Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Saturday, September 4, 2021

New gifts from Germany

Hello dear readers

It's already September. According to the calendar days should be cooler but summer decided otherwise and the days are still hot and humid.  I believe I'm not the only one who takes things slowly and easy and this is why I cannot show you much of my work.  

I was more than delighted to have received, early this week a parcel, containing incredible gifts. from my friend Birgit, who is one of the most generous persons in my blog circle.  Baalatova the witch, and Solly (Solly was handcrafted by Birgit herself) arrive to inspect the contents of the parcel, giving instructions as to how to open it without causing damage to the goods inside.

Baalatova:  Come along Solly, we can go home now.  I took this little dragon and there is nothing more for me here. 

Solly:   I'm staying.  I want to see everything my Birgit sent, especially if there are photos of my sister Rosey and my brother Flutterby.

                                                             Hi Rosey! I missed you.                                                                                                           

                                                       Wow! Three Buddhas!!!             

A Reutter soup set! How elegant. Now I can sip my soup like royalty.

I have to ask Baalatova if she can make lobster soup/

No doubt some of these frames can be turned into vanity trays. Have to give Drora the idea.  It's good that I didn't go away with Baalatova, I nearly missed this photo of Flutterby behind me.

                           Hi, Flutterby! I missed you.   Marzipan!!!!!  How yummy!                   



                                      Laser cuts!  Drora will know what to do with these.                     



Dear Birgit,  I haven't enough words (In English) to express my gratitude. The gifts are beautiful and your friendship is the best of all.

I wish all my dear readers a pleasant, enjoyable weekend with blessings.


  1. How lovely! Such a sweet surprise!

  2. oue maravilla de regalos. si, desde luego birgit es encantadora, doy fe

  3. Dear Drora, enjoy your gifts, you deserve them , Birgit is such a generous soul. I am sure you already have ideas to use them, right? xxx

  4. Lovely gifts!!! Here in France it is hot so summer isn't over even if it is back to school.

  5. Felicidades Drora, son unos regalos fantásticos, y seguro que los disfrutarás mucho !!

  6. Oh! It is so lovely to receive a package from thoughtful friends, and even better when they contain so many possibilities! In your hands, Drora, they have found the most creative opportunity!
    Have fun with the dreaming and I hope the weather cools for you soon!

  7. Dear Solly, I shall tell you from Fluby and Rosey that they would suggest other ways of using this terrine set... and that you'd better think of chocolate or vanilla pudding! *smimle* And I must tell you that you've made a wonderful presentation of the content of this modest package... And how touched I was to see you hurrying up at once. Clever little guy not going home together with Baalatova - now she sits alone with the tiny dragon waiting for you while you can enjoy the marzipan with dear Drora... just the two of you! And speaking of Drora - I'm wishing you loads of ideas to have fun with the stuff I've sent you and I can't wait to see the next Zen gardens!


  8. Disfruta de lo que queda del verano y de esos hermosos regalos que te han enviado.
    Un saludo

  9. Hermosos regalos Drora, disfruta de ese delicioso mazapán .Birgit te ha mimado . Un abrazo

  10. Beautiful gifts from a lovely friend.

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  12. Qué bruita más encantadora y el osito me encanta. He dado una vuelta por tu blog, hacía mucho que no entraba por las circunstancias vividas y me gustan mucho las cosas que has hecho

  13. Congratulations on so many beautiful gifts! I think the soup set is gorgeous and I have never seen such tiny animals toys before. They are the perfect size as toys for dolls! You have received many great presents

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