Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

 Hello dear readers,

After an unexpected absence of a few weeks from this blog, I am back with you. 

My faithful but very old Mac computer was infected with dangerous viruses. I didn't trust myself to work on it or contact friends through it in order not to transfer the risk to other computers. being the last woman who considers herself  a computer technologist, and because of the risk I also was afraid of saving data to a disk-on-key. 

In the end the computer was sent for repair but it was too late to save it. Fortunately, my eldest grandson helped me purchase a new computer. My genius 18 year old great-grandson was the one who assembled it for me at home. In the meantime, an expert tried to save the data, but a large part was lost, including the addresses of friends and some very important photos.

Now I have to practice and get used to the, fully protected new (Sadly, not an expensive Mac), but a reliable computer with Windows 10. It takes me time to load photos and find where exactly they are in order to transfer them to the blog. The lesson I learned and shall hopefully remind is to save my data every few months.

I already visited some of your blogs and left a (safe) short comment.  I shall visit the rest of my favorite blogs and leave comments as soon as possible.

Does anyone remember this pizza savers potion table?

I have a new "waste to best" idea for these throwaway pieces.  Below are my photos of round and corner ones.

We'll be celebrating our Hebrew New Year at the end of this week and I'm busy preparing miniature gifts for the family.  I'll show these in my next post, after the holiday.

I wish all my Jewish blog friends a HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I wish a wonderful crafty rest of the week to all my readers with hugs and blessings.


  1. Welcome back to blogging, dear. One of my friend told me to purchase Macbook because Mac does not infected by viruses unlike windows laptop. I don't know why I believed her, haha!



    1. Thank you, Julie Ann. I still recommend a Mac. It functioned without failure twice as long as other computers I kept before.

  2. Bienvenida de nuevo y con seguridad.
    Nuevas ideas para poder reutilizar. Quedan fantásticas.
    Un saludo

  3. Hi Drora, I am glad you have a new computer and am sorry you lost some of your data in the previous one. It is a difficult task, keeping up with technology.... and learning what to do with what to make it safe! I do recognize the handiwork of our friend Birgit on the first of your recycled Pizza tables! And your urns and potted plants look great on the two tier planter! You are so good at making things from "trash"! Happy New Year, and keep cool and safe.

  4. What you've just experienced with your computer is the kind of thing I dread being like you not at all a computer expert. Good luck with your new computer.
    Great new miniatures.

  5. Oh Drora! I'm so sorry to hear this! I know the shock and frustration when a computer goes bad. It is so disheartening. All one can do is move ahead and be grateful for any good luck, like having grands that are smart and helpful. I hope you will come to peace with the new PC - it is so good to see you back and making clever things from everyday objects as always! Have the Happiest New Year celebrations! I am excited to see what you are making for the family! Hugs!

  6. Ohh... oh that's awful. I'm so sorry. I think we've all been through something similar. Never an enjoyable process but I'm glad you were able to get a new computer.
    I hope you are able to recover the lost pictures.
    Hugs! And Happy New Year!

  7. Hola Drora, se lo que es pasar por peder tu ordenador ,tener que acostumbrarse a uno nuevo y haber perdido parte de tu información y fotos, lo bueno es que al final te acostumbras y pronto lo harás todo mucho más fácil!
    Me encanta como han quedado tus estanterías y la manera tan buena de sacar provecho de lo que otros consideran "basura" Bravo por ti!!
    Feliz Año Nuevo!

  8. Me alegro que tengas un buen ordenador, aunque hayas perdido parte de los datos guardados. Seguro que en poco tiempo los recuperas.
    Has hecho un fantástico reciclaje de piezas desechables. !!!!!
    Te deseo un felíz año.

  9. I hope you can to recover your lost pictures, Drora! The urns and potted plants are so cute and well done! Happy Hebrew celebrations!

  10. Good to hear you are back and although losing photos and data is no fun, after all, I'm glad you only had computer issues! Thank you for sharing the tips on using the pizza savers as flower pot holders. Never though of that. I've used them mainly as tables.

  11. lástima tu ordenador, tus fotos y tus datos ... a todos nos ha pasado alguna vez en mayor o menor medida, yo tengo un disco para copias de seguridad automáticas, pero no me fio mucho ...

  12. It's great to see you back in blogland! And although a broken computer and lost data is totally annoying and bothering I'm so glad that it was "only" computer issues causing your silence.

    And it's also good to see you're becoming friends with your new Mac as you already managed to upload this post and even with some photos of your newest work. And how useful these pizza holders are, they make a great job presenting your pretty flower pots. And I was very touched seeing my witchy stuff on your potion table.

    Best wishes for the New Year - and I'm curious to see what you've done for your family. Btw - bless those helpful relatives who helped you with your new computer. ;O)


  13. Happy New Year!
    Beautiful creations and thanks for the suggestions.

  14. Cuesta un poco acostumbrarse a un nuevo ordenador, pero no siempre tiene que ser malo. Lo peor es la pérdida de información.
    Muy buena la reutilización que has hecho!!!

  15. Дорогая, ваше отсутствие заставило поволноваться. С возвращением!