Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Friday, October 16, 2020

The Skellies in COVID-19 times

Hello dear readers,

Halloween is not so far away.  The Skellies are very disappointed.  How will they be able to haunt this year if, like rumors say,  there will be no crowd gatherings?  That most families feel protected from the epidemic by staying safe at home. 

So far, the Skellies have long been debating the pros and cons of becoming ghosts without reaching a firm decision.

Skella:  It's so nice sitting here together with the sun warming our bones.

Skelly:  We are going to miss our beloved cats.  

Skella:  Who else will be able to give them the good scratches they love like us with our boney fingers? 

Skelly: We'll have to see Baalatova and ask for her advice. Remember what she told us about fully trained ghosts? Ghosts CANNOT haunt together, even when they are trained graduates of the Ghost Academy. It's a rule. One ghost in one house. This means we'll be separated from each other.

To be continued.....

Meanwhile, here is a photo of the latest  COVID-19 fashion. (Smile, it's good for the soul)

Have a great weekend with blessings!


  1. WHAT??? Ghosts are not able to haunt together??? And you're still debating whether to become ghost or not??? You two can not depart, Skelly needs to be with Skella and vice versa... and the cats need you too. And as my sign is leo I'm also a cat needing the skellies too - my fingers are crossed that Baalatova will give you the same advice I would like to give to you: Stay who you are - and keep on enjoying the sun on your bones! ;O)

    Thank you for another wonderful episode with the Skellies... one of the things I'm really looking forward to whenever Halloween comes near! Take good care of yourself and hugs


  2. Queridos Skellis, no necesitáis cambiar de aspecto, tal como sois es perfecto! vale, no habrá multitudes, pero podéis seguir acechando a cualquiera que salga y darle un buen susto como siempre, simplemente, vais a tener mucho más trabajo!!!
    Me gusta la foto de la nueva moda, es bueno reír siempre!!

  3. Mmn... yo espero que Balatova les aconseje bien... no quiero que los Skellis se separen y dejen solos a esos gatitos adorables... Ains!!! Alguna vez pasará esta epidemia espantosa y recuperaremos nuestra vida tal como era? Lo deseo con todas mis fuerzas. Cuídate mucho, Drora

  4. Interesting to read that skeletons have the same problems as we have. I'm looking to read the next episode.

  5. Oh my, Drora tells you that you have just one ghost in a house, so you'll have to divorce...??? Ooooh nooooo, that's not going to happen, so stay together, dear Skellies, or it was at least for the cats, because to scratch them both, you will need to have two Skellies, hehehe ;O)!!
    Liked seeing the last picture, what a genius find!
    Stay safe, and take care for yourself, dearest Drora!!
    Blessings and warm hugs, Ilona

  6. I didn't know that skellies can't haunt together although now that I think of it, most houses only have one ghost. I hope they can haunt in close-by houses, if not together. The "new" fashion looks good! I look forward to hearing more about the skellies. Take. care!

  7. Interesante historia, espero que todo termine para bien de los skellies y sus queridos gatos. Muy divertida la última moda!! Besos y cuidate mucho.

  8. Ojalá pronto pueden reunirse con sus queridos gatitos, y disfrutar de buenos ratos.
    La nueva moda es muy divertida.
    Cuídate mucho.

  9. Los Skellis tendrán el trabajo un poco más complicado ya que no podrán asustar en grupo.
    Espero que se cumplan las medidas de seguridad pesar del trabajo que les cueste.
    La moda pandemia a la mujer le queda genial.
    Un saludo

  10. I think the consensus is that they should remain skeletons!! They just need to be a little patient, they cannot be separated, pleaseeee. By the way your covid fashion is great! Take care dear Drora. xxx

  11. Oh the Skellies really have a lot of thinking to do. But I'd want to stay a skellie, if only to pet the kitties. Kitties need scritches.

    Hope you're staying safe and healthy!

  12. Pues espero que esa regla tenga sus excepciones y ellos puedan continuar juntos Cuídate mucho

  13. You know dear Skellies, this too shall pass. Hopefully soon but even if it takes longer, the day that you can have your old fashioned Halloween will come back. So don't become ghosts, you will regret it in the future.
    Love the Covid Fashion! ;-)


  14. The skeletons are a beautiful couple.