Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Thursday, July 4, 2019

My name is Katherine - my friends call me Kitty

Hello dear readers,

Would you believe it?  Today, two months later, I received birthday gifts which were sent to
me by Tatiana, my dear friend from Ukraine, on May 20.  Luckily, Tatiana realizing that
the parcel didn't arrive, sent me the registered number and I was able to track down the parcel.
At the post office, they told me that two messages to my cell phone to come and claim it
were left unanswered.  Of course, the messages were sent to a wrong number.
I'm so ashamed and furious that we have such a clumsy post service. At last, the parcel was
located.  Still, it took over 2 weeks to get to me.

You cannot imagine how happy and relieved I was to open the parcel and find
this gorgeous cat girl doll, handcrafted by Tatiana, one of the most gifted miniaturist friends
I'm fortunate to have.

Kitty has got on a beautiful dress, hat, and shoes all made by Tatiana.

And, Kitty didn't come empty-handed. She brought me a beautiful vase filled
with gorgeous flowers.  A beautiful piece of lace adorned the lovely box.
Look at how sweet her little tail pips out of her dress.

Suddenly, a welcome committee arrived to inspect the lovely newcomer.
Baalatova and Solly love Kitty. She was invited to listen to Baalatova old,
fascinating stories along with Solly.

So, all is well that it ends well.  Blessings my friends


  1. Dear Drorа! Thanks for the kind words! I am very pleased! I'm glad Kitty met Baalatova and Solly!

  2. Ooooh, what a lovely surprise of Tatiana, yes, I fully agree with you that Tatiana is one of the most multi talented miniaturists in the world. What a gorgeous cat doll you've got for your birthday, and those wonderful flowers, wow!!
    Enjoy these gifts sent from Tatiana, dearest Drora. What a unpleasant story about your postal services, I hope they won't do this again :(.
    Hugs, Ilona

  3. Kitty is adorable as well as all your characters. I am sure she has found her forever happy home

  4. Hola Drora,
    Que bonita muñequita te ha regalado Tatiana :D y ella y su vestidito están llenos de detallitos. Casi no me atrevo a pensar lo chiquita que seguro es y el montón de cositas que lleva. A disfrutar mucho de tu regalito después de la larga busqueda por correos.

  5. Wonderful presents!!! You must have been worried about the parcel, fortunately it wasn't lost...

  6. Wonderful gifts from Tatiana.

  7. Felicidades Drora, la muñequita es adorable y el jarrón precioso !!!

  8. What an incredibly special doll and arrangement! So worth the wait and for you to extend your birthday celebrations!
    Special people like you should be showered all year long with love and presents!

  9. Disfrutas de ese fantástico regalos, ¡que susto! menos mal que llego, mejor tarde que nunca.Besos:-)

  10. ¡Son unos regalos preciosos Drora!

  11. Wow your cat girl is stunning. Tatiana is so very talented. Beautiful vase and flowers. Enjoy your wonderful gifts.
    Hugs Maria

  12. I love stories with a happy ending!!! What a relief that this tiny masterpiece made by our dear friend Tatiana (who is of course one of the most outstanding miniature artists to be found) has finally arrived at your place. Although it took too long and made you and without Tatiana too loose a nerve a two ;O)

    Kitty is adorable like all of Tatiana's awesome figurines and I also like her lovely outfit and the beautiful birthday bouquet you've received. And how nice that Kitty was so cordially welcomed by Baalatova and Solly. I only wonder what stories the two did hear… *smile*


  13. ,Hello Drora

    !Wow, what a generous friend you have in Tatiana
    .She must have put so much work into those gifts

    .It's great to see Baalatova and Solly so well
    And how nice that the two of them immediately befriended
    .little Kitty

    I am glad that you were able to locate the parcel after

    ,Have a great week
    ,Kisses to Kitty, Baalatova and Solly