Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Baalatova's potions shelves and table

Dear readers,

I'm afraid I became addicted to working with styrofoam.  Cutting it is effortless and the results are good.

This little shelves are made of styrofoam.  The legs are wooden beads from a bracelet which was a cheap find.


This other wooden shelves unit will be kept for another project.

Baalatova received great gifts from very dear and generous friends.  As soon as the house is
completed their names will appear.

Blessings to all of you


  1. La estantería ha quedado perfecta y parece de madera. ´Te ha quedado genial llena de pócimas y los regalos que has recibido son estupendos

  2. Great shelves and table with wonderful items. Surely Baavlatova enjoys them all! Hugs, piikko

  3. Oh I love the shelf! The wooden beads really make it look a little spooky - like little bones? Perfect for a Witch ☺. Really looking forward to see her house. Blessings,Pam in Norway

  4. ¡Pero si parece de madera! Ha quedado muy bien y me encanta todo lo que hay en los estantes.

  5. Es verdad, parece de madera!!! Qué cosas tan bonitas estás haciendo, Drora! Me dan ganas de ser una bruja! :) Un beso

  6. No wonder you are addicted to Styrofoam Drora. You get such great results with it x

  7. Styrofoam seems to be a good addiction... it leads to fantastic results and it's interesting that you're using it for furniture too. And what of kind of furniture! The shelf looks great and is so nicely decorated... looks like Baalatova is a talented witch. Only those who know many spells will need many ingredients... And now I'm curious about the other shelf... and about your story to continue!


  8. Wow Drora that shelf is amazing it looks like wood. Fantastic job you are getting wonderful items from the Styrofoam. I am looking forward to seeing more. You have a great collection of items.
    Hugs Maria

  9. Una estantería bien repleta de pociones y todo lo necesario tova estará encantada con ellos Baala!!
    Perfecta imitación de la madera Drora,genial!!
    Besos.para embrujos y sortilegios!!!

  10. The result of your shelves with styrofoam is amazing, they really look like wood.

  11. Your shlves and table are just beautiful and the items are perfect for a witch and for Halloween.

  12. Complimenti è veramente una bella credenza, ideale per Halloween

  13. Великолепная работа, Drora!
    Полка является шедевром. Никто не увидит, что она сделана из бусин и полистирола! Супер! Вы хорошо ее заполнили!
    Подарки друзей ошеломляющие! Наслаждайтесь!

  14. ,Drora

    ((: Such lovely work; Hester is green with envy right now

    ,Kind regards