Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Corona days nutshells

Hello all,

I hope everybody is well and comfortable at home.  Living in an apartment and unable to go out for a walk, my only way to keep fit is a workout in front of the computer or a short aerobic dance three or more times a day to the beat of one special song in Spanish which is most popular today - Resistiré (I will endure) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hl3B4Ql8RtQ. It is fun and a great way to keep cheerful. Try it and see for yourselves.

The walnuts project is advancing one step at a time but there are still a lot of steps ahead. I hope to complete it in time.  I'm also preparing some flower arrangements in vases as standby gifts  The ward is in strict quarantine with the medical staff and caretakers sleeping and eating in.

The half nutshell in-process and flowers in vases also in process. Today I finished installing all the tiny doors in the shells.  I also took out my Fimo box and made 6 tiny bunnies.  The Fimo was old and had to be kneaded for a long while.  I hate kneading hard Fimo.

 There will be bunnies home as well as gnomes homes.

I have this little bunny scene under a "dome" from last year's Easter.  I think this will be also good to display the nutshells in.

As soon as the curfew is over I'll try to find these containers or see if there are transparent boxes for sale. They'll make the gift complete.

Tonight, instead of our traditional Passover 4 generation dinner we, like millions of families all over the world, are dinning separately, each in his home. But, like the song says,  we will endure!

Happy Passover to all Jewish people! Good health to all my friends. Hugs and Love!


  1. I think the little domes will be perfect! You can do this. I have confidence in you. Stay safe and healthy. :-)

  2. Esas miniaturas son una preciosidad.
    Se ve que estas disfrutando con ellas y eso es bueno para la mente.
    Un saludo

  3. Madre mía, vaya colección de casitas para gnomos. Los conejitos son una monada.
    Nuestras minis es la mejor manera de pasar el tiempo.
    Cuídate mucho.

  4. Oh the bunnies! Delightful!!!
    As is the image of you dancing along to that lively and upbeat song! Thanks for sharing it and all of the joy in this post!

  5. I can understand why you would choose to boogie to that Marvellous song! Isn't it Amazing what technology has allowed us to do virtually that which is difficult to do physically. All the musicians around the globe get to perform together and be joyful in such a time as this- AND seeing how your bunnies and gnome's homes are developing and filling out, I would say that you have been learning how to stay joyfilled as well, Drora! May GOD bless and keep you and your family as Jewish and Christian people alike celebrate The LORD'S Passover together!

  6. Has hecho un buen trabajo de modelaje. Quedarán muy bien en la escena.

  7. Drora,tus pequeñas escenas avanzan a buen ritmo,los conejitos y los gnomos estarán felices en sus nuevos y preciosos hogares!
    Sí,esta Pascua será diferente para todos,pero la salud está ante todo,luego será como un mal sueño,pero resistiremos y saldremos adelante!
    Mientras a mantenernos a salvo.

  8. I LOVE those cute little bunnies, Drora, what a fantastic find! To make cozy homes for them and place them under the domes would look lovely......what a great ideas you always have!
    Happy Passover! Stay healthy, dear Drora!
    Hugs and Blessings,

  9. Es fantástico como avanzan tus cascara de nuez, se las ve geniales, y esos conejitos son una manada. Gran canción, eso haremos resistir .Todos los días a las ocho de la tarde cantamos esa canción para dar ánimos a nuestros sanitarios, cuídate,besos:-)

  10. Your little bunnies are lovely. I'm glad to read that you are well and manage to keep busy.

  11. "Resistiré" se ha convertido en el himno del confinamiento aquí en España :); me alegra mucho que el ánimo que despierta la canción haya llegado hasta allí :) La verdad es que hay días en que no puedo ver el fin de esta terrible situación aunque se que pasará y que poco a poco, con esfuerzo, reconquistaremos la vida que hemos dejado atrás. Me alegra ver que sigues bien y que tus pequeñas nueces siguen adelante; no imagino recuerdo más dulce de estos días de encierro. Un abrazo muy fuerte, Drora

  12. Easter and Passover are very special this year - but let's hope that we all will learn from this crazy situation how thankful we can be for what he have. And although we can't be with our families, but we are lucky to have technology... also for dancing. ;O) Thanks for sharing - and for sharing the progress on your awesome nutshells. They already look gorgeous and the new variety with happy bunnies is brilliant. Fingers crossed that you'll get more of these glass domes.

    Keep on crafting, dancing and stay safe!

  13. A muchas amigas nos están salvando las minis , que malos tiempos estamos viviendo todos en casa ,pero dando gracias por tener salud ..Tus trabajos como siempre son encantadores, siempre que te veo las nueces me apetece trabajar en ellas pero siempre se cruza otro trabajos . Deseando que esto acabe pronto todos cantamos Resistiremos . Abrazos amiga y salud

  14. What lovely your present and I love the Dome
    I wish you a happy Easter and you can visit your husband soon

    Big hug Xandra

  15. ,Dear Drora

    .Thank you for sharing photos of your beautiful project
    .Your bunny and gnomes homes look gorgeous

    ...I know what you mean about the hard fimo
    .I hate that too

    .I hope your husband is doing well

    (: .Stay safe and keep dancing


  16. Cute and adorable rabbits ... they look
    .prettier than your hands are rich