Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Friday, October 21, 2016

The cats found a black shawl

Hello dear readers,

Since we last left the Skellies, there has been a very important turn of events.

Leona and  Felina were sent on a look out for Baalatova to see if she was coming their way.  Also to try and persuade her to  stop by and visit the Skellies.


Look Leona, there is something black and strange hanging down the tree in front?


We'll have to get nearer and see what it is.


I've never seen a thing like this.  We'd better go back and bring it to the Skellies to examine.

It's a shawl.  Ages ago I used to wear one like it on cool nights to keep me warm.

Skelly suddenly excited:

 How fortunate! Now we have a good excuse to make acquaintance with Baalatova.
 It must be cold roaming around at nights and a shawl to warm her up can be welcomed.    
 We shall send it to her with the cats.

The cats,  a little fearful,  approach Baalatova.


Hey Leona! I'm so relieved to see you again and happy that the terrible spell
did not last. Did you like the eye soup?

Leona :  Starts stuttering ......

Felina (Saves the situation):

We found this shawl hanging from a tree.  Would you like to have it?

Baalatova (Beams with pleasure):

Why!  This is my shawl.  I lost it together with my magic wand in that terrible flying- broom accident!  Oh how I missed it!
What can I do for you in return.  I see you are shaking.  Don't fear, I am not going to try any new tricks with the wrong wands.

Leona :

It is the Skellies you have to thank.  They asked us to bring  it to you.  If you like to thank them
personally, they are not far away from here.  We can show you the way.

Baalatova, after wearing the shawl feels comfortable and cozy and  in a compliant mood.

Oh well, lead on.

And this is how it happened that Baalatova will be coming to meet the Skellies on Halloween Day.

felina     , there is something strange hanging down from this tree.  Lets go and see what it is.


  1. Que bien que encontraron el chal de Baalatova!! así no pasará frío en su camino de vuelta a casa,esperemos que la visita a los Skellies sea tranquila y armoniosa! Que sucederá???

  2. Un chal precioso y unos gatos muy traviesos, feliz fin de semana:-)

  3. Ohhhh! Ya falta poco para ese encuentro. Intuyo que todo irá bien pero nunca se sabe... Tienes que contarnos, Drora! En cuanto sepas algo, tienes que contarnos :) Un beso

  4. magnifica historia muy apropiada para la epoca
    un abrazo

  5. ,Drora

    .Leona and Felina are such cute little kitties

    I wonder what’ll happen when Baalatova meets the

    ,Have a pleasant weekend

  6. Con lo bien que le queda a Baalatova ¡ Qué bien que lo haya recuperado!

  7. utilidades de un gato negro ...jaaaa

  8. Me encanta leer tus historias. Son estupendas

  9. Nooooooooooooooo... you're kidding, aren't you????!!!! You can't keep me hanging here until Halloween!!! I can't wait so many days for this wonderful story to continue... *sob* But okay... if I must... I will... what else can I do... it always makes my day to see the Skellies and the witch cats and now even Baalatova is personally limping on the scene, what more could I ask for? Okay, rhetoric question... for more posts... *teehee*

    Birgit (who shall pass a greeting from Gertie who says she's always interested in international eye soup recipes)

  10. Exciting, hope the witch stays in a good mood. Love your little stories very much. Blessings, Pam in Norway

  11. Nice story and beautiful scenes.

  12. Ooo I am so glad that the Skellies are at last going to meet Baalatova. I really hope she will help them. Fantastic story Drora.
    Hugs Maria

  13. I had fun with the story, but you have left me with intrigue, hahaha ... A big hug

  14. Interesting story! Read it a lot of fun. Thank you!