Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Book Nook project (Part 2)

 Hello dear readers,

Since my previous post about my book nook project,  there is more progress on my work.  

Here are a few photos of what I managed to accomplish.

I curved stones on the walls and curved sidewalks and a pebbled road between them.

I also curved the bottom side of the road and painted it all over in grey to see which side I like best.

Haven't made up my mind yet.

It looked like something was missing from this wall, so I made another, smaller window and glued it on top of the existing one.  The bench is too small.  I'll have to create a larger one.  This one was ordered online and arrived in time but I was disappointed with its size.  It will be useful for my vignettes.

This is the wall which will be facing the one above.

On the grey painted road.  Which one do you think looks better?

My friends and I are still waiting for the lights fixtures ordered online to arrive.  Until then, nothing will be assembled permanently.  I still am unable to buy the mirror which will have to be cut exactly to measure. For the time being, I still have enough hoarded materials to use without going out to shop for them. I scarcely go out, only if it's completely necessary.  Besides the bench, I have to do more plants and flowers.  I hope the end results will look good.  If I'm lucky and my book nook will look good, I'll start making book nooks for my daughters and grandchildren, they are all great readers ("book worms") and have large book collections.

I wish all my friends and readers good health and safety with blessings.



  1. Hi Drora! Your book nook project is coming along nicely. I like seeing what you already done. Regarding the choice of color for the pavement: personally I think that both colors together look great, because the gray and the sienna are a great contrast to each other and still harmonical. But you can do whatever you want, of course. This project is going to be wonderful. Your daughters and grandchildren will each be over the moon with their parts of this project, I'm sure of.
    Stay safe, take care, dearest Drora.
    Warm hugs, Ilona

  2. hola, personalmente me gusta mas el gris hace mejor un efecto de piedra, con unos toques de blanco a pincel seco quedara genial

  3. Wonderful work!!! I like the pebbled road, concerning the colours it's difficult to say. If it was a French road I would say everything in grey, but I agree with Ilona the sienna and grey look good because yu see the pebbled road better. So difficult to choose. I'm looking forward to seeing what your choice will be

  4. I love the contrast between the stone of the buildings and the stone of the road.

  5. A mi me gusta el contraste de los colores. Está quedando muy bien. Tus familiares se van a poner muy contentos

  6. Está quedando precioso, Drora! Mmn... dudo con el suelo... el gris me encanta, pero el otro resulta más cálido y da más color a la escena... el gris parece más apropiado para la acera, pero si fuera mi escena optaría por el color y la calidez y pondría el suelo color caldero. Espero ver pronto cual ha sido tu elección :). Un abrazo y cuídate mucho

  7. It already looks great, I like the gray, it seems calmer

  8. Dearest Drora, you don't need any luck for your book nook to look good - because it already does. It will only look even better after you've added more details like your beautiful flowers. Your family will be over the moon when receiving such wonderful book nooks - they'll become treasures to cherish forever.

    Regarding your question I must say that both floors look stunning, I too think the contrast between the grey and the siena is awesome. But in combination with the brown of the facades I would go for the grey one; in my opinion this would allow the walls to have more "showtime". But whatever floor you're going to choose, it will be the right one. Have fun with this wonderful project and take good care of yourself


  9. Esa fachada ya se vé preciosa.
    A mí también me gusta el contraste de colores, así que optaría por el color caldero.

  10. This project is going to be amazing. A masterpiece!

  11. Me encanta el contraste de color para diferenciar las distintas zonas de la calle, me parece una calle más real .
    Hasta ahora se ve genial el trabajo.

    Un saludo