Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Friday, July 26, 2019

Recycled material for making tiny mini trees

Hello dear readers,

Today I'm going to show you, with photos, how I make tiny trees for nutshell scenes.

These are dried out pieces of grape stems.

I glued on green pieces of foam and this is the result.  It is also possible to
create bonsai trees with this method.

For dyeing the foam I made a mixture of 2/3 green acrylic paint and 1/3 water in a
small container and pushed inside two small chunks of foam. The foam was kept
soaking for an hour or two and been turned around several times.  I used a bamboo
skewer instead of my fingers, for taking it out to dry on some newspapers.
When dry I cut very tiny pieces to make the leaves.  I love the results with the shades
of green.

Used this small container to dye two pieces of this foam.

You can cut the foam into very small pieces before and the green will coat the pieces
overall and evenly.  I wanted the effect of shades.

These were cut again to make even smaller pieces.

Now every gnome has a home as well as a tree.  Both trees stand, temporarily
on Plasteline. The tree on the left is with bought railway foam. The tree on the right has
my recycled foam. Which do you like more?

I wish you a lovely weekend and blessings.


  1. So cute! I like your dyed foam the best. The color variation looks so natural!

  2. Honestly I like both. They look like different types of trees to me. Happy little gnomes with their little trees!

  3. Por supuesto me gusta más el tuyo, se vé más natural

  4. Un resultado fantástico y encantador con esos gnomos.
    Un saludo

  5. My head is on vacation... I meant to write that your grape stems are great. I really don't know any Hebrew at all so I don't know what happened above

  6. This is so clever, Drora! And such a tiny scale to work in and photograph!
    I do like the homemade foliage, too, as the color variations really add to the depth. Another marvelous creation!

  7. Perfectos y muy bonitos esos árboles,me encantan Drora,gran idea!!

  8. Me apunto tu método de hacer árboles. ¡muy bonitos!

  9. Wonderful trees I like both. Fantastic idea with the grape stems and the foam. Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas.
    Hugs Maria

  10. What a great post - thanks for sharing your "secrets" with us. Using grape stems to create tiny trees is such a clever idea - and the way you've done your "homemade foliage" is awesome. It's very interesting to see both of them in the last picture. When it comes to the shades of green yours is of course the better one, the different shades make the tree more vivid and realistic. But when it comes to the foliage I can't tell which one is better - and this is meant as a true compliment for your homemade greenery which is less expensive and offers the opportunity to create different colors. Wonderful work!


  11. Que fantastica idea Drora.Preciosos arboles.Un beso

  12. Your tiny trees are simply Adorable Drora and what a great idea to use the dried grape stems as their trunks! The tiny gnomes appear content with the shade from both of them! :D

  13. Fantastic how you make the mini trees, also the little gnomes you make, great

  14. These little trees are gorgeous.

  15. Jajajaja, aun alucino, con rabitos de uva, no se me ocurre usar eso para arbolitos ni sacando humo por la cabeza jajaja, pero te han quedado de lo mas realistas, unos arbolitos la mar de frondosos y bonitos.

  16. Your little trees are fantastic.

  17. Ohhhh! Son tan diminutos que no puedo creerlo!!! Me encantan tus gnomos, Drora, son una delicia. Un beso

  18. What beautiful Drora the little trees and gnomes

    Big hug Xandra