יום שני, 21 ביולי 2014

The Jaffa Museum

Hello dear readers

Yesterday my daughter helped me take the miniatures over to the museum.
In my last post I wrote that the mini-art exposition is to replace the dolls but when
we arrived some of the dolls were still there as most of their owners from all over the country
couldn't come to collect them because of the fights in Gasa and the rockets alarms.
We were amazed to discover what a stunning exposition of dolls.  These were not
antiques as I mistakenly thought and wrote.  All were artistically hand made and very beautiful.

The mini-art exposition, due to circumstances, will be postponed and the opening take place
on August 8.  I had to leave everything packed in storage there.

Nilly took a few photos with her Iphone  We didn't take a camera along believing the place
will be empty.

The building itself is very old and the show rooms are stunning.

 I chose to show you these very cute and humorous works.  These are not dollhouse size miniatures.
 I really regret it that we didn't go to see this exposition when it was going on.

A warm welcome to my new follower Angelina .  Thank you for following.   Dear Angelina, please contact me at my email address drorahed@gmail.com.

We are praying and wishing for peace and cease fire on both sides stop the killings on both sides.

Blessings to all

יום שלישי, 15 ביולי 2014

Carmen's giveaway win

Hello dear readers,

This sweet baby is Carmen's giveaway gift.  It arrived  at my door by our very friendly post lady.
Carmen also hooked the beautiful rug.  Carmen is one of the most generous bloggers who crafts and gives away frequently, beautiful miniatures that she creates.  This is the second time I was lucky to win and
cherish some of Carmen's creations.

Thank you dear Carmen. I am very happy with your lovely gifts.

Between alarm sirens and short stays in a sheltered area,  I am still cleaning and fixing the pieces
destined for the exposition.  Next Sunday is the time to take them over to the Museum.  By the
way, this mini-art show will replace the present exposition of antique dolls which was a great

This stall was built by me.  I used real leather for the handbags and belts and some raffia for the straw bags.

I am sure I showed you before this little 1/48" scale dollhouse in a tea box.  It goes to
the exposition.  Except for the bathroom and a few pieces in the dinning room, I made
everything, using craft sticks, beads, nail decoration and matches. The wallpaper is from
the internet.

There are two more pieces to be finished, a fruit stand and an antique stand.

I have to pack everything carefully.  I already collected some carton crates for that purpose.

I hope that by my next post there will be a cease fire and peace, for who knows how long, for both parts.

Blessings to all

יום שישי, 11 ביולי 2014

Working with sea shells again

Hello dear readers,

Between working on the shop fronts and the market stands, I managed to make a few swap items. There
were tiny seashells in my stock waiting for me to do something about them.

The shop fronts are ready for the exposition.  It's only left to pack them carefully.

I was not happy with the lettering on the Jeweler's shop and changed it.  I think it looks better now.

Here are the two shops which I did not show you in my last post.

All the clocks, except the grandfather's clock were made by me.

I made the bead bags (First try) and the bead curtain.

Now I have a whole week to clean and make a few changes for the market stands.

I hate to write about our political situation, just want to let you know that we are safe in
our home.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend and blessings.

יום שלישי, 8 ביולי 2014

Preparing for the exhibition

Hello dear readers

Among the 15 pieces elected for the exhibition, are 5 of my shop facades.  I created these shop windows so that they can either be hung on a wall or stand on a shelf.  They are already several years old and required thorough cleaning.
I had to replace the transparent window "glass" of the tailor equipment shop which turned yellow with age. This was more complicated than making a new box.  Some of the stones broke down.  Fortunately I saved

I have to replace two more windows and I really hate doing it.  Will show them to you when I finish the job.

The potter and jeweler shops only had to be cleaned up.

I am impatient to start assembling Simona house but have to work on the boxes that go to the exposition
first as well as make a few gifts for friends.

A warm welcome to my new follower Oleg

Blessings to all of you.

יום שלישי, 1 ביולי 2014

A Special Giveaway

Hello dear readers,

Remember I promised you, some posts ago, a new giveaway?

This time it's a special giveaway -  a book (In English).   This book was given to me by a friend who over estimated my crafting abilities.  Since I neither have the tools nor the talent to make the beautiful period furniture pieces according to the tutorials in this book and I am quite sure my friend wouldn't mind me giving it away, I offer this book to you my followers.  To participate in  the draw, all you have to do is be a follower and make a comment on this post.  On July 31 I'll use the random number generator to pick a winner.

Happy second half of 2014 and blessings

יום שישי, 27 ביוני 2014

Simona's New gift

Hello dear readers,

Dear Simona once again overwhelmed me by her generosity, sending me a house kit by UPS.  I have not
yet dared to begin to assemble it.  It is much larger than the little model house, with indoor rooms. It's
either a 1/24" or 1/48" scale.  I'll only be able to know when the assembly is completed.

It's so exciting.  Can't wait to start but have no time now for big projects and this looks to me like a
huge one.

It resembles a haunted house from a fairy tale.  I'll have to decide what magical creatures will be living in it.

These are the parts.  Challenging job!

Here is how it will (hopefully) look when assembled.

I once commented that I do not yet have a dollhouse.  When Simona read this comment she decided
it was time I did.  I am very happy it isn't a large one as it will be difficult to find where to keep and display
a big dollhouse in our apartment which is already full of room boxes and miniature scenes.

It's unbelievable how tiny miniatures can take over your space.  The workroom already looks over loaded.
Very hard to keep it tidy, not wanting to through anything which might later be of use.  True to Murphy's
Law, once I throw something away I come to regret doing so as I need it for the next project in work.

I wish you all a wonderful, enjoyable weekend.

יום רביעי, 25 ביוני 2014

Old time lamps

Hello dear readers,

It's always good to have a friend who works in a laboratory.  A few days ago I received pieces of
glass capsules from this friend.  Together with beautiful beads they make old time mini lamps.

A little Fimo clay was used to bind the glass piece with the bead.   All these beads are  gifts from
blog friends.

One box going to the exhibition is named "A Bride's Room".  Almost everything in it  are blog friends'
gifts.  The beautiful dress was created by Felma, dressing table is from a swap with Cris, rug and hat
from Jennifer, roses from Rosella, wall plates by Carmen, on the table - perfume bottle, from Eva.  The
only minis I created for this box are the necklace and jewelry box on the table and an
embroidered picture with frame on the wall. I hope I did not leave out anyone.

At long last Google solved my readers list problem and I am able to see all the blogs I follow.  I am well
behind with my visits but it's a relief that all is back to normal.

A warm welcome to my new follower Carmen.