Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Sunday, February 22, 2015

A Very Easy Shoes Rack Tutorial

 Hello dear readers,

After making the little shoes rack I showed you in my previous post, I wanted to make a larger,
12" scale, rack.  Here is what I used to make this.

Two chopsticks
8 long (barbeceu) matches
4 regular match sticks
Tacky glue

The chopsticks come tapered at their ends.  Cut about 7- 8 cms lengths from the tapered end down and glue together.  Cut off the long matches' heads and glue together 7 and 3.  Straiten the ends.

From the match sticks cut pieces and glue to the chopsticks triangles.

First glue the wider shelf to the triangles.  When dry glue the other shelf.

If you cut the chopsticks longer you can make it a plant rack.

A warm welcome to my new follower Tiina.  Thank you for following.

Wishing you all a wonderful creative week with hugs and blessings.


  1. Te ha quedado genial Drora, tanto para zapatos como para poner flores, es estupendo. Muchas gracias por compartir con todos tu trabajo.

  2. Que bien se ven los zapatos expuestos en esa estantería. Gracias por el tutorial. Un beso.

  3. Great work. Thank you very much for sharing the tutorial. Hugs, Melli

  4. Thank you Drora for this wonderful tutorial. Your tutorials are always so easy to follow. Now where did I put those chopsticks :)
    Hugs Maria

  5. Thank you for sharing this wonderful tutorial :)!
    Wishing you a nice evening and a good week.
    Hugs, Ilona

  6. Great rack and thank you for this turtorial! Great ides! Hugs

  7. ,Dear Drora
    .How smart to use the chop sticks
    !Thank you for sharing
    .Hugs Dorien

  8. Me encanta esa estantería hecha con fósforos, un abrazo

  9. Ah, this always looks so easy when you're doing it - and you're very good at showing and explaining! What a wonderful tutorial... your shelf is gorgeous.


    P.S.: You've asked about the spider windows... well, first was the kit with the very huge windows and I needed a solution what to do with them. So I thought I should try my poor version of stained glass again... and then the spider webs came to mind and I gave it a try, if I could do this with my trustworthy stickerlines... ;O) Well, I was lucky, I guess...also because I still had the coloured glass stickers in my stash that made a good addition to the spider webs.

  10. Bonita estanteria, gracias por el tutorial. Un saludo, Eva

  11. An other nice shoe rack Drora

    Dear greetings of Xandra

  12. Привет Drora!
    Вы показали нам замечательный урок! Полка для обуви смотрится очень хорошо!
    Я желаю вам хорошую неделю!

  13. Hello Drora,
    thank you for the great how to. It is a lovely stand.
    Big hug,

  14. Its a wonderful show rack anda great tut.. kinda want to see if can make this for myself in lifescale! I love your little bonsai on it also ;)

  15. You're always so good at making all kind of miniatures. Here is another great one.

  16. HI! Yesterday we made shoes at our miniclub meeting. So, perhaps I need a shoe track now. Thanks for the great tutorial Drora! :)

  17. They look great! Good idea using chopsticks and long matches as a wood source. Thanks for sharing :)

  18. Una estantería perfecta y utilizando un material bien barato,gran idea Drora!!!!

  19. sencillo y practico me gusta , y usted hace que parezca sencillo de hacer aunque estoy seguro que tiene su dificultad
    un abrazo

  20. Drora, This is something I am going to try to make. Thank you for sharing!

    Hugs, Felma

  21. Una idea estupenda, y a ti te ha quedado genial, felicidades:-)

  22. Thank you for the nice tutorial, Drora. Your shoe racks are really lovely! xo Jennifer

  23. A super idea! With that pattern l guess one could make almost any type of shelf. Love the tiny sandals, soo sweet. Blessings, Pam in Norway xx

  24. Thank you for the tutorial, Dror!.

  25. Thanks for sharing! Your shoe rack is beautiful! Hannah

  26. What a lovely tutorial but most of all, what cute shoe racks that you have made. Big hug

  27. Querida Drora, un magnifico tutorial, gracias por compartirlo. Un abrazo, Carmen

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