Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Sunday, October 29, 2023

The Importance of Booing

 Dear readers

I try to avoid thinking about the horrors around me.  I'm dreaming about a better world with good hearted witches who can make it happen.. 

The Skellies, are on a short Halloween vacation from the Ghost Academy. They arrived to enjoy a pleasant visit with Baalatova, the ancient witch, and her pets Solly the flying young bear and Kitty the beautiful cat girl.

The Skellies, after their long walk, left their crutches at the entrance and set down comfortably on the pumpkins Baalatova provided for them as seats.  The cats never left their sight guarding them all the way.

Baalatova:  How is life at the Academy?

Skelly: I'm doing fine, I get good grades and hope to graduate soon.

Skella:  I've got a huge problem.  I can't BOO.  I try my best but what comes out sounds more like a BEE. If I fail to BOO correctly it will cost me my diploma.  Booing, after floating silently through walls and closed doors, is one of the the most important part of being a ghost.

Baalatova:  Oh dear, this is the reason there are not hundred of thousands of ghosts around. I may have a potion that can solve your problem.  It's to be rubbed around your neck vertebrae. But I have to warn you, this potion is only effective on skeletons who died young and had elastic voice cords.

Skella:  Alas I didn't die young but I could sing beautifully until my last day.

Baalatova:  Well, in any case, remember each ghost is allowed to haunt alone in only one home. This means that you and Skelly, if and when you get your ghosting diplomas, will no longer be able to stay together..

Skella:  I realize sadly,  that ghosting is a lonely occupation.

Baalatova:    Dear Skella, there will always be a home for you or Skelly here.  I'll make Drora build it. In times of stress the best therapy for her is to be busy.

Baalatova:  Come on my dear friends lets forget troubles and have a lovely time together. Anyone for my special rich nourishing eyesoup????? Sorry I forgot, no stomachs.

To be continued next year, Halloween or maybe sooner.

Thank you my dear friends for caring and for your prayers for peace.  It's impossible to believe that we are in war again.  Why can't people live together and appreciate the greatest, sacred gift given to all, the MIRACLE OF LIFE.

Hugs and blessings to you my dear readers and friends.



  1. Beautiful story and pictures. I'm glad to see a new post from you, so I know you're okay. A big hug Drora.

  2. Always glad to hear from you. I hope Skella will also learn how to boo and not bee and to pass her academy exams with flying colors. Wishing you strength!

  3. Thank you for this fun story and for keeping joy in all our hearts, Drora! It is fun to see the whole gang again! Stay safe and big hugs!

  4. Thank you so much for this wonderful post... it meant so much joy for me seeing all those familiar folk again (and I admit it... most of all of course Solly *blush*) and I'm glad the Skellies made it home even in these dark times.

    But what a heartbreaking confession from Skella... my, difficulties with Boo-ing... poor boney thing, I feel so sorry for her. But all of you confronted us with a very exciting cliffhanger now... will Skella risk to take the potion? And will she take the risk of separating from Skellie? My, there are rude rules in Haunting, I was never aware of that. The magicians around here want me to tell you that they would sign every petition for allowing more than one ghost in Haunted Mansions enabling the Skellies to stay together. But if all fails... living in a magical home would be a great alternative and as a bonus it wouldn't matter anymore if one can boo or just bee...

    Anyhow, all of us are excited to see how this will continue... and we really hope that Baalatova will make you build a home for the Skellies. ;O) And it would be great if the magical law would allow Baalatova or my Witch Tower Gang to put a protection spell on all of you... but sadly... even magic has its bonds. But we can wish... from the bottom of our hearts for you to stay safe and sound.

    With best wishes and big hugs

  5. Una divertida historia y unos simpáticos personajes.
    Seguro que pronto aprenderá a abuchear