Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Third Zen garden vignette completed

 Hello dear readers

The third and last of the trio Zen vignettes is ready to be displayed.  It is very hard to catch a serenity air in the very small space given.  I learned that to do so, the fewer items in the garden are best.  

For a clearer picture, photos are without the plexiglass.

These three photos from the internet were my inspiration.

Dear readers,  one can never know what surprises the future holds for him.  Suddenly, at the age of 90 I became a knitting instructor, For at least 30 years I didn't hold a knitting needle and now I am teaching the folks at the daycare center to knit special neck warmers.  To do so, I surfed the internet saw samples, translated the instructions into Hebrew, and knitted the first samples myself.  The first ones are already being knitted by very enthusiastic ladies. The center provides the wool, the ladies knit the items. If they want to keep an item they only pay the cost of the wool.  Items that are not bought by the knitters are sold on a Bazaar at higher prices to cover the cost of the other craft materials.

This is the one I knitted myself for my 12 years old great-granddaughter.

I am now knitting the sample from the photo below.   Next, I'll teach knitting beanie hats to go with the neckwarmers.


I hope this post didn't bore you too much and wish you wonderful cool autumn days with blessings.


  1. Your third vignette is great. It's fantastic to see the three together, wonderful work. Great knitting too, especially for the beginner.

  2. You are an inspiration to us all, Drora! The scarves are just lovely, but the sharing of your gifts and talents is divine!I hope we will all be as vital and willing when we reach the our 90's!
    The Zen gardens are just wonderful, I think they have the perfect amount of detail! Interesting but not overwhelming!

  3. The Zen gardens are wonderful and very detailed.
    You are a person with talent! Your knittings are so beautiful and original.
    A very smart ninety year old!

  4. I'm amazed! Ok first the vignettes are gorgeous. All in a row like that they're so perfect. But then you're teaching knitting and you haven't knitted in so long? You're awesome. And the neck warmers are adorable.

  5. Geniales Drora tus jardines zen, los tres tienen su encanto. Fantásticos los calentadores del cuello, una forma muy buena compartir todos esos modelos de tejer, puedes estar muy orgullosa de del resultado final. Besos

  6. The Zen gardens are enchanting, Drora! And they are so tiny. I’ve been thinking of creating some scenes in matchboxes. In dollhouse scale that would be 1:144.
    The neck warmers are sweet and a very useful idea. Probably much more practical than a long scarf and quicker to make. I only have very rudimentary knitting skills, wish I could join your class.

  7. envidio tu actividad y tus ganas de compartir y te felicito por ello!

  8. Genial Drora¡ Tus jardines son preciosos. Pero lo mejor es tu entusiasmo y la energía que pones en todo lo que haces

  9. Los jardines zen están preciosos y tu energía inagotable es impresionante.
    Fantásticas las creaciones de punto y compartirlas

  10. Your vignettes capture the zen-feeling very well. I should take look at these in the middle of
    my work hectic work day, to calm down.
    The neck warmer looks perfect and the scarfs for children adorably cute! Knitting, I think, is like cycling - one never forgets how to do it.

  11. Hi Drora! These Zen gardens are really lovely little treasures!
    I think it is wonderful that you are teaching knitting!!! My mother also knits all the time and she is your generation too! I love the little scarves you are making!

  12. What a lovely zen gardens you have made. I love your knitting for your great grandchildren

    Hugs from Xandra

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