Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Baalatova meets the Skellies

Hello dear readers, you probably want to know what happened at the meeting.

Baalatova and the cats arrived at the Skellies' dwelling.

Baalatova (Tired, after the long walking-limp) :

Lol, am a pleased to meet you, can I  first sit down and rest?


Please do.  we are very grateful for your visit.


The reason we so much appreciate your visit is that we need to consult with you about our problem. We believe you may be able to help us. Our dearest wish is to become ghosts.  We already applied to the Ghost Academy for training but got no response.  Rumors say there is a list of application so long, it may take years (in skeletones' time) to receive an answer.

Baalatova (surprised):

I do not understand why you want to be ghosts.  Why not stay as you are, good looking skeletons with unimpaired bones?


We are tired of staying this way.  We want to be able to float around silently in a sheltered mansion, to boo with pleasure and earn the respect of fellow ghosts.


I can help you skip the Academic stage by turning you directly into ghosts, but I shall need to find my magic wand in order to do so.  I must warn you though, without academic training  you will face DANGER.  The slightest storm, not to mention tornadoes and hurricanes, can blow untrained ghosts puff- away into endless space where they will be turned into dust.  I also have to disappoint you. Ghosts CANNOT haunt together, even when are fully trained graduates of the Ghost Academy. It's a rule. One ghost in one house. This means you'll be separated from each other.

Skella and Skelly  (deeply shocked):

Oh!  No!

Baalatova: Let me think of a solution.  Meanwhile stay in touch.  My home is not very far away. You can come visiting whenever you wish.

Baalatova (turning to the cats):

Leona and Felina, will you please show me the tree where you found my shawl?  I want to look around and search for my magic wand.   I lost both shawl and wand at the same tragic fall. Maybe I'll find the wand there.

Leona and Felina (Both together):

We'll be happy to help you.

Baalatova leaves accompanied by Leona and Felina.

(To be contd.....)

Dear friends,  do you think Baalatova will find an alternative occupation for the Skellies or will
they wait for a response from the Ghost Academy.  Let's wait for the next Halloween.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!  (Watch the video bellow)



  1. Mmmm... yo creo que esos dos deberían quedarse como están... Aunque confío en Baalatova me da miedo lo que pueda pasar... Estoy deseando saber, Drora! Jaaaaa! Un beso

  2. It's always a shock to learn about rules and laws even in the magical world, isn't it - Magica de Spell complains every year when the dragon tax is due... ;O) I'm sorry for the Skellies that their big wish causes so much problems and even more - important decisions. But I shall pass a greeting from my own bone wearers - Sir Paul, Aunt Paula and Boney would like to tell the Skellies that it's so much better to shake your bones than to boo along. Okay, I have to admit that Professor Boo and Egomil have a different opinion on this topic but really... Skelly without Skella? Hopefully not!!! Anyway, I'm glad that Baalatova is almost home again and that she is so helpful and wise... fingers crossed she will get her wand back. And I'm even more glad - and thankful - that I could read this new post of this wonderful story... and best of all... there is still more to come!!!


  3. Sería una pena que se tuvieran que separar. Veamos que se le ocurre a Baalatova.

  4. Захватывающая история!!!
    Baalatova является мудрой женщиной! Я думаю, что скелеты останутся вместе.

  5. ,Oh Drora

    ...Life in the wizarding world can be so complicated
    .I do hope Baalatova will find a solution

    .My wish is for the skellies to stay together
    ?Maybe somewhere in or near Baalatova's house

    ,Hester sends them kisses

  6. Baalatova done! I'm sure it will come up with something for the Skellies.