Tiina's giveaway

Tiina's giveaway
31 Jan

יום ראשון, 24 באפריל 2016

A potter's shop corner

Hello dear friends. Thank you for your well wishes.  My husband is now completely cured
from his surgery effects.  There is no need for bandages anymore.  He's to take care and avoid going
without head cover in the sun and this goes for me and anyone else too.

As planned, I managed to assemble and decorate Birgit's gift kit which was first on my list after a long time away from miniature work.

All the pieces on the shelves were created by my daughter Nilly.

The pieces on the table and window sill were made by me, including the fruit on the large plate.

I created the shelves unit from craft sticks.  Painted them my favorite blue.

I chose light colors because I plan to change the display from time to time.

A warm welcome to my new follower Sharon Larkin.   Dear Sharon thank you for following. Please let me know if you have a blog I can visit or follow.

I wish you a wonderful creative week ahead with my blessings.

יום שישי, 15 באפריל 2016

A gift from Germany

Hello dear readers,

I was kept away from miniatures and posting lately for what to me seems ages.

My husband underwent surgery to remove a large tumor, fortunately not malignant, from his scalp.
A piece of skin from his arm had to be grafted in order to cover the open wound
on his scalp. This  involved  daily visits to the clinic for the change of bandages on both arm and scalp which lasted most of our mornings.  Husbands, almost as a rule, become little boys when
they hurt and need a lot of time, attention and patience.  Next week, as there are signs of
healing, I myself will be able to change bandages at home and have more time for working and posting.

I was very lucky to receive a wonderful giveaway prize from a beloved friend and a lovely
lady, Birgit. First thing on my list is assembling and finishing this kit which is going to be a lovely show piece.
Kind and generous Birgit also included a yummy big bar of marzipan which I saved just for
taking this photo. Now it's vanished and bewailed.


A warm welcome to my new follower Aloieu, who recently opened a blog and has some very nice works to show.  Thank you Aloieu for following.

Before I go, here is a cute video showing Charleston dancings in Jerusalem where you can see, if you have a few minutes to spare, a little of our famous city.


I wish you all a wonderful weekend and blessings.

A warm welcome to

יום שישי, 18 במרץ 2016

How to make a seashell decorated miniature box

Hello dear readers,

My seashells decorated boxes are a big hit with miniatures' as well as with non-miniatures' collectors. Recently I had to make four of them for very special friends.  I became bored creating the same design again and again, so I'm trying to make some variation and thought I'd take you along, step by step while I do it.  After all the shells are free, a gift from nature, and the wood is easy to to find at craft shops so why not give it a try.

Materials required for the box:

One large wooden craft stick  (20/2.5 cm) or a 2 mm thick balsa sheet
One long narrow craft stick (18/0.7 cm)
wood cutting tools
tacky glue
Black, brown or any other color of your choice, acrylic paint

Cut two 2/2.5 cm pieces from the large stick, one for the box top and one for the box's bottom.
Cut one  2.00/1.5 piece          -     "      -          for the underside of the box top
Cut two 0.7/2.5 pieces from the narrow stick for the sides of the box.
Cut two 1.5/2.5           -      "     -

Glue together all the parts.  (See photo bellow)  Glue the sides on top of the bottom part.

Paint with the color of your choice and now we are ready for the decoration.

I painted the box black all over and used seashells.  I also spread some tiny no-hole gold colored
beads on top.

I am not so sure about the tiny gold beads.  It looks better in real life than in the photo.

Hope you'll be able to use this tutorial and do some variations of your own to show me.

I wish you a lovely weekend and blessings..

יום שני, 14 במרץ 2016

Unexpected finds

Hello all,

Stuff for creating miniatures can be found where you least expect them to be.  The other day I was
looking for a new frying pan at a home appliances store and look what I found.

A silicone mold for pralines.  Perfect for fimo miniature cakes.  The price: about US$3.00.

Another silicone mold, a little bigger than the first, for cookies.  This one will be good for
cold porcelain or ceramic miniature cakes.  These two air-drying clays loose about 30% of their volume when dry and need larger molds.  The price about US$4.00.

Two bamboo placemates good for wooden floors at the price of US$2.40 each.  (lots of easy to
cut wooden strips in them.)

I was putting order in a long forgotten chest when I found this beautiful hand painted miniature
of a traditional ox-driven wagon in Costa-Rica. My husband received it, years ago,while working on a short project in this lovely country.

Here it is again with a match on top of the wheel for size.

A picture of a 1:1 cart full of coffee bags. (From the internet)

More information here.

I wish you all wonderful sunny spring days.  Blessings

יום שישי, 11 במרץ 2016

Baby Dragon from Hungary

Hello dear readers,

I have not blogged for a while, real life occupation kept me away. I missed you and shall try
to visit as many of your blogs as possible to make up for lost time.

Lucky me had a chain of giveaway winnings. Don't ask me how and why.
A few days ago I received a fantastic baby dragon, a giveaway prize by a very talented miniature animals artist Fanni Sandor here.  I recommend a visit to Fanni's website.  There is a tiny hummingbird Fanni created which is mind blowing.

Wait until Baalatova meets him.  No chance I'll be able to keep him.  He's mine while she's still limping  homewards.

This adorable, recently hatched baby  is  going to meet new friends on the meadow.
For the first time in his short life he meets bunnies, hamsters and chickens

I was thinking about doing an Easter scene and the baby dragon fits perfectly well in it.

To keep the dust away, I used an old glass bowl.


I wish you, dear readers. a lovely sunny weekend to enjoy.  Blessings to all!

יום שישי, 19 בפברואר 2016

Sea shells

Hello dear readers,

You probably all know by now how much I love the sea and its treasures, sea shells of all sizes and
shapes.  Mostly I use the tiny shells to craft miniatures.  In order to get the very tiny ones I have to
dig out a large amount of shells.  The tiny ones are put aside and the ones I don't use I bring to the
elderly day center.  I'm going to teach them how to decorate larger size wooden boxes, same as my mini ones.

Once in a while a real treasure is found like this "dinosaur".  I am sure Baalatova will be delighted to have it.

Inside there was the dead animal which smelled like a fish market.  Never before have we found
a shell like this.  I'll have to ask what to do about the bad smell.

Except for sorting large amounts of seashells I haven't done any crafting.  My fingers are still
a bit sore although much better.  I have more time for visiting blogs and whenever possible
make comments.

A warm welcome to Katajamaki.  This blog, relatively new, is well worth visiting.  Much of
the indoor decoration is self crafted with photos to show how it's done. Thank you Katajamaki for following.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend with blessings.


יום שבת, 13 בפברואר 2016

Giveaway gifts from Hungary

Hello dear friends

First of all I want to thank you for your kind comments and well wishes.  Both my husband and
I are very grateful to you.  It got warmer these last two days and according to the weather forecast, it will get even warmer tomorrow.  Good for my fingers which are on the mend,

Fortune is treating me nicely these days. I won another giveaway from a lovely lady, Melli.
All the way from Hungary came the giveaway prize,  a beautiful shabby chic chair.  But that
was not all.  Melli, very generously, added some adorable extras.

Thank you dear Melli!

As you see, I already used the lovely chair in the photo, to wish you a Happy Valentine Day
(or Happy Family Day here in Israel!)

The two round cakes and wine bottle are gifts from Kikka,  Table, pitcher, flowers, heart-shaped
cake and ceramic plates are my work.

Blessings to you all!