Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Friday, February 6, 2015

Christmas gifts in February

Hello dear friends,

Before I continue I want to thank you again for your care and encouraging comments.  My husband
is slowly getting better and already walks indoors without the help of a cane.  He's, thank God, on
his way to recovery.

I have scarcely been able to visit blogs or work on minis.  I try to, whenever there is time, to see
what's going on and make comments.

Two parcels arrived this week.  One late, for very sad circumstances, the other is a replacement for
one which got lost.  I am very happy with all my gifts.

From Sharee :

If you want to learn how the cute little angel and cake plate are made, go see Sharee's blog where
she explains how it was done.

Thank you Sharee for these little treasures.

From Maria:

Maria's parcel was lost on it's way and she made me a new one.  I was appalled to realize how
outrageous the post charges were and the extra expenses caused to my dear friend.

The knitted garments are adorable! Thank you dear Maria!

Yesterday, my miniatures from the show came back after nearly 6 months of display.  I'll have
to keep some in boxes.  There is no more shelf space for them.  There are already projects
that I didn't finish just because of lack of space.  It's getting to be a problem.

I wish all my followers and readers a wonderful weekend.  Blessings


  1. Dear Drora, I am so happy to hear the good news about your husband!
    Gongrats on having got wonderful parcels from generous Ladies!

  2. ,Dear Drora
    .I'm sorry to read that your husband wasn't well
    .You got nice gifts
    Hugs Dorien

  3. Hi Drora. So good to hear your husband is on his road to recovery. Thank you for doing a post on my swap gifts. I see the rose came off the cake plate. As I had advised earlier I was not at all impressed with the new expensive glue I had bought for gluing metal items. Maria's gifts are great - such beautiful knitting.

  4. Muy bonitos regalos, me alegro de que su marido esté mejor. Un abrazo

  5. Yes, space is always a problem, I know something about it. ;) Good to hear your husband is feeling better. :) Enjoy your pretty gifts!

  6. Me alegro que su marido se encuentre mejor.
    Preciosos regalos.

  7. I am glad that your husband is getting better. I love those sweaters and socks !set. Enjoy

  8. Congratulations on your beautiful gifts from Sharee and Maria. International postal charges are really outrageous in some countries, including here in the U.S. I'm so glad to hear that your husband is feeling better but sad to hear that you have no more room to store your miniatures. I hope you can find a solution soon. I recently cleared out some things I no longer needed and then did some creative re-arranging. Now everything is together again. xo Jennifer

  9. Drora,que bonito que la navidad se extienda hasta febrero con tan maravillosos regalos,eres muy afortunada!!!!

  10. Un régal pour les yeux ces petits cadeaux!! Merci pour le tuto du post précédant,la poussette est charmante!!
    Belle journée à vous et à votre mari!

  11. Dear Drora, I'm so glad to hear that the recovery of your husband goes well.
    Congratulations on your wonderful gifts of Sharee and Maria, enjoy!
    Yes, the international postal charges are outrageous, here in The Netherlands too, especially if I want to send something to foreign countries by the registered post!!
    I wish you a very nice weekend, take care!
    Hugs, Ilona

  12. so pleased your husband is recovering well, I hope he continues to do well,xx

  13. I'm glad to hear that your husband is feeling better.
    Beautiful gifts from dear friends.

  14. Дорогая Drora!
    Я рада слышать, что ваш муж чувствует себя лучше!
    Это так приятно слышать! Замечательные подарки от друзей!

  15. I'm so glad to hear the good news about your husband - I was really worried because you have been so quiet and absent on the blogs but now it is a big relief that you're back. You received wonderful gifts from Sharee and Maria and about storage problems - well, that's why my family plays in the lottery! My only hope is a big win, enough for a big big house with one, two, three, four rooms just for miniatures. Well, others dream to be movie stars or of driving a Ferrari - this is my dream... *LOL*


  16. Me alegro que tu marido esté mejorando , unos regalos preciosos. Feliz fin de semana:-)

  17. I wish for a healthy and quick recovery for your husband Drora
    All my best to you and your family in ths tough time.

    It must have been so lovely to recive those wonderful gifts fro freinds. I
    hope you have some time to relax and play

  18. I am glad your husband is getting better! The gives are very nice I hope they gave you a few smiles.

  19. Lack of space? What that mean? I haven't ever heard about this kind of a problem. :D:D:D -Enjoy your gifts! Merry February! :)

  20. Unos regalos estupendos y una gran noticia que tu marido mejore.

  21. Hello Drora,
    I am so happy your husband is better. You are both in my thoughts. You got some beautiful packages, enjoy them.
    Big hug,

  22. Querida Drora, me siento muy feliz, que su marido se esté recuperando, espero que pronto esté totalmente restablecido!!
    Los regalos que ha recibido son preciosos. Un fuerte abrazo, Carmen

  23. I am so happy that your husband is recovering. I am glad my package arrived this time :) Sharee's gifts are wonderful I love the Christmas socks. I know what you mean about space lol I never thought miniatures would take up sooo much space :D
    Hugs Maria

  24. Me alegro muchísimo que su marido se encuentre mejor y vaya recuperándose. Felicidades por su regalos, son preciosos. El tener espacio es siempre un problema, pero seguro que le encuentra alguna solucion. Un saludo Drora.