Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

יום שבת, 27 בנובמבר 2021

Gifts from Spain

 Hello dear friends,

It's amazing how time flies away so fast. It's almost the end of November and this is probably going to be my one and only post this month. It's not because I've been lazy, on the contrary, I'm kept fully occupied at the Day Center three days a week now and find it worth my while. 

Last week a parcel received from a most generous person in Blogland, Ricardo, arrived just in time for our Hannukka holidays which start the day after tomorrow, on Sunday, 28 November.  Surprisingly among the wonderful contents are Hannukka items made especially for me. I'm overwhelmed with emotion imagining how thoughtful and considerate Ricardo was in taking the time to investigate our traditions and make something out of the way just for me.

Dear Ricardo. it was a very sad day for me when I heard that Montserrat Caballe passed away.  I loved listening to her amazing voice.  She was one of the greatest opera singers in the world and I'm pleased to see that Montserrat is commemorated with stamps in her memory.

When it comes to shrinking books and packages Ricardo is the specialist.  

Hannukkah items, especially made for me.  The original box must have held 44 candles to last all eight nights of this holiday.

Thank you, dear Ricardo, for your wonderful gifts and, above all for including me as your friend.

The ladies at the Day Center prefer knitting instead of creating miniatures.  I now fully realize how blessed I am to have a good sight and steady hands which enable me to continue crafting at my age.  It's something that I took for granted before.  The two days I volunteered for turned out to be three but believe me I am very happy to be there.  The new favorite neck warmers we made are all sold out.  

My youngest, 3 years old, adorable great-grandchild is happy with the new bunny neckwarmer that I made for her.

We still have one hour for miniature every Tuesday.  I showed how to make planters from egg-carton.  The planters turned out fairly good for beginners.  Next Tuesday I'll show them how to make the plants.

I wish you all a lovely weekend to enjoy and blessings. 

יום שישי, 29 באוקטובר 2021

Baalatova's new corner table.

Hello dear readers,

It's Halloween and time for the witchy spirit.

Baalatova finally managed, with a lot of effort and magic, to precede and shorten the long waiting queue for the entrance to the Ghost Academy for Skeletones.  Since the Skellies left for their training, she has not heard anything from them.  She misses them and is sad and moody.

Solly the little angel bear with the kindest of hearts, tried to console her by suggesting that a new piece of furniture for her potions concoctions may brighten her mood.  Which led up to Baalatova demanding that I quickly create a corner table for her potions. She can do it herself by a clap of her hands and some magic words, but prefers to give the task to me.

In order not to disappoint the kind hearted little Solly, I used what I had at hand to create the table:

Two pizza separating triangle tables; a crochet chain about 17 cm long; a piece of cardboard; acrylic paint; 3 metal skeleton heads; and tacky glue.


Before I glued the two tables' surfaces together I drew a line around one surface on the cardboard.  

I cut two cardboard templates and glued them together.  Later on, after gluing the crochet chain around
it, it was glued on the top legs of the structure.  (See photo below.)

After I glued a skeleton head on each leg, I painted overall with acrylic light brown.

Baalatova came to inspect and seems rather pleased.

Here she is. Inspecting the table from another angle.  Solly also looks satisfied that his plan came together.

My friend Birgit, who created Solly, sent me, a long time ago, all the potion bottles which are on the table.  They are all made by Birgit herself. Thank you again dear Birgit. This post is a tribute to Birgit, which we all hope to see back soon in Blogsphere.

I wish you, my dear readers, a lovely weekend with blessings.


יום שלישי, 12 באוקטובר 2021

Third Zen garden vignette completed

 Hello dear readers

The third and last of the trio Zen vignettes is ready to be displayed.  It is very hard to catch a serenity air in the very small space given.  I learned that to do so, the fewer items in the garden are best.  

For a clearer picture, photos are without the plexiglass.

These three photos from the internet were my inspiration.

Dear readers,  one can never know what surprises the future holds for him.  Suddenly, at the age of 90 I became a knitting instructor, For at least 30 years I didn't hold a knitting needle and now I am teaching the folks at the daycare center to knit special neck warmers.  To do so, I surfed the internet saw samples, translated the instructions into Hebrew, and knitted the first samples myself.  The first ones are already being knitted by very enthusiastic ladies. The center provides the wool, the ladies knit the items. If they want to keep an item they only pay the cost of the wool.  Items that are not bought by the knitters are sold on a Bazaar at higher prices to cover the cost of the other craft materials.

This is the one I knitted myself for my 12 years old great-granddaughter.

I am now knitting the sample from the photo below.   Next, I'll teach knitting beanie hats to go with the neckwarmers.


I hope this post didn't bore you too much and wish you wonderful cool autumn days with blessings.

יום שני, 20 בספטמבר 2021

My second miniature ZEN garden vignette

 Hello dear readers,

This is the second of my three Zen miniature gardens vignettes.  It was fun making it.  The little Buddha is one of four Buddhas sculptures all of them gifted to me by my generous friend, Birgit.

Zen gardens, if they are cluttered up with too many items lose their air of serenity.  

I made this Moon-Gate from saved stems of bunches of grapes.  The bushes on the sides of the gate are from stems of dry baby breath flowers, with teeny-tiny rose-colored paper flowers glued on.  The "grass" ground is a thin piece of green painted foam.  To soften the old stems (twigs) I boiled them in water for a few minutes, when cooled down but still moist, wrapped them around a small glass pill container. These are good for small door wreaths as well.


"Stone" figures:  Buddha, a gift from  Birgit.  Angels candle holder, a gift from Rosa Maria. The small rock, made from styrofoam.

Plastic chess pieces make great mini pedestals.  They are easily cut and painted.

I wonder if Rosa Maria's angels look better as a fire-pit on the ground than on the pedestal. I'd love to know what you think about it. They can always go back on the pedestal. I made the box so that it can come in and out of the frame.  Here it is without the "glass" so that the inside is clear to the view.

The third Zen vignette is on its way now.  I have to start crafting Christmas and Hanukka gifts if I want them to arrive in time for my friends overseas.  Our post service is completely unpredictable, sometimes it takes a parcel to arrive at its destination longer than two months while another, posted at the same time takes only three weeks. 

The days are shorter but still hot here, the nights are cooler and it's a big relief.  I hope you enjoy cooler autumn days overseas.

I wish all my readers a pleasant and enjoyable weekend with blessings.

יום שבת, 4 בספטמבר 2021

New gifts from Germany

Hello dear readers

It's already September. According to the calendar days should be cooler but summer decided otherwise and the days are still hot and humid.  I believe I'm not the only one who takes things slowly and easy and this is why I cannot show you much of my work.  

I was more than delighted to have received, early this week a parcel, containing incredible gifts. from my friend Birgit, who is one of the most generous persons in my blog circle.  Baalatova the witch, and Solly (Solly was handcrafted by Birgit herself) arrive to inspect the contents of the parcel, giving instructions as to how to open it without causing damage to the goods inside.

Baalatova:  Come along Solly, we can go home now.  I took this little dragon and there is nothing more for me here. 

Solly:   I'm staying.  I want to see everything my Birgit sent, especially if there are photos of my sister Rosey and my brother Flutterby.

                                                             Hi Rosey! I missed you.                                                                                                           

                                                       Wow! Three Buddhas!!!             

A Reutter soup set! How elegant. Now I can sip my soup like royalty.

I have to ask Baalatova if she can make lobster soup/

No doubt some of these frames can be turned into vanity trays. Have to give Drora the idea.  It's good that I didn't go away with Baalatova, I nearly missed this photo of Flutterby behind me.

                           Hi, Flutterby! I missed you.   Marzipan!!!!!  How yummy!                   



                                      Laser cuts!  Drora will know what to do with these.                     



Dear Birgit,  I haven't enough words (In English) to express my gratitude. The gifts are beautiful and your friendship is the best of all.

I wish all my dear readers a pleasant, enjoyable weekend with blessings.

יום שישי, 20 באוגוסט 2021

No-clay miniature Chlorophytum succulent plant tutorial

Hello dear readers,

The bad news is that I have to stay home in quarantine until Wednesday next week because unknowingly I've been in contact with two persons who are diagnosed with Corona.  The good news is that I feel all right and am waiting for a Corona test right here at home. If negative, I'll be able to be free again to go out in the company of friends and family.

There was plenty of time to read books, see television, listen to music, and make plans for easy-to-make miniatures.  

In my stash. was a large packet of multicolored micro-foam balls.  I bought it last year with the intention of making "Floam" with my younger great-grandchildren.  One of my favorite succulent plants is the string of pearls (Chlorophytum).  I picked up the green balls and just glued them to a green sewing thread.  Ta-dam!

The pedestal is a huge glass bead with a punched-out paper card top.  Actually, I planned to use them for macrame.  I may still do so in the future. 

I experimented with one of the seeds in my pot puree bowl.  I just trimmed it with nail scissors.  I hope it looks like a cactus.  It will save the ladies at the center a lot of work.

I'm still working on my Zen vignettes.  Finished two more wooden boxes for the frames but nothing to show yet.

And here is something that touched my heart. In my country, it is not permitted to cut down a grown tree even if it is in your own garden.  You have to get a special permit, only if it is absolutely necessary.

I wish you, dear readers, a lovely weekend with blessings.

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יום שבת, 7 באוגוסט 2021

First Zen garden vignette complete

 Hello dear readers,

Here is the first completed vignette out of a three Zen gardens project. My dear friend Birgit sent me the little Buddha as well as other items, all parts of her 2020 Christmas gifts.

Complete with perspex "glass".  

Without glass.  I hope to have captured a serenity atmosphere.  Below, you can see the stages of how the scene was planned.


The tree is made from electrical copper wires covered with masking tape.  The foliage is also part of Birgit's Christmas gifts.


The Japanese "stone" lantern is made from beads and bits.  (See photo below.) The wooden spool is also a part of Birgit's Christmas gifts.

I made another version of the "stone" lantern but it resulted too large for the vignette.  I'll probably use it in another larger picture frame.

The box inside the frame measures in centimeters 12 width x 8.5 length x 3.5 depth.  The frame is 15 x 11.

I sincerely hope your summer is cooler than ours. It's melting hot outside.  At least I have a good air-conditioner which enables me to keep working on my minis.

Dear readers, I wish you all a lovely restful weekend with blessings.