Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Toy Stroller Tutorial

Hello my dear readers

Thank you for your sincere interest and good wishes about my family health crisis. It helps a
lot to know that  you care.

My dear husband, who is also my best friend, suffered sudden, severe left side chest pains accompanied by inability to use his left leg.  This was a most frightening experience for both of us.  I called emergency and we went right away, by ambulance,  to the nearest hospital.  Fortunately, all
the tests, ECG, blood tests and X rays were negative.  The doctors wanted him to stay under observation for 48 hours, but my daughters and I decided to bring him back home since the wards were completely full with the only beds available  in the corridors.  Fortunately, he feels a little better now. He still finds it difficult to walk and uses a walking cane but now his right leg hurts too and both legs are weak.

I decided it's time to give something back in return for all the lovely tutorials by
generous friends on the blogs.  Here is a tutorial for making a cute little doll stroller which
uses very simple craft materials that can be easily found .  In fact, I had them all at
home.  It helps keeping you occupied when the weather is bad.

Meet Yanna, a precious little doll created by Tatiana . The dress too is made by Tatian.  Yanna is
delighted with her new toy.

To make this toy stroller you will need:

For the chair

2 cm wide craft stick
1.5 cm wide tongue depress or
0.5 cm wide coffee stirrer.
1x1.5  cm piece of wood.

For the wheels

4 beads or buttons
2 babies cotton ear buds
2 long sewing pins or metal wire (For moving wheels)
  (you can just glue on 4 buttons if you don't intend the wheels to move.)
2 short sewing pins (or wire) for the handle.

1.  Cut 1.5 cm from each end of the large craft stick
2.  Cut 4.5 cm from the tongue depressor.
3.  From this 4.5 cm piece, make a cut ( not all the way through) from the flat end of 2.3 cm.
     This will enable the piece to be bent at an angle.
4.  Cut two 4 cm long pieces from both ends of the coffee stirrer.  Drill a tiny hole at the
     rounded tops and make a cross cut at the bottom.

You will also need  small piece of fabric for lining the seat.

Glue he chair pieces together.

Assembling the wheels

Cut two 2 cm long pieces from one of the ear buds.

Thread a long pin, or a piece of wire through the ear bud tube,fixing a round bead at each end.
secure ends with a drop of glue.  When dry, cut  away protruding wire.

I painted the wheels black before assembly and than glued them on with the 1.5 cm piece of
wood between them.

Stick each short pin inside the hole the two halves of the handle and thread both pins
through  1.5 cm piece of ear bud tube. Put a drop of glue to fix them firmly.

Paint and glue handle to the chair as in the photo.
You can now glue a piece of fabric of your choice to the seat.

When finished, you can decorate with decals, decoupage or whatever you have at hand. Use
your imagination.

This is what the stroller looks before decoration,

I'll be happy to answer any questions if there are.

The weather here turned normal.  The few last days are sunny and bright.

Hugs and blessings to all my readers.


  1. ,Dear Drora
    .I wish you and your husband stay in good health
    .Thank you for sharing the stroller
    .Hugs Dorien

  2. Hello Drora,
    Thank you for the great tutorial. I am so happy they found nothing severely wrong with your husband, but you will be in my prayers and I hope he gets well quickly and is not in any pain.
    Big hug to you both,

  3. Thank you for sharing this wonderful tutorial even when you are going this rough time! All my best wishes for a fast and easy recovery to your Husband. Hugs lady!

  4. Дорогая Drora!
    Я желаю скорейшего выздоровления для вашего супруга. Здоровье, это самое главное!
    Вы сделали такой большой и замечательный учебник! Большое спасибо!
    Мне кажется, что Yanna очень счастливая кукла! Ей очень повезло найти ваш дом!

  5. Merci dora pour ce ravissant tuto!! Ainsi que tous mes vœux de Prompt rétablissement pour votre mari.

  6. I wish tones of good health to your husband and you too. :) Thank you for sharing this turtorial! Blessings to you too! Hugs

  7. I hope your husband will be better very soon. What a frightening experience!

  8. Hi! I hope you all Good Health!
    Thank you for the adorable tutorial! Hugs

  9. Dear Drora, I hope your husband feels better soon! What a worry this must be for you both. You're both in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for this fantastic tutorial. I see that it is already out on Pinterest, being shared all over the world xo Jennifer!

  10. I'm so sorry to hear about your husband... I really keep my fingers crossed that he'll recover well and fast - and that he'll get a diagnosis soon because you got to know your "enemy" to fight him... ;O) My very best wishes for your family including loads of strength. And about your tutorial - it's wonderful work and so well explained, thank you for all your effort, especially while going through rough times.


  11. Dear Drora, this must have been a frightening experience for you all with your husband. My best wishes for a fast recovery to your Husband.
    Thank you for sharing this lovely tutorial, especially now while you're going through rough times.
    Warm hugs, Ilona

  12. Hi Drora! your stroller is very pretty! I didn't know you did it of craft stic, awesome! hugs :-) Magda

  13. Hola Drora, deseo de corazón que tu marido se recupere pronto. No sabemos apreciar el valor de la salud hasta que nos falta..
    Mucho ánimo .
    Y gracias por el fantástico tutorial del cochecito. Me ha gustado mucho.

  14. Deseo una pronta recuperación de tu marido.
    Los cochecitos son tan pequeños...!!! Muy bonitos. Gracias por las explicaciones.

  15. Espero de todo corazón que tu marido se recupere totalmente. Gracias por el tutorial, está muy bien explicado. Lo guardo para poder hacerlo en algún momento. Besos.

  16. Dear Drora,
    I hope your husband feels better soon!!! Thank you for the tutorial, really simple and the result is great!

  17. Thanks for the great tutorial! I hope that your husband gets well soon!
    Hughs Eemaiva

  18. Lamento que esteis pasando por estos malos momentos Drora, deseo de todo corazón que tu marido se recupere bien y pronto de su dolencia.
    Muchas gracias por el precioso tutorial del cochecito, está muy bien explicado y queda genial!!
    Un abrazo

  19. Thank you for sharing the news about your lovely husband. He has been added to my prayer group that he has a speedy recovery. Love the baby stroller. Hugs love and strength to you and your beautiful family.

  20. Drora I am sorry to hear about your husband wishing him a speedy recovery and that the worry for you both ends soon. I will be thinking and praying for you both. The stroller is gorgeous thank you very much for the wonderful tutorial.
    Take care warm hugs Maria

  21. Drora,deseo que tu marido se recupere pronto,gracias por el tutorial,besitos

  22. Yanna ia so cute.
    Thanks for the tutorial.

  23. Dear Drora, I hope you find out what is wrong with your dear husband and he can be helped. So worrying for you. Lovely little stroller, thanks for the tutorial!

  24. Sorry about your husband!! Hope is much better now!
    Thank you for a great tutorial!
    Take care

  25. Deseo una pronta recuperación para tu marido. Gracias por el tutorial. Un saludo, Eva

  26. Thank you very much for sharing this great tutorial with us Drora. I hope your husband will be recovered soon as possible. A big hug

  27. Buenos días!! Muchas gracias por compartir el tutorial, te quedo genial! Espero de todo corazón que su marido se recupere cuando antes!! Un abrazo muy fuerte!

  28. Je souhaite une meilleure santé à votre mari, qu'il se rétablisse vite, merci pour le tutoriel, la poussette est très jolie, la poupée aussi

  29. Drora, I am so sorry to hear about your best friend and husband. I will be praying for him and the family. I know that was pretty scary.. I am sending a major hug. Please pass it around the family ! :-)

  30. Drora espero que su marido tenga pronto una recuperacion complrta. El tutorial estupendo, -un beso