Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

A trip to the beach

Hello dear readers,

I realize that not all of you, especially new readers who have recently become followers of this blog, know the story of Baalatova the ancient witch and her friends.  This story, in parts, is being told on or before Halloween every year almost since this blog exists.

Skella and Skelly (A gift from my granddaughter Tali)a couple of skeletons after centuries of being stiff,  long with all their might to become flexible, floating ghosts but the Ghost Academy has a long waiting list for applicants.  The Skellies,  unable to wait for more centuries, know that they need magic help.

Baalatova the witch (A precious gift from my very talented and generous friend  Sarit who created her) had a terrible accident on her way back home from a witch and sorcerers convention. Her flying broom collided with the top of a tree, she fell down, broke a leg and, worst of all, lost her magic wand.  Without the wand, Baalatova is completely helpless. She slowly limps on her way home.

The Skellies send out their cats to find the wand, hoping to befriend Baalatova. The cats, after a long search, find the wand.  Baalatova gets a new home and is very friendly with the Skellies. Once a year, on Halloween, she uses her magic wand and special efforts to turn them, for a few hours only, into ghosts letting them have a taste of how it feels to haunt.

Solly the magical flying bear, (Another precious gift from my generous and very talented friend Birgit who created him) is immediately upon his arrival adopted by the greedy Baalatova to become her beloved pet.

Kitty the cat girl, (my latest precious gift from my generous and very talented friend Tatiana who created her) was also, immediately upon her arrival, adopted by Baalatova who now is surrounded by beloved pets.

A trip to the beach

Solly and Kitty for the first time in their life, are going with Baalatova to the beach.
Baalatova is deciding what to take along with them.

Water, hat, and sunglasses for Solly, basket for carrying the water bottles and bring back collected seashells when empty, a camera, the magic wand, and flying broom.

Solly (shouting excitedly):  Look! A human male! Didn't know they existed.

Baalatova:  Of course you didn't.  Until today your relations with humans were with females only, Birgit, me, Drora, and Kitty.  Kitty is a catgirl but dressed as a human girl. A female and a male human make a couple. They produce cubs which they call children and oddly enough, keep calling them children even when they the children become adults.

Baalatova:  Look, over there is a good place to sit and chat, watch the sea and take photos to send
to Birgit and Tatiana.

Baalatova:  Just stay there while I use my magic wand to bring another seat for me.

Baalatova:  Now we are all comfortable, breathing sea air and looking around.

Solly (shouting excitedly):  Look! A human male! Didn't know they existed.

Baalatova:  Of course you didn't.  Until today your only relations with humans have been with females, Birgit, me and Drora.  Kitty, although she's dressed as a human girl, is a female kitten. Male and female humans are a couple that makes a family.  Oddly enough they produce cubs and call them children. and keep calling them so even when the children become adults.

Kitty and Solly (together):  Oh, bliss! We can lay here and stay looking at the sea forever.

Baalatova:  Sorry, we have to be back soon. The Skellies are eagerly waiting for me to transform them for a few hours tonight into ghosts and I seriously need to have some fun too.  We plan to go haunting while the cats keep you company. No, you cannot join us, you're too young.  Wait till you grow up.

Solly:  Can I photo the beach to send to my friends overseas.  There are a few swimmers in the sea and some seated in the cafes spread along the promenade. Such a lovely sunny day at the end of October.

Baalatova:  Of course dear, that's why we brought the camera with us.

Photos were taken this morning, on the Rishon-Lezion beach strip.

Evening, Solly and kitty had a great day. They are happy and content to stay home.  For the "temporary" ghosts, fun time just started.

Happy Halloween. all! Have fun!


  1. I liked reading your story about your beach trip together with Baalatova, Kitty and Solly, Drora, it's good to enjoy! I loved seeing the pictures of the sea side in your country. It looks wonderful and so tropical sunny, it's quite different for me, who lives so much more to the North ;).
    Happy Halloween to you, have fun!
    Warm hugs, Ilona

  2. How Cute!!!!
    It is lovely to see so much sun and fun at the beach when here on the Southwest Coast of Canada, there's frost on the ground and not a bikini to be seen for as far as the eye can see! :D

  3. Unas playa fantásticas Drora, y se ven muy bien tus personajes disfrutando de ellas. Feliz Halloweew:-)

  4. Una inmensa playa y muy buen tiempo. Es estupendo que hayáis pasado un buen día.
    ¡Feliz Halloween!

  5. Such a fun and fantastic storyline and what a group of terrific characters! I am happy that everyone gets to do something that is important to them! I'd love a trip to that gorgeous beach with the lovely company writing this post!

  6. Que diversión han tenido nuestros queridos personajes en la playa! Me ha encantado ver las fotos Drora,que luminosas a comparación de nuestros otoños!
    Espero que disfrutes de un fantástico Halloween!

  7. I enjoyed your story a lot. great miniature scenes on the beach.

  8. Lol, that was so fun!! I am happy to know Baalatova and Skella and Skelly stories. I am also happy that Solly and Kitty had a fun day at the beach and I wish you all a Happy Halloween!! x

  9. Que playa tan maravillosa y cuanto habrán disfrutado tus personajes en ella.
    Me encantan esos fantasmitas.
    Feliz halloween

  10. It's not often that all of us (Fluby, Rosey and I) share an opinion but this time we're all pretty sure that Solly already got a tan turning from soft yellow to yellow. *LOL* I've so enjoyed your pictures with the beach equipment, perfect preparation, so good that Baalatova did not forget the water bottles and the sun protection for a beary and a kitty girl coming from the North. And of course I've also enjoyed the beach photos - the last days around here everything was frozen white in the mornings… brrrrrrr.

    And I am really happy for the Skellies that they get their little teaser to already experience what it will be like when their big dream will come true. Happy Haunting to them - and Happy Halloween to all of you!


  11. I love hearing more of the story every Halloween! and I love seeing pictures of the beach. Iwish I could be there. It reminds me of my trip to Israel for a wedding

  12. Con los cielos tan tristes que tenemos en Burgos es una envidia ver ese azul tan bonito de vuestro cielo.
    Una bonita historia .
    Un saludo

  13. I am so jealous of them all having fun at the beach lol. Here it is cold and wet wet wet and not from swimming :)) Great story Drora
    Love the scenes.
    Hugs Maria

  14. How lucky to have summer weather; here's autumn...
    Beautiful story and mini friends are happy on the beach. The umbrella and deckchairs are fantastic.

  15. Jaaaa! Me encanta Baalatova, Drora! Es una pena que solo venga una vez al año. Un beso

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