Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Monday, October 2, 2023

Dear readers,

I've been busily crafting, preparing little gifts for my great-grand-kids and other kids and friends, taking advantage of the time the P/C was unavailable. I'm also relieved to realize that no photo in my blog got lost.  Blogger took care of that..

A few of the items you'll see in the photos below have already been wrapped and presented but many await the arrival of my granddaughters and their family who live abroad. 

The strollers and teddies are for the little girls and their teenaged sisters.


The dogs and cats are for the boys and/or their girl friends. Pipe cleaners are wonderful to work with. I had to order the light colored ones.  I ordered beige and received these.  This is what happens when your order online. At least you are safe with white or black.


Flower duck pots for anyone who likes and wants them. (more than half are already gone. I'll have to make more.)


This if how the ducks look before sanding and make-up.  These are made from DAS.

We are in the midst of several holidays,  Last week was the holiest day in the Jewish faith. Yom Kippur, (Day of  Atonement.) Religious people fast on this day, pray in synagogues and don't drive or do any manual work, including cooking, lighting fire. They don't smoke because this require lighting a fire.. Except for police cars and ambulances the roads are empty all over the country. A very solemn day indeed. I'm relieved it has passed without incidents.

Today is the second day of the feast of Sukkot (Feast if Tabernacles.)  This one is a happy feast that lasts 8 days but the 6 days in between the first and the eighth are shorter than regular working days.  Schools and many official institutes are closed all the 8 days. 

Can't believe it's already October!

I wish you all my dear readers lovely autumn days to enjoy with blessings.


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  2. Such wonderful work! I'm glad your holiday passed safely. I hope you enjoy October!

  3. Drora you continually blow my mind with your ideas, talents and generosity! Your great granddaughters are going to love your beautiful gifts and will treasure them even more as they grow and realize just what an incredible person they came from. 💗 Enjoy your family and holidays! I hope your love tank is overflowing for the rest of the year!!!

  4. ¡Se que tus regalos van a gustar mucho! ¡Son una preciosidad!

  5. Great gifts and a lot of patience to make all of them.

  6. Hello Drora, you have made it beautiful again, the carts with bears are very fun for the children.
    The swan flower pots are fantastic, yes, nice work with clay.

  7. Seguro que están felices con esos bonitos regalos, son muy lindos !!!!

  8. Beautiful miniatures and gifts for your granddaughters.

  9. I had to drop by... because I really had to think of you and yours today as the news we're receiving from your country are horrible and so sad... and knowing you live near Tel Aviv makes me cross my fingers for you and yours to be safe. My very best wishes to all of you!

    As for your post - it's no surprise the beautiful flower duck pots have been very popular. And I have no doubt you made everybody very happy with all your stunning miniatures, these are treasures for sure, even for people who are not related to miniatures... and knowing they were created by such an outstanding family member makes them even more special.


    1. Yes, dear Birgit, the situation here is grave and sad. It's really very bad in the south but missiles are falling also here in the center. Unfortunately, two missiles fell not far away from where I live and I heard there are people were badly injured. My family is OK.
      I hope and pray for cease fire as soon as possible.
      Thank you so much for thinking of us.
      Warm hugs

    2. I am so, so relieved to hear from you, Drora! I have been so worried. My prayers and thoughts are with you and everyone in Israel suffering this horrific situation. If there is any way I can help, please bring it to my awareness. Please also continue as you can to let us know you are okay. Big hugs, and please know you mean so much to this mini community!