Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Magical Witchy Chic Herb Garden

Hello dear readers

Yesterday my purchase from Birgit's Etsy shop arrived.  I am more than delighted with my new
treasure and not only that but Birgit being, what we all know, the kindest and most generous
person on the blogs, sent me some wonderful extras, all useful and suitable for a project I have in mind.

This what I purchased, a magical witchy chic herb garden.

And these are all the extras Birgit sent along.

Three extra magical mushrooms and a small skull.  I planted them in flower pots which
I recently created.

Magic perfume bottles.

Thank you dear Birgit for your wonderful surprise gifts!!!

Here is also a photo of what came out of the kilt last week.  I was busy making clay Valentine cakes and cookies and other ceramic clay miniatures.

While the clay was still soft enough,  I cut some pots in half.  These will be good to glue directly on
the wall of some terrace of patio.

I also made a few more strollers. One I gave away to the curator of the Jaffa museum.

Today is one of the dreariest days of the year.  It's foggy and windy and as well as very cold.
According to the weather forecasts tomorrow is going to be worse. The best to do is stay home and work on my miniatures and/or, if blogger permits it, visit your blogs.

Hugs and blessings to all


  1. Es todo precioso, me encantan las macetas y los juguetes. Un abrazo. Arantza.

  2. So very cute and fine purchase! Love also all the extras.. Birgit is such a Lovely Lady!
    Your projet is going to be very interesting! I'll be waiting to see more!

  3. Hello Drora,
    What lovely puirchases. Birgit is an incredibly lovely person. I look forward to s eing your new clay miniatures all finished. I hope the bad weather will not last.
    Big hug to you and your husband

  4. ,Dear Drora
    !What an adorable strollers you made
    Hugs Dorien

  5. Hi Drora! your strollers are cuuute, ! I very like also your the newest purchase - beautiful things! warm hugs, Magda

  6. Me encantan esas plantas y todas esas cosas bonitas que te envío Birgit de regalo! No has perdido el tiempo por lo que puedo apreciar en las fotos, qué gran cantidad de cosas estás preparando, estoy deseando ver en donde las empleas. Un abrazo

  7. How mysterious! Birgit did a great job! I like the googly eyed plant. lol Your clay things are really nice. like the idea of pots again the wall too.

  8. The theme garden in a planter is so cute! It's very well done! Love it! And the little extras are so precious! You are going to create something quite magical and fun. I can't wait to see it!

  9. What a lovely purchase and wonderful gifts! Your pottery looks fantastic. I adore the chocolate cake with hearts that you made me. It has a permanent spot in Bluebelle's cake shop. Your strollers are really adorable, especially that tiny one. The curator must have been thrilled! I'm really looking forward to the magical world you create with all of the goodies you received from dear Birgit. xo Jennifer

  10. This arrangement of plants with mushrooms is fantastic. And your little prams gorgeous.

  11. Great miniatures! Which we all that know Brigit know. :) Enjoy your staying home and stay safe. :) Hugs

  12. Hi Drora! Your purchase of Birgit is wonderful, enjoy it :D! Yes, Birgit is such a sweet and thoughtful lady, she has even spoiled you with some extra things, that's so very Birgit :)!
    Your ceramic miniatures look great and the little prams are wonderful work and so colorful.
    I wish you a nice week, stay warm.
    Hugs, Ilona

  13. Querida Drora, espero que esté bien y su marido se encuentre mejor de salud.
    Las minis son preciosas, me gustan tanto que no sabría cual elegir. Un abrazo, Carmen

  14. I love all your items from Birgit I have also purchased some of her gorgeous work recently lol Drora I think maybe our new project are similar. Birgit is such a kind generous friend enjoy your wonderful items. Your strollers are beautiful and is on my very long list of to-do's :) I cant wait to see your pots and other clay items finished.
    Hugs Maria

  15. What a beautiful purchases, enjoy a lot Drora, hugs

  16. Bonita compra y regalos.
    Me gustan mucho los cochecitos.

  17. Wonderful gifts!
    Stay home and keep warm and make minis! That is a Happy recipe!
    I Love all your tiny baking.

  18. Oh my... *blush* thanks for your kind words! I'm glad you like what I've sent to you and I can't wait to see you starting to work on a project where all of this will be hopefully useful. - What a great lof of wonderful clay items, how clever to make some wall pots too. And some more of your strollers, these are so lovely and cute, I bet the curator was over the moon. Stay warm as good as you can!


  19. Beautiful items Drora! Birgit is so nice and thoughtful. Nice clay items too. Hope the weather allows you to make lots of minis. Hugs Felma

  20. I love brigits magical gardens! They are so lovely I am glad you have one of your own now!

    You have been pretty busy making wonderful valentines goodies!

    Its cold and dreary here too,,waiting on the warm!!

  21. Me encantan todas esas plantas mágicas y los regalos que has recibido!!! Me quedo intrigada por saber en que consiste tu nuevo proyecto!!!
    Aquí también hace frío y está oscuro,un buen momento para dedicar a las miniaturas o visitar los blogs!!

  22. Le petit jardin en pot est magnifique, j'aime beaucoup les petites poussettes

  23. The magical garden is amazing. and your strollers are very nice.

  24. Какие замечательные миниатюры Биргит!
    Вы сделали большую работу из глины!
    Ваши детские коляски очень милые!

  25. Que cosas mas bonitas nos has enseñado, disfruta de todas ellas , son verdaderamente preciosas. Un beso.

  26. Birgit sent so many wonderful extras! And you bought a wonderful piece of her work!! Hope you get better weather now! Hannah