יום חמישי, 23 באוקטובר 2014

Furniture for the fantasy house

Hello dear readers

These pieces are all I was able to do this week with very little time for minis.

I used match sticks, curved toothpicks, tongue depressors , rectangle woodsies and a pill bubble to make these pieces.  The scale is somewhere between half and quarter inch.


New chair beside a 1:12" chair

This stove was a gift from Jennifer. The scale is perfect for the house.  The only problem will be
what kind of water taps to match this style.  I still have to make handles and taps for the sink unit.

These little cuties are rubber erasers which I couldn't resist buying.

A warm welcome to my new follower Giovanna.  Thank you for following.


יום רביעי, 15 באוקטובר 2014

All About Skeletons and Ghosts

Hello dear readers,

In my previous post you read about the Skellies' plans to visit the newly built fantasy house.

Skella:  Oh my, is this the house?  So small? How on earth will it be possible for us to enter?

Skelly:   Don't be so disappointed my dear. For the time being, it will be enough to take a peek.

Skella:   Have you noticed, dear, it's already invaded by ghosts.  Rumors travel around too quickly.

Skelly:  You are right.  Maybe they are just as curious as we are.  After all  there is nothing to haunt here.  The house is new, no living soul, except for the  black cat who is more scaring then scared and almost no furniture.  A good house to haunt should be at least a century old.

Skella:   I wonder if  we shrink when we become ghosts.

Skelly:   Ghosts, like skeletons, come in different sizes.  They're boneless and can adjust themselves to match the size of the house they haunt.

Skelly:   Since we're already here, let's have fun and climb up.

Skella:   What are we doing up here?

Skelly:   I have a confession to make.  I always wanted to be a fiddler on a roof.  This, even without the fiddle, feels like a wish comes true.

Skella:    I  long for the day I'll become a ghost. (deep sigh)

Skelly:   So much to look forward to.  (deep sigh)

To be continued, a century later.  ( Or next year?)  Let's look forward to see what this living-happily-forever- after pair will be up to.

Dear readers,  I had fun making up this nonsense but please
excuse my struggling English.  Happy soon coming Halloween.

Now it's time to get busy with the Christmas decorations as well as creating more furniture for the almost empty house.

Hugs to you all and blessings

יום חמישי, 9 באוקטובר 2014

The skellies story - continued

Hello dear readers,

Two years ago, my dear friend Jennifer sent me a few pieces of spooky miniatures with which I created the scene in the photo. What you see here is  Skelly courting Skella.

Well here they meet again after two short years.

Skelly:  Skella you look wonderful! You haven't changed a bit.  No one can guess you're
              195 years old.  In fact, you don't look a day older than 120.

Skella:  Thank you my dear.  I take good care of my bones.  You too look great.  It's such
              a joy seeing you again.

Skelly:   It's been two more years of resting in peace and I'm on my best behavior anxiously
               awaiting the day I'll become a ghost.

Skella:   Lol.. how I dream of this day! I shudder and crackle afraid the day will never come.
              Imagine how we'll be able to float haunting around happy and boneless!

Skelly:  Talking about haunting,  there are rumors of a new house worth visiting.
Skella:    Do tell me  about it.

Skelly:    Someone built a fantasy house.
To be continued.......

Hugs to you all and blessings

יום ראשון, 5 באוקטובר 2014


Hello dear readers

Last week, we took a little vacation visiting my home town Haifa.  I'm always happy to go there and reunite with some of childhood friends with whom we keep in touch.  We returned on Friday to stay home for the Day of Atonement - Yom Kippur.

Yom Kippur is a day when everything comes to a stop. No
transportation, public or private, except for emergencies. No open restaurants or cinemas, theaters or other entertainment.    Religious people fast on this day.  Those
who are not strictly believers eat but try not to offend the others.  No local broadcasting on TV and
Radios except for foreign channels. It's also a day when you ask pardon from anyone you offended.

It's really relaxing to be able to sleep late without having to listen to noisy traffic outside.   Friends and family can arrive unexpected and a good time is had by all.

Today is back to normal and I can show you a few of the spooky minis I collected for Halloween.

The sculls are plastic beads. The gold plated necklaces, bought two years ago, are scull masks.  The earrings were very cheap, about $0.25 each pair.

I painted the golden sculls with acrylic beige and "dirtied" the too white beads with a brown wash.

I have to find a better way to make ghosts.

I forgot to show you this photo of me at the exposition entrance.

Here are some pictures from the internet of the Haifa beautiful Bahian Gardens.

Now I'll go visit your blogs and see what I missed.


יום שישי, 26 בספטמבר 2014

Visiting the exposition again

Hello dear readers

Yesterday, I brought some members of the family who were unable to get there before, to see the MiniArt exposition.

There were not many visitors and we were able to enjoy ourselves, looking at leisure and finding
many interesting and inspiring items.

One of the most creative artists is Moshe. He is over 92 years old and still creating.  I already posted about this incredible man. I just want to show you what he does to pistachio nuts.

Aren't these adorable?  They could make great woodland creatures.

These pitchers with an iris, will be given to each of the children who take part with the show.  I hope they'll like my surprise gift.

Afterwards, my husband and I invited the rest of the family to lunch at one of the most popular restaurants in Jaffa.

You can see the variety of salads served.  The reason we chose this place is that it's not
far from the museum and the vegetarians among us can get a good meal there. We had fun
and it was the nicest way to celebrate the New Year holiday.

I wish you all a pleasant weekend.  Blessings

יום ראשון, 21 בספטמבר 2014

Furniture for the fantasy house

Hello dear readers,

Last week flew away scarcely leaving me time for miniatures.  I managed to complete Simona's
fantasy house, stairs lamp, etc. with a few bits leftovers which I hope won't be missed by someone .

Luckily, I bought this wooden fan from a craft show, wanting to try out a tutorial by my generous and very talented friend Tatiana, If there is anyone of you, my followers, who doesn't yet know Tatiana's
blog I suggest you quickly do so.  This lady is really inspiring.

Hideous but very cheap necklace.  I purchased it months ago only for the three metal jewelry findings.

The large metal jewelry finding made a perfect sized table top.  A little bit of  white acrylic paint
made all the difference.

Two cut pieces from the fan make the table's leg.

Chairs were made according to Tatiana's tutorial.

There is still so much to do here.  Halloween is already around the corner and I want to decorate
this house for it.

On Thursday, this week we'll celebrate our New Year here.  It's a two days holiday and I plan
to visit the museum again.  I am making 14 little gifts for the 14 children who each displays a
room box in the show. The children are all adorable miniaturists in the making.

A warm welcome to my new followers, Minaturo-Mango,  Arantxa Alonso Suarez,  Josef Buchel.
Thank you so much for following.

I wish you all a lovely, creative week.  Blessings.

יום שבת, 13 בספטמבר 2014

Protecting a miniature scene from dust

Hello dear readers,

I am always looking for  solutions for how to protect my miniatures from dust.  Where I live this is
a big problem.  Simona's two houses were my first worry.  So instead of working on the fantasy
house furniture I worked on covering the houses.

I cut 2 cms strips from 0.5 cm foam board to make frames.  16 strips for each house.

The frame is made from foam board 5 mm (1/4") and will be covered on 5 sides, walls and ceiling,
with  transparent acetate leaving the bottom free.  It doesn't weight much but covers the house
completely. It rather looks like an aquarium (fish tank).

I already bought large sheets of acetate to be cut and glued inside the frames.  I made an experiment
with a small piece and the acetate sticks firmly to the foam board.

The fantasy house, but for the interior decoration and a bit of landscaping, is finished.  Here is
how it will look inside the protecting frame.

From our days abroad, we brought back a "Lazy Susan" ( rotating table.)  It is large enough to
hold the fantasy house and can be easily rotated to show all sides of the house.

I have trouble again reaching you blogs.  I hope this will be solved soon.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend.  Blessings!