maybe white will look good.

I didn't show you the second vignette after I added a little bush for the bunnies to play under.

There are frames for two more vignettes.  I can't decide yet what to put in them.  Shall I have all five with outdoor scenes, perhaps a porch, or a potting shed?  Maybe I'll group 4 to hang as a square on the wall. There's time enough for decisions.

I wish you, dear readers, safety and good health with blessings.

יום שישי, 12 ביוני 2020

Eloisa's Gifts

Hello dear readers,

Two and a half months ago, dear Eloisa sent me by mail a parcel containing her beautiful, handcrafted gifts.  Eloisa wanted it to be a surprise but my Israeli post services prevented the surprise by holding-on to the parcel and keeping it in who-knows-where until today. This is a happy ending to a most anxious, nerve stretching episode. To think of what almost might have been lost makes me want to cry.  Eloisa's work is gorgeous! I wish my photos justified the true beauty of the items.

It's difficult to see how tiny but perfect the snowman actually is.

The bottles are beautifully labeled with lovely stoppers. The heart-shaped bottle is my favorite. It has a lovely transparent stopper. The Eiffel tower candle holder is just perfect, what a great idea!

This photo absolutely doesn't justify the real way and colors of the items. 

I've seen the flowers before on Eloisa's blog, but I never imagined how gorgeous they are. They are way too delicate for my iPhone camera to catch. 


Today, for me turned out to be my lucky one. It was our turn to visit my husband for half an hour. The people whose visit was after us didn't arrive and we could stay on for the whole hour.  We met in the garden and although we had to keep a distance between us and wear face masks, it was still lovely to be together.

I wish you, dear readers, a lovely weekend.  Stay safe and healthy!

יום שבת, 6 ביוני 2020

Starting vignette No.3 and furnishing the tiny dollhous

Hello dear readers,

I hope everyone is still on guard and takes good care in order to keep safe and healthy.

If I mislead anyone, with my imperfect English, about the Cricut warning, let me make it clear, the Circuit wasn't mine. I just passed on the words of a fellow miniaturist who went through this ordeal. Personally, if I had a Cricut, I'd unplug it when not in use, just to be on the safe side.

The box for the third vignette was easy to make.  I already made the grill and found the little cook in my stash, so I'll just make a barbecue scene again and have a third outdoor vignette.

The cook is a little magnet. The grill is a tiny wooden box that I made from popsicle sticks, covered with a plastic net from potatoes packaging.  The legs are paper clips. I glued all together and covered with black acrylic paint. It's quite sturdy.  Fell on the floor and didn't break.

There is still to make the food on the grill.

This is as it looks now. But soon it will get a door and window, and plants and flowers.  I hope it will look good.


I didn't neglect the tiny dollhouse and already started the fiddly work on its interior.  Made curtains (they still need rods.) and divided it into two floors.  The ground one will be the kitchen and living room. The top floor will be a bedroom and a bathroom. The bathroom is almost finished it only needs a rug a towel and a basket for the laundry.

It's exactly a matchbox size.

I am getting used to the new Blogger. The layout hasn't changed but I don't very much like the way I cannot see the photos before inserting them in the post.  I liked it better before.

Of all the COVID-19 jokes I read this one is the only one I quote.
"With all this spare time on their hands, people are going to start pursuing their passions. I wouldn't be surprised to sudden explosions in the arts, a renewal in scientific interest and mass proliferation of original content.
A Coroneissance, if you will."

I wish you all a pleasant Sunday with blessings.

יום שבת, 30 במאי 2020

Second vignette completed

Hello dear readers,  I hope you are all safe and healthy, taking care of yourselves.

As you probably know, Blogger is changing or updating the blogging program.  As from June 20, 2020 we shall all have to use the new Blogger. I'm already using the New Blogger for this post. Until now, I think I successfully uploaded photos and edited a draft.  There is still a lot to learn. (links, layouts, etc.)

Here are a few photos of my second "Corona" finished vignette.  I'm not so sure about the bunnies. What do you think, shall I take them out and put a few bushes instead?

Birdbath parts

Warning about Cricut

I copied this from a member of one of my F/B groups. I know some of you use Cricut and some intend to purchase and use it in the future. The person I copied it from, asks to please spread the word.
"The fire investigator asked us to notify anyone we knew with a Cricut machine. If you own a Cricut machine please keep it unplugged when not in use. Mine was plugged in, on and NOT in use when the fire started. We are not the first people whose Cricut started a fire.
We are out of our home for 8+months. It’s a complete gut. Just unplug the damn machine! Here’s a before and after picture. We bought the Cricut explore air 2 on May 13, 2019 brand new.
EDIT: initially the fire marshal thought it was the extension cord. HOWEVER, the Fire Investigator said it was the Cricut. Please be kind & don’t comment mean things, no need to be nasty to me about it. I’m just spreading the word. I never thought to unplug my devices.


I have had a bit of struggle with this new program, especially upon uploading the photos. I hope
my next post will be easier.

Have a peaceful, healthy weekend with blessings, my dear friends.

יום שלישי, 26 במאי 2020

My second "Corona" vignette, and a dollhouse for the dollhouse

Hello dear readers,

I hope everyone is well. Here, we have fewer new cases of the virus each day and hopefully it will continue this way.

Making the second box was a lot easier. It sits perfectly in the frame. As to the scene itself, this was a problem. I wanted it to have something in common with the first one but except for doing another barbecue I had no idea for an outdoor theme. It started as a barbecue scene, I even made a tiny grill from bits of wood and legs from paper clips. but slowly as I was working, new ideas kept jumping up and it is changing into a "secret, enchanted garden".  It is taking me longer to finish, as it needs lots of time-consuming flowers but very soon it will be completed. 

The walls are from a disposable styrofoam plate. The ground is a green-dyed thin soft foam sheet. The gate is from 2 pieces of metal embellishments.

Remember the little wooden laser cut house? I bought a parcel containing 18 pieces, 6 shapes 3 pieces each., intending to turn them into tiny dollhouses for the 1/12" dollhouse.
I cannot see myself doing 18 tiny dollhouses but at least I'll see what can be done with each shape.

This one is my first tiny dollhouse.

There is still to make indoor rooms and maybe some teeny-tiny bits of furniture.

The house measures 5.5X3,5 cm.

The first one on the top left side of the photo was used in my previous vignette. The second one, 3rd on the top of the photo is what this dollhouse is made from.