Tiina's giveaway

Tiina's giveaway
31 Jan

יום שלישי, 13 בנובמבר 2018

A baby elephant from spain

Hello dear readers,

Don't know about the rest of you my dear fellow miniaturists but I am a very lucky one, having generous and very talented friends from all over the world who send me gifts that make me shed tears of joy, lifting up my spirits and keeping me happy, crafting and posting for almost 8 years.

A few months ago, Isabel won my giveaway.  Isabel thanked me and offered to send me something in return.  In return arrived some of the most precious handmade miniatures I have ever seen.  A tiny adorable crocheted baby elephant.  I cannot imagine how such a beautiful creature came out of regular sewing threads.

I let the baby choose, but she decided she wanted the tiny stroller. Note how beautiful her dress is.

And there were shoes, baby shoes so tiny and adorable, raising a big problem, where to be displayed.  I have an almost 40 years old miniature shoes collection here.

The pair next to Isabel's shoes is made of genuine amber.

And there was a gorgeous crocheted basket full of fantastic dressing table and baby toilet items.

And there was this awesome crate which contained all those marvelous beauties.

THANK YOU DEAR ISABEL! I am not only grateful for having received these precious gifts but also for all your encouraging kind comments on my posts all through these years.

I wish you all a lovely creative rest of the week with blessings.

יום רביעי, 7 בנובמבר 2018

A very easy no clay cookies and serving plate tutorial

Hello again dear readers,

Just a small tutorial to let you know I' still here, busy working on my Christmas and Hannukah gifts, a job that takes up all my free time.  I needed a lot of small wheels for some toys and painted a strip of thin white craft foam sheet on both sides. Used a regular paper punch to punch out circles. While looking at the circles, I discovered that the paint covered only the outside of the material leaving the inside white.  This sparked the idea of making cookies.

The serving plate is a large goggle-eye taken apart and mounted on a transparent push-pin.  The pin can be easily pulled out with heated pliers.

Happy crafting and blessings!

יום שלישי, 30 באוקטובר 2018

A garden for Baalatova the witch

Happy Halloween dear readers,

Believe it or not, Baalatova's garden is ready for Halloween.   She is so pleased, she even broke her promise to the Skellies to join them for "ghosting" tonight.

All she wants to do is lie in her hammock and enjoy looking at the fine harvest of beautiful pumpkins. She also insists on sleeping in the hammock at night under starry skies.

The base of the garden is a piece of packing foam.  First I painted it brown then I spread a layer of glue and sprinkled green flower foam over the glue.

The pumpkins were crafted by TatianaBirgit and myself. The dove-cote is also crafted by Birgit, in fact, it is what inspired and gave me the final push to hurry and make a garden for Baalatova in time for Halloween.

The beautiful little frog and dragons too are gifts from Birgit.

The fence and the bush with the bat on it, are gifts from Maria. The fence was originally painted half sky- blue and half lilac, I just gave it an overall black acrylic paint coat.

The trees are from a tutorial here.  I needed tree trunks to hang the hammock on.  With a lot of effort, as well as by trial and error, the hammock is passable, at least Baalatova is safe in it. I made an extra tree using the same technique.  Later on, I want to try and fill it with foliage.

The fenced in a plot of pumpkins.

Large pumpkin by Tatiana, small one by me.

Maria's bush.

The mushroom plot.

Three kittens I made from black pipe-cleaners.

Birgit's magical dragons and frog roaming around.


Happy Halloween! Have fun!!

יום רביעי, 24 באוקטובר 2018

Toy shop facade completed

Hello dear readers,

At last the toy shop facade is finished. I added a very cute, glasses-wearing bunny lade doll, a gift from my dear friend Maria

I forgot to take a photo of the bunny lade before putting on the acetate on the windows. You can see her besides Tatiana's tiny wooden Ballerina on the right side of the top shelf. Made them rose colored card boxes.

Right side window display.

Left side window display.

The completed facade.

Two hanging on the wall.

I had a lot of fun making these tiny pull-toys.  Wish other tiny animal beads were manufactured, they'd make a cute Noah's Ark toy.

Tomorrow,  I.m taking a day off. (My daughter  Galia will be taking care of her father at the nursing home.) Sarit, Goldie and I will meet and work together. It's my turn to teach how to make a primus oven. A few months ago, I created one which they liked.

Have a lovely, creative rest of the week with blessings.

יום שבת, 13 באוקטובר 2018

Handmade toys

Hello dear readers,

Last week I hoped to finish the toy shop quickly but didn't count on how time-consuming making tiny toys can be.  Here are some examples:

The rocking horse is composed of two laser-cut wooden pieces painted on one side only, gifted to me by my dear friend Maria  I glued them together, made a curved basis out of a wooden coffee stirrer, painted it red and glued on the horse.

This is how I curved the stirrer.  I dipped it in hot water and slowly bent it inside a glass holding it firmly with clothespins.  Kept it overnight and took it out dry and curved.

The two little horses were punched out of a white 2mm thick foam sheet.  Glued two together to make a horse, cut away the curved part under the legs, painted and glued it to a red painted piece of a coffee stirrer.

Made these tiny giraffes on wheels from tiny beads.

Made these tiny clowns from a tutorial here. I used smaller sized punches for the felt and made a little Fimo ball for the head.  The hair is pinched felt. They are almost half size from the one in the tutorial.

The stroller is from recycled pieces of craft wood.  I made a tutorial back in 2015, here.

The little train is made from leftover pieces of craft sticks.  Wheels from Fimo.

Please accept my apology for not linking you well to the amazing doll artist Julianne Lepine.here you can see her at work. I hope this time comes out right.

I wish you all a wonderful Sunday with blessings.

יום שבת, 6 באוקטובר 2018

Toy shop facade

Hello dear friends and readers,

Time devoted to miniatures is getting shorter lately.  Real life issues are absorbing most of it.
On weekends I do most of the work.  Started a new shop facade, second of the set of 4.

Three incredible tiny dolls, gifts received from my super talented friend Tatiana, will be the top attraction of the windows' display.

I'm working on new toys to fill up the shop's stock.

The box was prepared the same way as the previous one.  This time, the door is deep in the middle with two display windows, one on each side. The temporary paper cover is just to show what it will look like.

Hope to finish it by next post.

This is a link to Juliana Lepine and her stunning method of dolls sculpting.  Hope you will enjoy watching her tutorial for making a doll's head.

A warm welcome to my new followers and thank you!

I wish you all a lovely Sunday with blessings.

יום שבת, 22 בספטמבר 2018

Candy shop facade finished

Dear Readers,

A finished project?  There is always room for more
details that can be added later on.

Front view.  The acetate "glass" in the window is not photogenic.  I can assure you, the display looks good out of this picture.

Side view.

Back view.  Small styrofoam triangles glued on the top support the roof.

The doorknob is a cupcake, at Dana's request.

Lamp made from jewelry findings and bead.

At last, the little candy shop facade is hanging, in the good company of others, on a special wall for hanging facades.

Just in case I'll no longer want the box to hang on a wall, a base (wood or foamboard) can be glued to its underside to make it stand securely on a shelf or other flat surface.

Three leftover quarters of the backgammon box with at least 20 different ideas will be my future projects.

Have a lovely autumn weekend with blessings.