Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Monday, October 21, 2019

Baalatova and friends.

Hello dear readers,

Baalatova accusing looks reminded me that Halloween is next week and who knows what's going to happen to me if I don't report news about her. It's been a long while since I last mentioned her.

Here she is queening it over her beloved Solly and Kitty and her friends the Skeletons.,
making fun plans.

Baalatova -  Solly, you have been a well behaved little angel bear and deserve a visit to the beach.  I promise you a trip very soon.

Solly -  But how shall I get there? Can I have a ride with you on your broom?

Baalatova  - Silly bearie! Don't you have wings?
Solly  -  Oh sorry, haven't used them yet.  But won't it be too warm for me there?

Baalatova - The weather is getting cooler now.  We'll postpone our trip if it's raining or too warm
                    for you.

Baalatova  -  Kitty, you can come along,  riding on the broom with me.

Skelly   -   Dear Baalatova, excuse us if we don't go. It's dangerous to be on the beach in daylight.

Baalatova   - Yes, I know.  You and Skella may well stay out. By the way, I managed, with the help of friends in high positions at the Haunting  Academy, to move you up on the enlistment waiting list.  You now have only one century to wait for your entry.

Skella and Skelly  (happily jumping up and down)  - WOW!!!

Skelly  -  Please Baalatova, will you still go haunting with us on Halloween eve?  It was less fun without you last year.

Baalatova   -  I'll be happy to, but please send over Leona and the other cats to babysit Kitty and Solly.

Kitty and Solly (together) -  But we too want to go haunting with you.

Baalatova -  Impossible! You are too young.  You'll have fun with the nice cats and we'll bring you back sweet treats.

What's left to see, dear readers is if Baalatova keeps her promise of a trip to the beach.  Solly and Kitty are already impatient with expectation.

Happy Halloween!

Have a fun creative week with blessings


  1. Feliz Halloween tambien para tí y tus divertidos personales, seguro que lo pasaran genial en la playa.

  2. I have no doubt that Baalatova will keep her promise!
    I can't wait to see them basking in the sun with sand in their toes!
    Have a Happy Halloween Dear Drora!

  3. Seguro que ir an a la playa y lo pasarán genial.
    Un saludo

  4. Lovely story for Halloween, Drora, and I bet Baalatova will keep her promise!
    Have a Happy Halloween!
    Warm hugs, Ilona

  5. Happy Halloween Drora! INTERESTING STORY. Thank You.

  6. A la playa??? En serio??? Jaaaa! No sé si apostar por eso, jaaaa! aunque tampoco creo que Baalatova trate de engañarnos... Truco o trato? Estoy deseando saber, Drora, jaaaa! Un beso

  7. No estaría nada mal que fuesen todos a la playa.Feliz HaHalloween

  8. Estoy deseando que Baalatova cumpla su promesa,me encantará ver el viaje a la playa!!

  9. Muy lindos personajes, muy acordes con la epoca... que tengas un feliz halloween y lo disfrutes.... un beso.

  10. What a sweet surprise - it was such a big joy to meet all those dear friends together in this post. Ans wow, Solly is going to the beach? I'm already excited for him - and for the Skellies too. Just one more century, so nice of Baalatova to use her contacts - this will pass in the wink of an eye or the clapping of a bone. And I have no doubt that an honorable witch like Baalatova will keep her promises. I can't wait to see them spend a wonderful time at Halloween!


  11. Beautiful story. Baalatova and her friends are so excited for Halloween. Happy Halloween!!

  12. Yay a trip to the beach that sounds great. it is way to cold and wet here to go to the beach lol. Great story Drora. Have a wonderful Halloween.
    Hugs Maria

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