Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Friday, June 12, 2020

Eloisa's Gifts

Hello dear readers,

Two and a half months ago, dear Eloisa sent me by mail a parcel containing her beautiful, handcrafted gifts.  Eloisa wanted it to be a surprise but my Israeli post services prevented the surprise by holding-on to the parcel and keeping it in who-knows-where until today. This is a happy ending to a most anxious, nerve stretching episode. To think of what almost might have been lost makes me want to cry.  Eloisa's work is gorgeous! I wish my photos justified the true beauty of the items.

It's difficult to see how tiny but perfect the snowman actually is.

The bottles are beautifully labeled with lovely stoppers. The heart-shaped bottle is my favorite. It has a lovely transparent stopper. The Eiffel tower candle holder is just perfect, what a great idea!

This photo absolutely doesn't justify the real way and colors of the items. 

I've seen the flowers before on Eloisa's blog, but I never imagined how gorgeous they are. They are way too delicate for my iPhone camera to catch. 


Today, for me turned out to be my lucky one. It was our turn to visit my husband for half an hour. The people whose visit was after us didn't arrive and we could stay on for the whole hour.  We met in the garden and although we had to keep a distance between us and wear face masks, it was still lovely to be together.

I wish you, dear readers, a lovely weekend.  Stay safe and healthy!


  1. What a great relief it must be for both you and Eloisa to know that her package has safely arrived and is in your possession! Sometimes there is no reasonable explanation to account for such long delays but now that the wait is over, you are going to have so much fun playing and finding homes for the Wonderful assortment of tiny treasures Eloisa has made for you! I look forward to seeing where and how you will be using them in your future scenes! :D

  2. felicidades por tus regalos son unas minis preciosas las de Eloisa

  3. Unos preciosos regalos!!!!

  4. I am so happy that you got two wonderful surprises that day! Gifts of love from a kind friend and extra time with your husband and family! You deserve all this and more and I hope the good news just keeps on coming!
    Eloisa is widely talented and very generous! I know you'll find perfect places for every item!

  5. What a surprising lovely day it must have been for you, dear Drora, you must have been so happy that you could stay an half an hour extra time with your husband. I'm so happy for you!
    Congrats on the lovely miniatures Eloisa sent to you, enjoy it all! I am sure that you'll find the perfect place for each of them!
    Stay safe, dear Doroa, take care!
    Blessings to you, Ilona

  6. Felicidades por esos preciosos regalos, Eloisa es muy generosa menos mal que al final no se perdió y lo tienes en tu poder. Feliz fin de semana,besos:-)

  7. Wow! So great that the package finally arrived! And such beautiful pieces, well worth the wait!

    Snowman is so cute!

  8. I am very happy that you can visited your husband for one hour. I hope it soon will be more time.
    Your gifts are lovely and good they arrived.

    Big hug from Xandra and stay healthy

  9. Entiendo tu alegría porque yo también he sido afortunada y he recibido los paquetitos de Eloísa en alguna ocasión :) Preciosos y siempre repletos de pequeños tesoros. Dicen que bien está lo que bien acaba y así ha de ser... felizmente lo has recibido como felizmente todos empezamos a volver a esa vida maravillosa que siempre hemos tenido y que ahora toca reconquistar. Celebro vuestro reencuentro familiar de corazón; yo también he podido volver con los míos y ha sido una bendición. Un abrazo muy fuerte, Drora

  10. Gracias a tí Drora, por ser una fiel seguidora de mi blog.
    Es estupendo que hayas podido pasar más tiempo con tu esposo, habrá estado muy contento.

  11. The lucky fairy has indeed been very kind to you - right she did because you truly deserve to be spoiled! I'm glad to hear that the story of Eloisa's gift package had a happy ending after days of woe. I was truly reminded of us two worrying about your Christmas gifts... Eloisa's gifts are beautiful treasures, so good you finally received them, it would have been such a pity if they had been lost.

    And what happy news about the extra time for you and your husband - the most wonderful gift of all.


  12. Los regalos de Eloisa siempre son una maravillosa sorpresa- Me alegro mucho que hayas podido disfrutar de la compañía de tu marido

  13. Preciosos los regalos de Eloisa!! Me alegro mucho que al final los hayas recibido y ya estén contigo.

  14. Hola Drora! Cuántas cosas y que bonitas. Eloísa es muy generosa. Besos

  15. Menos mal que todo ha llegado bien y no se ha perdido.
    Son bellos tesoros y de unas manos muy generosas.
    Un saludo

  16. Beautiful gifts from a nice friend.

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