Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Saturday, October 3, 2020

A BookNooks for beginners links

 Hello dear readers

As I mentioned in my previous post,  the project I'm working on at present is a book nook.  I've been searching for know-hows and this link is very helpful and has much to teach about building a book nook.


Two important things to pay attention to:

1. A mirror cut to fit and be placed slightly diagonally in order to lengthen the image and create a  winding street.      

2. Lighting.

I have to wait for the lighting items which were ordered online to be able to get on with the work. I'll show you what I've already prepared. 

I cut in half a square 4 cm laser cut wood embellishment to make an ornamental balcony railing.

Added strips of wood and sides (all from my stash).

Created a door, more or less in the same style.

It was hard sawing work all done manually with a hand saw and mitre box.

This is one wall.  Nothing is permanently fixed yet.

This is the opposite wall.  Only the old books shop front is fixed.  I intend to make a narrow tile roof for the windows.  I spent a long time making books.  Now I have to make more plants and flowers to cover the walls. 

I hope to have more to show you soon.

Please take care and stay safe my dear friends.  Blessings!


  1. Ohhhh que preciosidad Drora, parece que ahora están de moda los libros esos, jajaja, no los había oído nunca y en pocos días ya los he oído nombrar varias veces.
    Me encanta toda esa decoración en madera que estás haciendo, te
    está quedando estupenda, deseando verlo acabado, jiji. Voy a ver ese enlace que nos has dejado :D

  2. This is great fun a book nook, and the beginning is there and it already looks fantastic, great job!

  3. Me encanta el estilo que le estás dando; viendo lo que nos enseñas ya puedo imaginar el ambiente... ♥ Me quedo con ganas de ver más y sobre todo de entender ese "truco" del espejo del que hablas... Suena genial!!! Ojalá esas luces lleguen pronto y puedas enseñarnos más :) Un beso y hasta pronto, Drora

  4. Drora,que ganas de ver como avanza tu book nook! lo que nos muestras hoy se ve fantástico, espero que pronto lleguen esas luces y nos vayas mostrando más!!!

  5. Your work is amazing, a wonderful start. I'm looking forward to seeing more.

  6. Hi Drora! This project is amazing, the whole looks lovely already, I'm curious to see more of it! And yes, I know out of my own experience that sawing straight and by hand is much more difficult as by a sawing machine ;O).
    I love this wonderful mini scene.
    Stay safe, take good care of yourself, dearest Drora!
    Warm hug, Ilona

  7. This is such a wonderful project - and what you've done so far looks soooooo promising. I just love the idea of having a book shop in a book nook... this will become awesome.


  8. I love how it looks. Those wood tones are so pretty!

  9. Precioso trabajo el que estás haciendo, espero impaciente a ver tus avances. Muchas gracias por el enlace que has compartido. Besitos y feliz semana

  10. A book nook is a fantastic idea. I like a lot what you have done so far, cant wait to see how everything fits. Keep the good work going. Take care xxx

  11. Esos muebles que has hecho son prreciosos.
    He visto el video de youtube y me parece un trabajo impresionante.
    Espero que lleguen pronto esas luces y podamos ver tu bonito proyecto.

  12. Me encanta ese proyecto y me gusta lo que nos estás enseñando hasta este momento

  13. Me gusta lo que nos enseñas, tiene muy buena pinta.
    Estoy ansiosa por ver la escena completa.
    Un saludo

  14. Your miniatures look great as always

    Big hug from Xandra

  15. Your new project is amazing. I'm curious to see more.
    Take care my dear friend.

  16. Your book-nook progress looks enticing, Drora. I can't wait to see the next steps. It's lovely to see some new posts from you. With all the curve balls this year has thrown at us, I also haven't been active on my blog. I will write some news soon.