Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

יום רביעי, 21 באוקטובר 2020

Book Nook project (Part 2)

 Hello dear readers,

Since my previous post about my book nook project,  there is more progress on my work.  

Here are a few photos of what I managed to accomplish.

I curved stones on the walls and curved sidewalks and a pebbled road between them.

I also curved the bottom side of the road and painted it all over in grey to see which side I like best.

Haven't made up my mind yet.

It looked like something was missing from this wall, so I made another, smaller window and glued it on top of the existing one.  The bench is too small.  I'll have to create a larger one.  This one was ordered online and arrived in time but I was disappointed with its size.  It will be useful for my vignettes.

This is the wall which will be facing the one above.

On the grey painted road.  Which one do you think looks better?

My friends and I are still waiting for the lights fixtures ordered online to arrive.  Until then, nothing will be assembled permanently.  I still am unable to buy the mirror which will have to be cut exactly to measure. For the time being, I still have enough hoarded materials to use without going out to shop for them. I scarcely go out, only if it's completely necessary.  Besides the bench, I have to do more plants and flowers.  I hope the end results will look good.  If I'm lucky and my book nook will look good, I'll start making book nooks for my daughters and grandchildren, they are all great readers ("book worms") and have large book collections.

I wish all my friends and readers good health and safety with blessings.


יום שישי, 16 באוקטובר 2020

The Skellies in COVID-19 times

Hello dear readers,

Halloween is not so far away.  The Skellies are very disappointed.  How will they be able to haunt this year if, like rumors say,  there will be no crowd gatherings?  That most families feel protected from the epidemic by staying safe at home. 

So far, the Skellies have long been debating the pros and cons of becoming ghosts without reaching a firm decision.

Skella:  It's so nice sitting here together with the sun warming our bones.

Skelly:  We are going to miss our beloved cats.  

Skella:  Who else will be able to give them the good scratches they love like us with our boney fingers? 

Skelly: We'll have to see Baalatova and ask for her advice. Remember what she told us about fully trained ghosts? Ghosts CANNOT haunt together, even when they are trained graduates of the Ghost Academy. It's a rule. One ghost in one house. This means we'll be separated from each other.

To be continued.....

Meanwhile, here is a photo of the latest  COVID-19 fashion. (Smile, it's good for the soul)

Have a great weekend with blessings!

יום ראשון, 4 באוקטובר 2020

A well explained link on how to make a BookNook.

Hello, again dear readers,

I have been using the new blogger for quite a long time but was unable to make the link I installed in my post yesterday, workable.  I apologize and here it is.  


Have a nice Sunday with blessings!

יום שבת, 3 באוקטובר 2020

A BookNooks for beginners links

 Hello dear readers

As I mentioned in my previous post,  the project I'm working on at present is a book nook.  I've been searching for know-hows and this link is very helpful and has much to teach about building a book nook.


Two important things to pay attention to:

1. A mirror cut to fit and be placed slightly diagonally in order to lengthen the image and create a  winding street.      

2. Lighting.

I have to wait for the lighting items which were ordered online to be able to get on with the work. I'll show you what I've already prepared. 

I cut in half a square 4 cm laser cut wood embellishment to make an ornamental balcony railing.

Added strips of wood and sides (all from my stash).

Created a door, more or less in the same style.

It was hard sawing work all done manually with a hand saw and mitre box.

This is one wall.  Nothing is permanently fixed yet.

This is the opposite wall.  Only the old books shop front is fixed.  I intend to make a narrow tile roof for the windows.  I spent a long time making books.  Now I have to make more plants and flowers to cover the walls. 

I hope to have more to show you soon.

Please take care and stay safe my dear friends.  Blessings!

יום שישי, 25 בספטמבר 2020

Vignette No. 4

Hello dear readers,

It's difficult to come out of grief and get back to miniatures.  Contrary to my resolutions, I hardly created or finished any of the projects I started.  Our COD-19 situation is getting worse daily. Only yesterday over 6000 people were pronounced positive. We are now back in enclosures and a strict quarantine is scheduled by our government for the beginning of next week. You will agree with me that it is certainly not a good cheer-up situation 

Today, I finished the last of my four vignettes. As planned, all four frames were sprayed with white paint and look much better than before.  For the No. 4 box, I again used stray pieces of wood from my stash.  The 4 inside boxes fit tightly into the frames, so the scenes inside can be altered and items can be taken out or added if necessary.

I have been working on the  BookNook.  The walls are nearly finished.  Goldie and Sarit are far ahead of me,  We are all waiting for the time the enclosure and quarantine days will be over for our next meeting until then I'll be able to catch-up with the girls and be ready for the final steps of our project.

I apologize for scarcely visiting your blogs.  I missed your last posts but will try to see as many as possible now that I'm here again.

Please protect yourselves, wear masks, and keep a distance from people and crowds.




יום רביעי, 29 ביולי 2020

Back to Blogging

Hello dear friends,

First of all, I hereby want to thank each of you for your kind words of condolences. It meant so much to know that I have friends who care.

My two wonderfully talented friends, here in Israel, Sarit Eshed https://www.facebook.com/sarit.eshed, and Goldie Hollander https://www.facebook.com/mini2love/  decided it was time to bring me out of my moody sadness and start working again.  Yesterday we met at Goldie's new apartment in Tel-Aviv.
Goldie's new studio was constructed exactly in accordance with miniature work requirements. Perhaps now that I'm alone I'll ask Goldie to help me plan a studio and save my kitchen for cooking and baking purposes only.

We began making a BookNook each, using styrofoam boards.  We did not accomplish much. On arrival, Goldie took us on a guided tour to see the apartment and the special one entire-wall glass cabinet which held a large collection of dollhouses and rooms. Only after we had a coffee break we started working 

Each BookNook is a different size. Calculating the different measurements, cutting-up the walls, and other parts took up most of the time before lunch. There was so much to talk about.  Both girls insisted I was too skinny and started feeding me with everything on sight, cookies, fruit, lunch, and drinks.

The next meeting will be here, at my home. 

Before we left, Goldie presented each of us with a little matchbox-sized COVID-19 gift which she made herself.

Welcome to my new followers and thank you again all my dear readers.  Blessings!


יום שישי, 26 ביוני 2020


Hello dear readers,

Today I lost my beloved husband.  Our daughters and I, and the entire family are in deep grief.
I feel as if part of me has passed away together with my loved one.  He was my love, my partner, my supporter, and most of all my best friend.  We had a wonderful marriage and I'm grateful for the time we were together.  May he rest in peace.

I am not sure when I'll be able to post again but I am sure I will.

Best regards