Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Monday, April 13, 2020

Easter Bunnies and Flowers

Hello dear readers,  Happy Passover! Happy Easter!

I hope everybody is taking care of themself and staying safe.  We have an option to be patient or to be a patient.

After sculpting and baking seven more tiny bunnies, I discovered that instead of white, I used transparent Fimo.  Much as I hated it, I had to sculpt new bunnies again.


I already mentioned how I hate kneading Fimo.  As I don't use it very often my Fimo gets old.
I almost threw it away but not having the option of going out to buy new ones I experimented with adding hand cream to the crumbles. First I added a drop and seeing that it held the crumbles together, I added a little more cream. Hooray! My white Fimo became soft like new. The idea is based on when I make cold porcelain clay, in order to keep it elastic I have to use cold cream.

I've been working several hours a day, crafting bunnies and flowers and thinking why is it when I have all the time for making miniatures, I spend it reading, on the phone or WhatsApp with friends and family in and outside the country, watching TV, etc. and time flies away with very little accomplished.

I had to reduce the bases of all the nutshell so that they could fit under the domes. Then had to paint them again. You can see how tiny the bunnies are compared with a bought 1/12" bunny.

Instead of throwing them away, the seven translucent bunnies (down in the photo below) will be given to Dana. My teenage great-grandchild has a very creative mind of her own.  I'll see what she's going to do with them.

Here is another frugal way to make leaves.  In the past, I used only the tiny flowers but painted green the half-moons can pass as floral branches for a flower arrangement.

Don't forget to exercise and do some workouts every once in a while during the long days.  Too much sitting down, is bad for the body, especially the bum.

Keep safe! Blessings to all!


  1. Your bunnies are seriously adorable!

  2. Oh the bunnies are just so adorable and I am amazed at all the detail you manage to put into each one! How do you even see that tiny?!>
    I just love each of the nut houses with their welcoming carpet of pretty flowers, and the domes make such a perfect display case!
    Glad you are staying busy and getting your body moving throughout the day! When life opens back up you'll be in better shape than ever!!!

  3. This is a great saying - patient or patient. And it's right, we have not everything in our hands but we can do our best not to become a patient by staying patient.

    You really made me grin with your remark about time flying away being spent with all sorts of activity but not miniatures, it's the same for me... my work desk is grumbling with me. But luckily I have two ears and to my excuse I must say that the weather was fine until yesterday and we enjoyed the spring sun at the terrace.

    But you've been very productive and the result is stunning. I already hear the excitement of the receivers when they'll get their scenes. These are awesome in every way, both the playful bunnies and the lovely gnome. The scenery is beautiful, very well done - and bravo for finding a fantastic use for these bows/moons.

    Keep on crafting, stay safe and keep you bum busy. ;O)


  4. Muy bonitas todas las escenas y la cúpula perfecta. La idea de hidratar el fimo una gran idea, así has podido hacer esos conejitos preciosos.Sigue cuidándote ,besos:-)

  5. Me encantan tus nueces!!! Todas! Me encantan los conejitos, los gnomos, esas flores y setas diminutas... se ven adorables en su urna de cristal ♥ Tienes razón en lo que dices... parece que el día no va a terminar y de pronto has estado tan ocupado que no ha dado tiempo de hacer nada :) Sueño con el día en que todo esto solo sea un mal recuerdo... Cuídate mucho, Drora y no dejes tus nueces; traerán mucha alegría muy pronto, ya lo verás :) Un abrazo

  6. Your bunnies and Easter scenes are wonderful!! They make beautiful gifts. And thank you for the tip about Fimo. Something that discourages me very easily is when it´s hard and difficult to work with. I will try this for sure. Please keep being good, creating and enjoying the time the best you can. Stay safe and take care xxx

  7. How clever to put some cream into the Fimo
    Your bunny`s are lovely

    Stay safe and healty big hug Xandra

  8. To be patient, or to be patient, that's nowadays so true, Drora!! You should think that most of us have patience, seen the fact that we all have making miniatures as a hobby... ;O) *grin*?? So, I've been (and I still am) very patient and make the best out of it, so.....I make miniatures, skype with my children and little grandson, who has now discovered the "off" button, so if he has had enough Granny time he switches off, hehehehe, I so love this rascal! Next to this I'm busy with lot of things that has to be done, but I'm also enjoying much the fact I have a garden so I can go out for a little while, work in my garden (who has never been ready for the coming season as fast as now ;O) and my household, so no, I'm not bored at all.
    But you have been so busy with creating your mini scenes and making lovely flowers and adorable tiny bunnies, Drora, the result is wonderful! And thank you so much for sharing another way for making leaves, that's a great find!
    I hope you can stay busy, stay safe and busy!
    Warm hugs, Ilona

  9. The bunnies are adorable. And the little scene are terrific with these beautiful flowers.

  10. What a great sentence "to be patient or to be a patient"!!! Your little bunnies are sweet and I love them in your nutsheel scene. All nutshells are gorgeous.

  11. Perfectas todas las escenas. Me encanta la idea de proteger las escenas, ya sabes que yo intento siempre hacerlo.
    El tutorial de las flores fabuloso..
    Un saludo

  12. El moldeado de los conejitos es perfecto. La escena ha quedado preciosa

  13. Que maravillosos conejitos has hecho Drora,se les ve tan bonitos en sus pequeñas casas! Ya lamento la equivocación con el fimo transparente...
    Yo para el fimo que se ha quedado seco y resquebrajado,siempre he utilizado aceite de bebé y también va muy bien.
    Muy buena idea la de las hojas con ese cortador!

  14. Tus escenas en las nueces son cada vez más bonitas.
    Los conejitos son una monada, y aunque sean translúcidos, me gustan mucho !!!

  15. Oh my goodness Drora! Your bunnies are multiplying in miniature , just as they are known to do in Real Life! I think that your handcream idea is a Good one and I shall be filing it away for referral since hard crumbly Fimo is a familiar problem I often experience too!
    Your tiny nutshell houses have turned out so well and I love the gardens you've made for each of them! , but I wonder if a few carrots for your critters would also come in handy?

  16. Wonderful work! We just have to be patient. The corona won't stay here forever. Nothing does.

  17. un conjunto de escenitas muy lindas!