Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Monday, September 20, 2021

My second miniature ZEN garden vignette

 Hello dear readers,

This is the second of my three Zen miniature gardens vignettes.  It was fun making it.  The little Buddha is one of four Buddhas sculptures all of them gifted to me by my generous friend, Birgit.

Zen gardens, if they are cluttered up with too many items lose their air of serenity.  

I made this Moon-Gate from saved stems of bunches of grapes.  The bushes on the sides of the gate are from stems of dry baby breath flowers, with teeny-tiny rose-colored paper flowers glued on.  The "grass" ground is a thin piece of green painted foam.  To soften the old stems (twigs) I boiled them in water for a few minutes, when cooled down but still moist, wrapped them around a small glass pill container. These are good for small door wreaths as well.


"Stone" figures:  Buddha, a gift from  Birgit.  Angels candle holder, a gift from Rosa Maria. The small rock, made from styrofoam.

Plastic chess pieces make great mini pedestals.  They are easily cut and painted.

I wonder if Rosa Maria's angels look better as a fire-pit on the ground than on the pedestal. I'd love to know what you think about it. They can always go back on the pedestal. I made the box so that it can come in and out of the frame.  Here it is without the "glass" so that the inside is clear to the view.

The third Zen vignette is on its way now.  I have to start crafting Christmas and Hanukka gifts if I want them to arrive in time for my friends overseas.  Our post service is completely unpredictable, sometimes it takes a parcel to arrive at its destination longer than two months while another, posted at the same time takes only three weeks. 

The days are shorter but still hot here, the nights are cooler and it's a big relief.  I hope you enjoy cooler autumn days overseas.

I wish all my readers a pleasant and enjoyable weekend with blessings.


  1. The second Zen garden is just lovely, Drora! You have created a happy place with the beautifully painted sky, fence and ground cover! I like the angels both ways but love the pedestal. Again I am so impressed by your ability to see the extraordinary in ordinary things and turn them into works of art! I love the grape stem idea and what perfect scale they are! You are so thoughtful to be thinking of Christmas and Hanukka gifts and the time it takes to reach the intended. I think I'll take your advice and try to get started, too!
    Enjoy the cooler weather! I almost turned on the furnace the first time this morning but am holding out hope for some sunshine warming later in the day!

  2. Ha sido muy buena idea lo de los tallos de uva y ha quedado precioso. A mi creo que me gusta más sin pedestal , aunque con el también queda bonito.

  3. Deceptively simple! It's so hard to make something serene but you've done great!

  4. Another peaceful and lovely scene. I think I prefer the angels without the pedestal, this way the Buddha doesn't look too small.

  5. Lovely scene, very zen, I think you achieved that perfectly. Keep crafting dear Drora xxx

  6. Una escena preciosa Drora, me encanta la corona que has puesto, da el protagonismo al buda. Una idea genial poner un pedestal a los ángeles , no se me había ocurrido, , en la escena los veo muy grandes. Un abrazo

  7. Aaaaahhhhhrrggghhhhh... reading the C-word and even more in your context of starting to get prepared gives me the shivers... *LOL* I'm not ready for this - and I really can't believe it will be October next week. Somehow my personal time seems to be still in April as I have no idea what happened in all those other months. *LOL* Oh, wait... it just occurs to me... do I just sound like Fluby??? *grin*

    But now without anymore joking - I love your second Zen garden (and yes, I'm very happy that my modest buddha figurines helped you creating this). The moon gate is such a wonderful highlight and I admire the way you've made it. About your question: I love Rosa's wonderful gift in both versions but I think for a Zen garden it's better without the pedestal. In my opinion it's better to have the decorative objects at one sight level, to me this adds to the tranquility effect. But if you shouldn't use the pedestal now make sure you store it well for a further use. ;O)

    Hugs and best wishes to you and yours

  8. Me gusta mucho tu segundo jardían zen Drora,has creado un ambiente relajado y confortable. Me gustan los ángeles en el pedestal,pienso que cobran protagonismo.
    Estaré atenta a tu tercer jardín!

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