Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Friday, November 8, 2019

Hello dear readers

The green glazed ceramics came out of the kiln.   It's not the color I was expecting. I wanted vintage green and got blue-grey-green with white blots.  I am very disappointed with this color.  I intended to make these as part of my Christmas/Hanukka gifts and now There's no time left to make new ones.


After: The cookies are craft foam., the fruit, (except the watermelon which was purchased online),  are  Fimo,
two cakes from ceramic clay all made by me.  The beautifully frosted cake is a gift received some years ago and I am really ashamed for not remembering who sent it. This is one cake I'm keeping for myself.

Today I  made more egg-carton flower pots and decorated them with clay leaves.
This weekend will be spent on making plants to show you next week.

Have a great weekend with blessings.


  1. I love the little leaves and desserts!

  2. Unos buenos resultados en tus miniaturas. La cerámica esta genial aunque no sea tu color elegido.
    Un saludo

  3. Oh, dear Drora, what a pity the glaze didn't work out as how you expected. It must be such a disappointment for you...
    But I like the way how you decorated your ceramics. The cookies, cakes, fruits and the watermelon look wonderful and delicious, for mouthwatering!!
    The flowerpots look fantastic with those tiny clay leaves, great work, Drora.
    Have a nice weekend with blessings and warm hugs,

  4. I'm sorry to hear the glaze color was not what you wanted it to be - but the result is still very lovely and you have no reason to be disappointed. For a first try it looks awesome… and even more with your yummy treats on. And your parade of plant pots is really stunning - have fun during your next plant session.


  5. Pues los platos así, con todos esos dulces tienen muy buen aspecto

  6. Even if you are disappointed with the result I quite like the colour, with the food it lokks great.

  7. Oh, that's a shame that your project failed, but it still looks nice. The other minis also look nice, good work, the pots with plants have become beautiful

  8. Pues a mi me gusta el resultado de esa cerámica, le dá un aspecto envejecido.
    Los dulces se ven muy apetitosos y las macetas están genial !!!

  9. Aunque el color no sea el que deseabas,las cerámicas te han quedado geniales,no te desanimes Drora.
    Las frutas se ven tan jugosas y deliciosas.
    Bonita decoración con las pequeñas hojas para tus macetas.

  10. Qué pena que no consiguieras el color que buscabas en la cerámica, porque las bandejas se ven maravillosas. A mi me han gustado mucho con los dulces y la fruta. Has pensado en pintarlas del color que te gusta? Son un detalle muy caprichoso! Y tus macetas se ven genial! Una vez que le pongas las plantas serán otro capricho, felicidades! Un abrazo

  11. Dear Drora, I think the ceramic trays are fantastic even if they are no the colour you expected it, they are great! As well as your plant pots, I love them!! xxx

  12. The glazed ceramics are amazing, perfect with food.
    The pots are very beautiful and the leaves make them special.

  13. Sorry that your leaf plates did not turn out as expected. Working with ceramics is trial and error and even after years of working with the same glazes and knowing your kiln temperatures, you will get a surprise once in a while. I'm glad that you were able to magic the plates into beautiful gifts though, it looks scrumptious!

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