Drora's surprise giveaway

Drora's surprise giveaway
4 Dec.2019

Monday, October 14, 2019

Mutshell winter scenes and a working candle tutorial

Hello dear readers,

I'm out of walnuts shells.  From the last ones at hand, I made some nativity and winter scenes.
I'll continue with the fairy-tales scenes when I get the new, fresh nuts.

All three have a snowman on one half and a little house with snow-covered trees on 
another half.

The pine trees are cut and trimmed green shades pipe-cleaners.

Made the easiest, most simple, working miniature candles today. Used a leftover birthday candle. Dipped a cutter in hot water in order not to crumble the delicate candle and cut it into 6 or more pieces. By rolling when cutting the wicker is left undamaged. Used a red nail polish to paint one piece and got me a Christmas candle.

I always admire the incredible miniature crochet works on the blogs and cherish all the mini crochet treasures I received as gifts.  It's wonderful to see what can be achieved by using threads, a hook and talented fingers.

You will probably be as awed as I am by Stephanie Pokorny's works. She is a crochet artist who made nine Halloween costumes for her kids. If you want to see more Here WOW!

I wish you all happy crafting with blessings.


  1. Your nutshells are really fantastic. Thank you for the tuto for candles.

  2. Your nutshelles are absolutely fantastic!
    Thanks for this useful tutorial, you're a genius.
    Stephanie Pokorny's work is incredible.

  3. I'm going to remember your method of making candles. Genius!

  4. Preciosas tus cáscaras de nuez.Un buen consejo el de como hacer las velas Ahora que vamos hacia la navidad y fiestas de fin de año lo vamos a necesitar

  5. Love your little nutshells so much Drora! What a lovely candle idea, and those halloween costumes...wow! Pam in Norway x

  6. ,Dear Drora

    !Stephanie Pokorny's work looks truly amazing
    .I've never seen anything like it

    .I'm happy to see you're still working on the walnut scenes
    .That tiny carrot nose on the snowman is so cute

    Thanks for the super easy tutorial on how to make a
    !miniature christmas candle
    .I can't wait to try it

    ,Kind regards

  7. I'm always in love with your nutshell scenes and this time is of course no exception. Wonderful work on these supertiny scenes - and do I have to mention at all that I adore these teenytiny snowmen? ;O) Thanks for sharing this clever way to make real tiny candles - and even more for introducing this fantastic artist to us. This is incredible work, especially the monster costume from Alien will get this little boy filled Trick-or-treat-bags for sure.


  8. Me encantan tus escenas de nueces, son geniales !!!
    Los disfraces son una auténtica maravilla.

  9. I love these tiny mini scenes in nut shells, Drora, they look so cute, they're great work! Thank you so much for your wonderful tutorials.
    Stephanie Pokorny's works are great, those Halloween costumes for her kids are truly awesome!! Thank you for the link.
    Blessings to you. Warm hugs, Ilona

  10. You're going to need to employ some help getting and eating more nuts! Each new batch is more precious than the last! Mary, Joseph and Jesus are wonderful! Adorable snowman, too!
    The crochet costumes are truly works of art! Those kids must be so excited and looking for every opportunity to wear them as many times as they can! I hope they are offering mom lots of hugs and hand rubs for her amazing work!

  11. Que bonitas han quedado tus cáscaras de nuez navideñas,son tan adorables!! Gracias por el tutorial de las velas!
    Las creaciones de ganchillo son fantásticas.

  12. Your nutshells are fantastic!! As well as the candles, good job. Thank you for the tutorial dear Drora, very useful

  13. I love your nutshell works of art and treasure mine. These new ones are gorgeous. Wow they are amazing costumes such talent. Thank you Drora for the candle tutorial great idea.
    Hugs Maria

  14. Las cascaras de nuez son encantadoras y con la Navidad cerca es una buena idea.

    Los trabajos de ganchillo son muy originales.
    Un saludo

  15. Ay, Drora, qué bonitas tus nueces navideñas!!! Son un verdadero capricho y me inspiran muchísima ternura además, felicidades! No conocía el trabajo de Stephanie Pokorny, he quedado impresionada! Un beso

  16. The walnut shells are absolutely gorgeous!

  17. I love the tiny nutshel snowmen. We don't have wallnut trees here in Sout Africa but I'm assuming the right time to harvest them is autumn. You should have a fresh crop to work with soon!

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