Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Sunday, June 30, 2019


Hello dear readers

I tried Megan's tip for splitting walnuts into halves. "soak them in water for a day or two. It softens the seam and you can split them easily and without damaging the shell. Of course, the flesh of the nut will be soggy and unappetizing so you have to decide what you want, the nut or the shell".  This method is far better
than the previous one.  Almost all the soaked nuts split in perfect halves which were easier to scrap clean
inside. Thanks again Megan.

I never expected so many people around me, especially family members who never before
showed much interest in my work, to want the gnomes homes. Now I have my hands full with work
making more.

But it gets boring doing gnome scenes only, so I'm attempting nativity and maybe, later on, snowmen, etc.

I  wish you a pleasant, creative week with blessings.


  1. Hi Drora, thank you for sharing Megan's tip, I didn't know this too.
    Yes, I know what you mean with making nut shells, variety in subject is absolutely neccessary. I had the same feeling with making flowers/plants only, a bit of variety in subject/project can do miracles for the maker ;O.
    I love these tiny homes for nativity and gnomes in a nut shell, Drora, they are so cute!!
    Have a nice week too, dear Drora.
    Hugs, Ilona

  2. What great instructions on how to halve walnuts! Anyway, I must admit that I'm not a big fan of gnomes but your eeny teeny super-mini-sized gnome scene is really cute! This gave me an inspiration to go and buy some whole walnuts and experiment with such a small scene. Maybe something to do with the sea and boats.

  3. Oh Drora! The nativity scenes are absolutely precious! I can't blame each person in your life for wanting to have one! They are so cute!
    I am glad that you found a method for splitting the shells that works better! Too bad my doggies aren't around for the soggy nuts - they's love them!

  4. Un resultado maravilloso y muy alegra.
    Un salduo

  5. Estoy segura de que harás maravillas con esas cáscaras!!!

  6. Aww...they're sweet! Nice work.

  7. Que bonitas te han quedado tus escenas,tan pequeñas y los gnomos tan divertidos!! Es normal que tu familia preste más atención a éste tipo de mini escenas,se ven maravillosas!

  8. I too love the nativity scene.

  9. Son unas escenitas adorables !!!

  10. .Your walnuts really turned out beautiful, Drora
    .Such a great tip from Megan for splitting them more easily

    .It's not hard to imagine that everyone wants one
    .The one with the gnome is gorgeous
    .I love all the tiny red mushrooms

    .The miniature nativities are beautiful also
    .What great and inspiring ideas

  11. what beautiful achievements! I really like these mini-scenes. thanks for your advice.

  12. What a great advice from Megan, thanks for sharing - I'll keep that in mind for next walnut season. It made me smile all over that even the people who usually don't show any interest in your work (how very familiar) are fascinated by your nutshell scenes and become greedy and possesive. *LOL* Your scenes are beyond cute, your tiny clay figurines are awesome. I like this new gnome scene with the door very much and am in awe with your nativity scenes, wonderful work. And do I have to mention at all how exciting a snowman scene sounds to me? So go and dive more walnuts into water - I really want to see many more of these nut scenes from you! ;O)


  13. A great tip from Megan. Impossible to remain indifferent to these small masterpieces.

  14. Que buena idea te dieron, me parece fantástica .
    Te quedaron gemiales todos, pero el del gnomo es muy simpático y diferente. Me encanta.

  15. Ohhhhh que cosita tan maravillosa!!!!! La natividad me gusta pero la ultima cascarita tan colorida con su gnomo y las setas...esa se me ha hecho irresistible, amor a primera vista, jajaja. Mamma mía pero como puedes moldear tan chiquito,jajaja, es que no puedo imaginar como cabe todo eso en una cascara de nuez :P

  16. No lo puedo creer!!! Acabo de comentar otra entrada de tu blog porque voy con retraso y al ver tus gnomos y sus casitas dentro de una cáscara de nuez se me ha representado un Nacimiento... Hasta te he comentado invitándote a probar suerte y ahora paso a otra entrada y ahí están!!! MAGIA! Ese último gnomo es absolutamente adorable! ♥ Un beso

  17. I'm so glad that my method of splitting wallnuts works better for you too, Drora! I once needed to make 250 little sailboats using half a wallnut shell, so I consider myself an expert on nut splitting, haha. Your Nativity scenes are stunning!!! And I can just imagine that a snowman or two would be popular too. Have you tried adding a loop to the nutshell so they can hang in a tree or in front of a window? As you can tell, I'm enchanted with your project.

  18. What lovely Drora your wallnuts

    Greetings Xandra