Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Friday, August 20, 2021

No-clay miniature Chlorophytum succulent plant tutorial

Hello dear readers,

The bad news is that I have to stay home in quarantine until Wednesday next week because unknowingly I've been in contact with two persons who are diagnosed with Corona.  The good news is that I feel all right and am waiting for a Corona test right here at home. If negative, I'll be able to be free again to go out in the company of friends and family.

There was plenty of time to read books, see television, listen to music, and make plans for easy-to-make miniatures.  

In my stash. was a large packet of multicolored micro-foam balls.  I bought it last year with the intention of making "Floam" with my younger great-grandchildren.  One of my favorite succulent plants is the string of pearls (Chlorophytum).  I picked up the green balls and just glued them to a green sewing thread.  Ta-dam!

The pedestal is a huge glass bead with a punched-out paper card top.  Actually, I planned to use them for macrame.  I may still do so in the future. 

I experimented with one of the seeds in my pot puree bowl.  I just trimmed it with nail scissors.  I hope it looks like a cactus.  It will save the ladies at the center a lot of work.

I'm still working on my Zen vignettes.  Finished two more wooden boxes for the frames but nothing to show yet.

And here is something that touched my heart. In my country, it is not permitted to cut down a grown tree even if it is in your own garden.  You have to get a special permit, only if it is absolutely necessary.

I wish you, dear readers, a lovely weekend with blessings.

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  1. Me alegra mucho saber que te encuentras bien, y que pronto podrás volver a hacer vida normal.
    Una buena forma de aprovechar las bolas de espuma, y los cactus han quedado genial.
    Ese árbol es una preciosidad y muy original. !!!!

  2. Great plants!!! I deeply hope your test will be negative.

  3. I hope you have not contracted corona and that your test will be negative!

  4. Espero que tu libertad llegue pronto.
    Las plantas son ingeniosas, están fantásticas.
    Un saludo

  5. suerte tener las miniaturas para hacer más fácil la cuarentena, espero que que puedas dejarla cuanto antes y cuídate mucho luego...

  6. I hope you're fine.
    The plants are fantastic.

  7. The succulent creation is ingenious! Very well done! I did not know about the rule of not cutting trees. It should be a rule made in all countries honestly. We do not value nature nor human life enough. They must be protected.

  8. Hi Drora! So glad to hear that you are symptom free and hope your
    quarantine goes by quickly! Tasha and Brent are back in quarantine after her trip last week to Idaho. Their Covid tests won't come back for several days. They feel pretty crummy, and in spite of having the vaccine, have had it twice!

    I love the tree trunk with hands, and the philosophy! And your little plants are adorable! You amaze me every time with what your eyes can see!

  9. Menos mal que las vacunas ayudan a sobrellevar mejor estos virus.
    Es una buena manera de pasar una cuarentena trabajar con miniaturas.
    Unas plantas encantadoras. El árbol es impresionante.

  10. Phew, I'm really late with my comment - but HOPEFULLY just in time to be here when you get back your full freedom. My best wishes and crossed fingers for your results to be negative!

    But you managed to find a wonderful occupation during your quarantine, the plant and the cacti turned out awesome. And thanks for sharing this special photo.


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