Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Vignette No 3 completed

Hello dear readers,

I'm getting carried away with vignettes.  This one took longer to make than the other two. In addition to the grill, I made a set of two garden chairs and a little table using staff from my stash
 I shrunk my "easy garden chair" tutorial (here ) from 1/12" to 1/48" for making the chairs, using embroidery canvas instead
The table is a wooden long bead cut in half with a tiny wooden disk glued on top.

The false door and window are glued on.

It's necessary to paint the frames.  They are not all the same color and some are scratches as you can see in the photo.  I haven't done any shopping yet but already the craft shops are open so I intend to buy some chalk paint, maybe white will look good.

I didn't show you the second vignette after I added a little bush for the bunnies to play under.

There are frames for two more vignettes.  I can't decide yet what to put in them.  Shall I have all five with outdoor scenes, perhaps a porch, or a potting shed?  Maybe I'll group 4 to hang as a square on the wall. There's time enough for decisions.

I wish you, dear readers, safety and good health with blessings.


  1. just amazing! keep your optimism!

  2. Drora,la idea de las sillas y la mesa de jardín ha sido magnífica,me encanta! Y con lo difícil que es trabajar a esa pequeña escala!! La segunda escena con el matorral de flores queda perfecta!
    Las dos ideas que tienes para otras viñetas son muy acertadas,tanto el porche como el cobertizo.

  3. Gorgeous vignettes!!! I love the first one it's delightful.

  4. Wonderful and original vignettes, dear Drora, I love that cheerful cook behind his bbq ;O)!!
    The little bush is a great addition for the binnies, now they can play hide and seek IN your vignette, how cute is that ;)!
    Stay safe, take care, dearest Drora!
    Blessings, Ilona

  5. Preciosas escenas, y tan pequeñitas, me encanta como te han quedado. Ya nos enseñaras las próximas que hagas, te quedarán muy original colgadas juntas como cuadros.
    Que tengas un bonito dia. Cuidate mucho.

  6. I love your little chef and his barbeque! And the bush for your bunnies to play under is just perfect. Now they have somewhere to play hide and seek.

  7. Oh Drora! I love the new patio set and placed in the scene with all the new details it is a magical space! So lovely!
    I think for one of the new frames you should create inside it a tree with a branch big enough to support a swing made in the same material as the patio set. It would be beautiful!
    Excellent work and enjoy your trip out to the shops! 💗

  8. Tus mini escenas son adorables, y trabajar en una escala tan pequeña, requiere mucho tiempo y paciencia.
    Es un gran trabajo.

  9. Muy lindos estos dioramas y en una escala tan pequeña es un gran esfuerzo, felicidades.Un beso

  10. Muy bonito lo que has conseguido con ea pequeña escala- Las sillas y mesa estupendas

  11. Ha quedado genial!!! Me parece muy buena idea el blanco para el marco, va a dar mucha luz a la escena. Nunca dejo de asombrarme de que puedas hacer tantas cosas que se ven tan reales en una escala tan pequeña, felicidades! Un abrazo

  12. que bonitas son estas sillas de terraza

  13. This is the most happiest BBQer I've ever seen! What a lovely new vignette, it turned out awesome once more. And the chairs took my breath away - it's amazing that you've achieved this style of furniture in this "size". Fantastic work and seeing all of your so far made vignettes together was so much fun.

    I think a white color for the frame is the right decision because this will match best with the colors of your flowers etc. And whatever you're going to do with the two remaining frames, either outdoor scenes or not... I'm looking forward to see the next results. Btw don't forget to look for more frames when you go out... just think... four vignettes with outdoor scenes... four vignettes showing the four seasons... *smile*


  14. What a lovely frames you have made

    I LOVE your gardenchairs and the bbq is so cute

    Big hug, Xanra

  15. Another wonderful tiny scene.

  16. Esta muy bonita.
    Te están quedando unas escenas encantadoras y com gran merito en tu trabajo debido a la escena tan chiquitita.
    Un saludo


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  19. Ohhh una escena de jardín preciosa con su barbacoa y todo, jijij, me encantan esos sillones, son una monada.