Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Edible Pandas, nuts and more plants.

Hello dear readers,

These little pandas are sweets, literally.  Actually, they are candies in disguise, probably made in China, a gift from my grandson.

For weeks I've been on the look-out for walnut shells. I was given to understand that fresh nuts are expected to be imported at the end of the year. It was a frustrating situation because the ones I meant to giveaway are still unavailable.  They are still at the exposition waiting to be photographed by a professional photographer and after an interview with me, to be published in their magazine. I'll write more when and if it will be published.

Yesterday,  Galia, my dear daughter surprised me by giving me 20 walnuts she found in another town market.  It was a delightful gift.  Then I received a call from my son-in-law, Nilly's husband who
told me he bought one kilo (Over two pounds) walnuts for me.  I received them this morning.  They came too late for Christmas scenes.  I already posted my gifts overseas for friends who will get winter scenes only.  I believed the nuts were fresh, recently imported, but they are stale, on the way to the bin.  Luckily it is an advantage.  A tip to anyone who wants to craft walnut shells.  Buy old ones, they split open easily. Only a few need to be soaked in water overnight.

Hanukka falls on 23 Dec, leaves me enough time to prepare walnut shells gifts to my grandchildren and other members of our family.  When the holidays are over I'll try to decorate one or two nutshells each week and have ready gifts for any occasion.

I didn't have much time for miniatures at the beginning of this week.  Still, I made a few new pots of
flowers and am working on a new step by step tutorial.

Have a wonderful weekend with blessings.


  1. Como se ve que tus nietos e hijos te miman.Tienes un gran reto en decorar las nueces, me encantará verlas y las plantas muy bonitos.Feliz fin de semana:-)

  2. It never rains but it pours" , is a good phrase to apply to your lack then !flood of in coming walnuts
    I didn't know about soaking them first, OR about stale ones being easier to crack open. I found that BLACK WALNUTS are very easy to crack open even with your fingers. A friend of mine had a tree in her back yard that produced bushels of DELICIOUS Black Walnuts each year but when she moved away the tree was cut down and that became the end of them:(!

  3. Que graciosos esos pandas! Vaya peripecia con las nueces,a veces,olvidamos que algo que en un país tenemos en abundancia,en otro escasea,pero mira tu familia como ha estado pendiente de encontrarlas preciadas nueces! aunque sean rancias...
    Tendrás los regalos para la familia a tiempo.
    Y esas plantas son preciosas!!

  4. What a story with the walnuts! The sweets are amazing, I have never seen them in France.

  5. Nice sweets! You will make beautiful miniatures with the walnut shells.

  6. Los dulce no se si estarán buenísimos pero su aspecto es muy bonito. Y también es muy bonito el detalle de tu familia para encontrar nueces.

  7. Can't wait to see more of your mini walnut scenes. They're always so lovely!

  8. Es estupendo poder hacer más escenas en las nueces. Los pandas son una monada, y las plantas están genial !!!

  9. You must feel so loved to have had family members on the lookout for walnuts for you! How wonderful! The panda bear candles are so cute!
    And it's so exciting that you will be interviewed for a magazine article!
    The plants are beautiful and I am excited for the tutorial!

  10. Lovely suprise from your daugther

    I love the plants you have made

    Hugs Xandra

  11. I feel so much joy about the wonderful family you have - so much kindness and support. The walnut flood and the panda candies - so lovely. But now I really wonder who would ever really eat these little cuties. *smile*

    Great that now you have a supply of walnut shells to prepare for next year and all occasions. And I really love your flower pots, so beautiful. And what exciting news that your work is going to be published, wow, this is so well deserved. I'm already looking forward to this article.


  12. Mmn... me quedo con ese truco para abrir las nueces... las veces que he hecho alguna mini con nueces he tenido que abrir muchas hasta conseguir que no se rompa ninguna esquina :) Espero ver tus minis publicadas, Drora, qué emocionante!!! Un beso

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