Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Sunday, October 9, 2016

The Skellies' Tale continues

Hello dear readers,

Did you know that there is a great difference in time for skeletons and for the living.  A year long for us the living equals a week for the skeletons.

The Skellies are  frustrated. A "week"  has passed and no news from Leona and he friends.
Without the cats the Skellies have no link with what goes on in the living world around them.

At long last, Leona still a lizard, found the soup. Yick!! she found it so disgusting.  But was brave enough to take a sip.

Leona speeding back to the Skellies with some of the soup still stuck to her lips. She has turned back into her beautiful cat self and is very happy.

A happy reunion with the waiting Skellies.

Leona tells them about the nasty experience with Balaatova the ancient witch and her failure to turn her into a lovely Lioness.  She also complains about how revolting the magic soup was.

And as they stayed there all together, the issue about becoming ghosts came up.  Leona suggested
consulting Balaatova who was still limping but slowly approaching. The Skellies agreed it was a good idea.

If everything goes well the meeting will take place on Halloween. (to be continued.....)

For my new friends who have never read about the previous events poke here.

Blessings my friends and a happy creative week to all of you.


  1. ,Hello Drora

    !Such dramatic events in the month of Halloween
    !!A lizard turning back into a cat
    .Leona is so cute with the green soup on her mouth
    .Hester enjoyed the story
    :) .She says she will read up on past events

    ,Have a great week

  2. Jaaaaa! No conocía la historia hasta hoy pero me ha encantado!Celebro que Leona vuelva a ser un gatito! Jaaaa! Un abrazo, Drora

  3. Hooray!!! The skellies are back - and all the other wonderful characters. I'm sorry to hear poor Balaatova is still limping her way back home - but okay, if it's only one week that has passed... ;O) I'm glad Leona is back to her cat self - and she looks so lovely with the green soup on her mouth, as if she was licking herself with a green tongue. Well, as usual I can't wait for more - let's hope Balaatova will arrive soon!


  4. :-) que historia, no la canocía pero la sopa está genial.Feliz semana

  5. Qué gracioso!La sopa tiene un aspecto fantástico aunque a Leona no le guste.

  6. Que feliz reencuentro!! la sopa tiene un aspecto repugnante,pero es mágica y eso debe bastar! que pasará el día de halloween???? hay que esperar....


  7. you tell me the world disappears but it is not and although not discuss your tickets'm a day with them is just lack of time my life is a bit chaotic right now
    a big hug

    usted dirá que me desaparecí del mundo pero no es así y aunque no comente sus entradas estoy al dia con ellas solo es falta de tiempo mi vida es un poco caótica en estos momentos
    un gran abrazo

  8. It's wonderful to see your story here, and a partially happy ending too! Halloween is an especially fun time at Drora's Minimundo! Big hugs, dear friend. I'm glad we were able to chat recently. I look forward to doing it again soon. Big hugs! xo Jennifer

  9. Oh I do love that cauldron with green eyeball soup!! I am glad I don't have to taste it though :)! Blessings, Pam in Norway

  10. Nice story; perfect for Halloween. And your work is super.

  11. Great story Drora the pictures are great. I am very happy to see the Skellies again. So for the Halloween is only a few minutes away :D Great work.
    Hugs Maria

  12. It is a magical and interesting history. Thank you!

  13. Esa sopa da un poco de miedo, pero seguro que estará muy buena y será mágica como los dias de halloween.
    Un abrazo

  14. I am glad to see Leona got her form back! I think she needs to stay far away from Balatova! I look forward to seeing what will happen on Halloween!

  15. Me encanta leer tus historias y ver como al final leona a conseguido volver a convertirse en gato